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We’re going to concentrate on one set of aspects perfecting today: Jupiter opposed Uranus and sesquiquadrate Neptune. These are three big guns, heavy hitters throwing weighted punches–and these fisticuffs are going on as our attention is fixed solidly on what matters to us, on fulfilling our commitments to those things we honor, find sacred, and value, and on living our ‘Best Self’ (Sun conj Vesta). Unless the involved bodies are directly linked to the natal picture, these energies are likely to be experienced as persistent cross-currents that try to pull us off our feet, efforts and incentives to expand the world view or the reach, to learn, to believe, buffeted by rebellious and erratic tendencies, a deep desire to be original, or pressure from the group, and this stand-off is exacerbated by our own imaginative powers, creative needs, and delusions, misperceptions all the way to full-blown fantasy.

That isn’t an easy influence for the individual to handle, just because these are exerted by astrological heavyweights, the turbulence like the confluence of two mighty rivers, with a third, unpredictable and impossible-to-source influence adding to the tumult. It can be exhausting if we try to deal with it head-on, and only slightly less debilitating if we allow the currents to carry us, then try to deal with whatever shores we’re washed up on.

If this does hook into the natal chart in some way (approximately 12 degrees of anything other than Aquarius and Aries, and approximately 27 degrees of anything), then according to the nature and province of the contacted energy in your chart, you may have to deal with being pulled into one or more brawls, and it may be difficult to know why, or to discern the reality of circumstances, not to mention the potential for being surprised by what occurs (but that can include being offered unexpected opportunities, and/ or receiving sudden new creative ideas).

Advanced Info: Watch for interaction among the Houses ruled by the heavies in the natal chart. This is where you may meet some impossible conflicts or circumstances, and again, it may feel like a no-win situation whether you resist or go along with it. Best just to realize this is all temporary, that this may present opportunity, challenge beliefs, rule you through accident or ‘group think’, and/ or offer creative impetus or delusion/ deception.

Lago del desierto, Patagonia Photo By Adroar – Propio, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4104264

Today’s word image is a place: Patagonia. For me this represents a kind of ‘gateway’ to the South Pole–and my astro-brain insists we’re really talking about a way to access the South Node, landscape or territory that in some way ‘takes me back there’–and maybe that’s so for you, too. There’s also a well-known clothing brand specializing in outdoor gear–and if we consider both those possibilities, we may see an invitation to ‘rough it’ and re-acquaint ourselves with something from out past, with the implication that revisiting it will be of benefit now.