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Edwin Henry Landseer {{PD}}

We want to make a big statement, have a big impact, and we want to do it in a positive, healthy way, and we want to do it all instinctively, without having to think about or arrange things too much. So what’s holding us up? The wounds as they affect the values picture. We are concentrating so completely on avoiding hurt, and avoiding the kinds of situations that have been wounding in the past, that we are allowing this avoidance to affect our priorities and those things we honor. It’s kind of like this: we’ll honor that sacred thing, as long as doing so doesn’t hit any tender spots. Unfortunately, that means we’re honoring the wound, rather than our ideals or what we wish to dedicate our life energy to. Knowing this contortion is possible, we can vow to serve the ideals, to let pure instinct guide us, and deal with hurt if it comes, rather than behaving as if it’s already happening.

Today’s word image is new Art supplies. What is your ‘Art’, and what do you need to make it happen? Whatever that is, get the materials–it’s time to express yourself.