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‘Portrait of Anna Vaughan Hyatt’ 1915 By Marion Boyd Allen {{PD}}

The New Moon falls at 26 Sagittarius 31 at 10:30 PM Pacific time of the 17th, and it sits between a figurative rock and hard place, cradled by Saturn, the rock which is about to vacate Sag for the comfort of home turf Capricorn, and on the other side by ‘hard place’ Venus, over which the Moon has just ‘swept’. As the Moon and Sun are moving swiftly away from one body and the other will ‘fall away’ into a new sign (even as the Sun-Moon themselves soon enter that sign, the Sun set to meet Saturn there), the scenario suggests that the New Moon brings facts, beliefs, knowledge, or other outreach into the reality picture–it’s apparent what the situation truly is, and what it may cost or reward us with factors in–or, we already know the costs or rewards going in, and now find out the impact in real-world terms. That means that new starts come with a balance sheet, and the awareness that we must do something (Fire placement) in reaction to what we learn. Restraint and aesthetics and/ or relationships also factor in, and our eye remains on ‘the prize’ (possibly causing us to fix our gaze on the rear view mirror, rather than the road ahead), even if our goal doesn’t seem related to New Moon events.

The New Moon also squares Chiron, trines Pallas-Uranus, and quincunxes Sedna, suggesting some pain or triggering of old issues springs from NM events, or that the difficult circumstances presented require use of the Chirotic skills (those represented by the natal situation of your Chiron). What occurs is smart, at least in the sense that what happens is the most practical turn of events for the individual, with the potential for the wise move to be spurred by the group or by a ‘fresh’ understanding, provided by the New Moon. Expect some ‘sudden wisdom’, the revelation of which may provide the answer to (or reason for) the pain, and know that what occurs will require either a re-calibration of the instincts, or allow for a glimpse into one or more ‘blind spots’ from which we suffer.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon is, ‘A Sculptor At His Work’. Aha! There’s that Saturn effect, applying knowledge and/ or working with reality in a talented way (and very possibly a Chirotic one, that is skilled or healing). We shape things as we want them to be, in part unconsciously, via the mechanism of our own instincts and values. Notice that it all funnels into a response to reality, one that may leave us better off than it found us, but that’s totally dependent on how firmly we accept that we are responsible, we are the creators.