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By Ilya Repin 1926 {{PD}}

The mind is sharp today–we see opportunity–yet somehow, by our choices or actions, end up undermining ourselves. It’s a crazy kind of energy that promotes unpredictable reactions, erratic behaviors, surprises and revelations–and that finds us putting far too much attention on problems, restrictions, and what we can’t do or have (this latter from the Sun square Saturn, always a downer, though if we can pull ourselves together, we can see the problem and fix it effectively). A few things to remember: don’t compromise values in an attempt to be original or unique; displays of temper are unwise or just plain impractical; thinking of ways to empower yourself is not the same as actually empowering yourself–don’t assume thoughts are the same as deeds; admit when ambitions are the real reason for your choices or actions, rather than dressing them up in what you think are altruistic motives; and being negative guarantees you’ll miss a chance to alter your reality for the positive. Honesty in the broadest sense brings success.

Today’s word image is a glass full of sand. Well that’s no good if we’re thirsty! In what way are you trying to ‘slake your thirst’ with something that just doesn’t cut it? The disconnect comes when we don’t admit our true needs to ourselves. Pinpoint the need, ‘fess up to what will truly quench it, then fulfill the prescription–nothing else will do.

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