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by Lucien-Victor Guirand De Scevola 1899 {{PD}}

We have a kind of easy equivalency going on that results in greater benefits even than we intend, a sort of sum larger than its parts, as actions and choices highlight originality and uniqueness, and are based on a strong understanding of what we’re working with. A highly positive day, with benefits arising from showing ourselves and our talents (Venus in Leo) directly to others, who are then instrumental in our gaining reward (Jupiter in Libra). Optimism, opportunity, and taking the reins in smart ways (this latter from Pallas parallel Juno) will all pay off. What torpedoes us? Not trusting ourselves to do the right, or the wise, thing.

Today’s word image is the act of someone being scalped. I know! I don’t usually go with a grim image, but this one persisted–I must’ve seen it, read about it, or heard it mentioned almost a dozen times within a week–so I didn’t see how I could overlook it. Let’s view this in symbolic terms. Just above the top of the head is the crown chakra, and the hair represents thought. Does a scalping, then, represent a spiritual trauma meant to radically change thinking? Or is it an aggressive act that removes a protective way of processing the world, exposing us to reality with no barriers, in essence offering spiritual ‘enlightenment’? Was something like this done to you, or are you the perpetrator, trying to ‘wake up’ someone else? Which comes first, the spiritual shift or information, or the change in thinking? Consider your most recent, large-in-effect trauma (a thing you processed as traumatic–it doesn’t have to meet anyone else’s standard for injury); also consider what this offered you in spiritual terms, and how it may have altered thinking or the thought processes. And if you were the individual who caused this for someone else, ask yourself not what the effect was, but rather, what you got out of it.