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Winslow Homer – ‘Cloud Shadows’ 1889 {{PD}}

What is it about today? We say or do the ‘wrong’ thing, think the destructive or transformative thought, change our minds, and yet we enjoy solid gains, especially in material form, and we ‘lock down’ relationships in positive or pleasing ways (by lock down I mean find ourselves reassured of the loving connection). Our actions, choices, and ‘original’ approaches to things lead us away from what we think of as an empowered stance or position, but we soon find that where we end up is the smartest place to be. So, don’t fight what sends you in what seems to be a disempowered direction–trust the wisdom of chance–what results is really to your benefit, and a much wiser choice than any of us could make on our own.

Fritz Erler 1910 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a shift in the weather that tells you the season is almost over. Those shifts happen in our lives, too. What shift is happening now for you, and what is it telling you is nearly at an end? Accepting the message that something is near completion means we’ll act and react in ways that are most in tune with our own, personal ‘seasons’–and so we’ll be prepared, rather than caught off guard, by those things ending.

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