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‘Judgement of Solomon’ Workshop of Peter Paul Rubens c1620 {{PD}}

Is our move to take control of our own lives positive and instinctual, or is it driven by a fear that others will take what power we do have, if they discover what we’ve got buried? That latter alternative sounds a lot more sinister than it really is, and may cause you to brush aside the second possibility (or, if you are compulsively guilty without cause, you may cling to the second potential and deny the first!) Either way, it’s something we need to sort out today, as Venus conjoins that North Node point and beckons with sweets, candy, Love, or a bigger reward, just. on. the. horizon. You know what’s wrong with that? The future never comes, it’s always the present, and that means we could find ourselves pursuing a mirage today, some promised land that in truth can only be accessed this way: by absolutely refusing to be hobbled by our past, by our shames, by displays of temper and pique, and by those matters we’d just rather not think about. Name your poison: that’s the very thing that needs overcoming, in order to reach the prize. Hint: don’t leave the mind in charge; it carries too strong a streak of the impractical to be of real use today.

Arthur Hughes – ‘Sir Galahad and the Quest for the Holy Grail’ 1869 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is: the quest. Is there something you’re constantly seeking, a personal Holy Grail, a goal that propels you forward? Have you had more than one over your lifetime, and do these change periodically, and have you ever attained one? It’s important to know whether we’re heading toward things we want to accomplish or gain, or whether we’re running on fumes, dreaming and naming goals we have no intention of ever reaching (likely as a distraction, or as a way to say, ‘See? I tried.’) How much responsibility do you actually want? All questions we need to explore, even if we don’t come up with an immediate answer.

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