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All that Sag and New Moon energy makes us ready to tackle problems and make things better. ‘Riddaren Rider’ 1914 By John Bauer {{PD}}

Under the light of a waxing Moon, we inspect our values, our relationships, our assets, and ourselves for the health and ‘rightness’ of things. It’s a day where we assess, and maybe tackle inconsistencies, in what we care about–and where we find clever ways to make things better, to help them flourish. We come to understand: it’s all good (Venus nov Hygeia).

Today’s word image is Paul Bunyan and Babe, his Blue Ox. Do you know these characters? You can read up on it here in a fairly comprehensive view of the origins and iterations of this folk figure. This image suggests to me someone or something big, out-sized even, hard-working, good-hearted, an extraordinary, larger-than-life entity that carries mythic status. Are you dealing with someone or something like this right now? Do you feel overwhelmed? Does a myth-like quality surrounding someone or something make it especially difficult to deal with, or to get others to see in a realistic light? In spite of its positive nature, do you feel that the mythic size of this offers no place for you to express as it takes up all the figurative oxygen in the room, or perhaps you feel bowled over by the sheer magnitude of it, and so one way or another find yourself ‘left in the dust’? Don’t let your feelings fester, and know that you’re not a ‘bad guy’ just for wanting to make an impact, have a say, feel relevant, and see things (or have others see things) in a realistic light.

See what to expect from the New Moon of the 17th here–and read up on tomorrow’s entry of Saturn into home port Capricorn here–thanks!