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‘La Malade (The Patient): Hélène Chatenay’ 1892 Félix Vallotton {{PD}}

We’re thinking about all facets of our health, even if the topic seems to be otherwise; everything is being measured against what it does for or to us, and how good that is for us overall. The dangers are that this may become only an intellectual exercise, with needs seen but then not acted upon, and anywhere real world circumstances cause friction with the ideal, the needs of the current reality may prevail–which is not so good. Generally speaking, if you can conceive of how to ‘do it better’, then implement that idea–it’s your best course of action today, and just coincidentally, may advance ambitions (Hygeia enters Aquarius, Saturn semi-sq Vesta, Mercury nov Hygeia and sxt Zeus).

Dessin de valise By David Ring CC0

Today’s word image is: packing up in order to vacate a house. Since we’re talking astrology here, I of course think of the astrological Houses–and if you use the Whole Sign system as I do, that suggests we focus on a body about to change signs–so this could apply to Hygeia, which changes signs today, Juno, which moves into Aquarius on the 16th, or Saturn into Capricorn, on the 19th. Maybe this suggests an overall shift to an intellectual approach to coping, to one of understanding that may be for our own health, and/ or to a stronger orientation to making over reality into what we really want it to be, rather than seeing our ideals as ‘over there’ and the real world as ‘over here’. Integration of ideals, then, might be the order of the day, along with resolving to drive events in a desirable direction, rather than seeing ourselves as victims of circumstance.