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‘Joseph’s Dream’ By Georges de La Tour 1628 {{PD}}

What we do is smart–whether we do it consciously and with intent, or stumble into it, actually meaning to create another effect, is really beside the point. Choices made and actions taken will be wise and practical, in spite of our intentions! The secrets to success? Don’t dwell on the past; be willing instead to modify your view of it. Nurture relationships and financial situations that support goals and ambitions–but one key to this is not insisting on going big, overdoing, or exaggerating your current position or needs. Attention easily goes to the future–and that’s where it should be. Dream a little–it will help align the unseen with what you most want.

Today’s word image is a hard-boiled egg. ‘Hard-boiled’ has the connotation of something one can’t change or influence–and an egg is a beginning, its hard-boiled status suggesting it will not change, and neither will it ‘grow’. What thing just started is in reality already finished? The sooner you see it, the sooner you can accept it as it is, perhaps let it go, but in any case, move on.