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‘Arrangement in Yellow and Gray’ James Abbott McNeill Whistler c1877 {{PD}}

What’s smart may contradict our expression of power or authority–but sometimes we need to keep a low profile and assets intact, in order to act at a more propitious time. That may be hard to accept, but a clear-eyed look at the reality picture shows us the score; from that we can see: restraint is all. Efforts that reflect a knowledge of and take off from acknowledgment of What Is succeed, while those mired in delusion, fantasy, or a misunderstanding of the world as it is falter.

Serenity Now! By Zach Dischner 2009 Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

Today’s word image is a shade of green that brings to mind spring growth. What’s just beginning, fresh and not yet totally formed? Are you happy about it, and so willing to nurture it, do you see it as a complication, or do you want to nip it in the bud, right now?

A little something pertaining to Mercury retrograde, plus more!