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‘Gentle Julia’ By Booth Tarkington {{PD}}

Our values, standards, priorities, commitments, what we find sacred, we experience them all today as a little tender; they’ve taken a pummeling of late, and we’ve seen repeatedly that they need re-shaping, in order to fit who we are now, and what we want to add to the world as it currently exists. It’s tough–values are inherently stiff, that’s just logical that they should be, why else have them?–but they’ve got to be flexible enough to grow and change with us, as we learn more and more about ourselves and the world. Re-frame them accurately, but handle them gently, to allow them to heal–and none of this will prevent you gaining today, especially as you pursue ambitions.

Some of the ways to handle Mercury retrograde

Today’s word image is a white rabbit in the snow. Hard to see, right? What thing are you not noticing that’s actually right in front of you? And does it matter if you react or not? The white rabbit lead Alice on a merry (and often distressing) chase; do you want that kind of distraction in your life, or is an adventure exactly what you’re looking for?