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Weather vane of Fame, attributed to Washburne & Co., New York, circa 1890. Exhibited in the American Folk Art Museum, New York City, New York, USA Thanks to the anonymous photographer who provided the pic {{PD}}

We meet what feels like a contradiction today: that which empowers us messes with our relationships, or with our earning power. You’d think being strong and effective in expression would bring just the opposite, right? But what we find at this time, despite an unusual harmony between thought and action, is that power roles, those things we do to make ourselves and our wishes felt, don’t deliver more Love or Money–in fact, they seem to leech it away in subtle and often inexplicable chain reactions. We must console ourselves with the certainty that what we want at this moment isn’t healthy for us, one way or another; and we should be reassured that the actions we do choose to take (those that we’re able to implement) will support our autonomy and our ability to be Self-determining. This mixed bag of influences may show us, more than anything else, that what we think of as empowering, those circumstances we pursue because of the power we think they’ll confer, are not what will deliver our potency at all–that will come from more modest actions, choices made out of need, and firm guidelines provided by those people and things we value.

Today’s word image is a weather vane, spinning in a storm. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to know which direction to head; this is one of those times. Just keep in mind that the storm will move on, and then ‘which way the wind blows’ will become abundantly clear.