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John Singer Sargent ‘Fishing for Oysters at Cancale’ 1877 {{PD}}

The Inferior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury occurs today, the 12th, in Sagittarius. This is a point of inception within the Mercury-Sun cycle, the time when moving in apparent retrograde the Messenger/ Trickster meets ‘the light of day’ in one form or another. The Sun illuminates our world, so that when the planet of communication appears to meet it from our vantage point here on Earth, we get a glimpse of what’s been hidden during the Merc retro period; we also see this realization, knowledge, or revelation spark the beginning of something related either to matters of the House where this meeting occurs in the natal chart, or to matters of the Houses Mercury rules in the natal chart (with the possibility that the House ruled by the Sun is also involved).

‘Les Demoiselles Schwartz’ Anders Zorn {{PD}}

Close aspects the Conjunction makes at the time of the event reveal something of what begins and/ or is discovered. In this instance there is only one, a nearly exact sextile formed by the Moon in Libra. This suggests the revelation or beginning is emotional, possibly arrived at intuitively, and involving a partner, someone you love, someone with whom you cooperate or negotiate, the Arts (your relationship to creativity), and the working out through communication of the emotional element or relationship between you. If you have a natal placement at 21 Taurus (2 degree orb either side of this point) it becomes a personal Finger of God, with the emotional discovery planting a seed within the relationship that will bring results related to the natal energy or matters of the House it rules with the Superior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury when Merc is direct (occurring on 17 February 2018, in the 29th degree of Aquarius, telling us at the very least that it may bring crisis, a ‘do or die’ choice, or bring stress already extant to a head).

The other aspect perfecting today is a conjunction of Vesta and Jupiter in Scorpio. Truths revealed, secrets uncovered, or commitments vetted and then made known publicly show us how far our real-life priorities stray from our highest ideals or from what ‘the facts’ warrant–and it’s an examination likely spurred by the social sphere and its events. Commitments are assessed; are we all in? We may find ourselves doubling down, just to make a point. Or, we may take a distanced approach, in which case we criticize society, weighing events against what we ‘know’ and our own personal standards–but taking this tack doesn’t allow for personal revelation, if we only see the need for improvement ‘out there’, rather than seeing that what happens internally is vital to shaping what we see manifest externally.

Today’s word image is a child crying alone in the corner. Is there someone sad in your life, someone you don’t recognize may be isolating themselves because of that sadness? No one should feel this lonely; do something about it.

Thank you, and have a great day!