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‘Feeding the Doves’ By George Dunlop Leslie {{PD}}

The Dark of the Moon leading up to the New Moon in Sagittarius will be gently fraught with energies that may make us feel a little anxious or aggressive, but that channeled successfully will actually lead to profit, originality, and successfully bringing forward lessons learned in the past and applying them to construct the future (Venus sxt Zeus and semi-sq Mars, Mercury sxt SN/ trine NN, Sun trine Uranus-Pallas) Relationships support ambitions, even if we may find it a tad hard to get others to take action in the way we envision, and despite Merc’s retro status, we see what’s smart, what’s practical, and what is uniquely suited to the current situation. All this is available if we take a cool, intellectual or innovative approach to matters (Juno enters Aquarius), and if we take the Merc retro precaution of being fully aware that there are facets of our decisions and information of which we don’t yet have knowledge.

By the 17th we’ll have found the ‘right’ creative channels and our own most profitable and authoritative role, and our actions and choices are likely fortuitous, despite being a wee bit haunted by doubts or the fear that we’re missing some vital clue. We end up finding that priorities and values are challenged to prove their relevance and veracity; as long as we’re clear on our ideals, we’ll have a solid ability to assess the direction in which our actions and choices are taking us.

Hint: The key to dealing with Mercury retrograde this time around may be in compartmentalizing ‘thought areas’, tackling them in narrow, one-at-a-time fashion that doesn’t demand we mentally process everything at once, just one small specific matter before us–and of course, use our feeling nature, as much or more than we use our minds, to suss out the landscape.

Word image for the weekend is: a dove, caught in a chimney. The global symbol of peace enters a conduit intended to release smoke and toxic gasses and then can’t find its way out. Sounds like the experience of the current Collective spirit! On a personal level, this suggests that our sense of cooperation, our willingness to live in harmony with others, our inner intentionality of causing no harm has taken a wrong turn, and is in danger of being extinguished. We can put it another way: our feelings of hope may be floundering, slowly poisoned by a loss of freedom, autonomy, and a chokingly toxic atmosphere. All is not lost; it will take careful, gentle, persistent efforts, but our sense of hope can be returned to its natural, free state–so don’t give up on those things that ‘keep hope alive’.

Or, is there a scenario in play right now where you feel someone is ‘shoving peace down your throat’, demanding a passive, play-nice interaction, despite your actual feelings. If so, time, with great care, to extricate yourself from constraints and express how you feel.

See the New Moon of the 17th here–and have a wonderful weekend!