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Illustration by W. E. F. Britten 1900 {{PD}}

You’re a beautiful dreamer today, and you can heal yourself; make sure that visualizations and daydreams show the ideal, the creative, and the values standards at their peak. What you ‘see’ may cause a needed modification to Self-expression, to commitments and priorities, and to original efforts, but it’s all for a good cause: the realization of a dream, the perfection of an ideal, or the manifestation of Love. Do take care that the desire for Love or asset betterment doesn’t fall prey to the deceptive or illusory–connect to the skills and the wounds, particularly the Chirotic ones, to know whether what’s presented is a positive answer, or just creates more misleading questions (Chiron trine and Uranus qnx Vesta, Venus sxt Neptune)

‘The Horse Rustler’ By William Herbert Dunton {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a cowboy.There are a great many things this image could convey, and if there are other more appropriate associations for you, that’s fine, but I’m thinking this: a cowboy is an individual leading a tough, mostly rootless, hand-to-mouth existence particular to Western North America, whose hardscrabble lifestyle has been wildly romanticized by those who greatly misunderstand it. Is there something (or someone) in your life you’re ignoring the down-and-dirty, very rough details of, romanticizing it to suit your own needs? Are you dressing up some role or activity of your own in a way that denies how hard it might actually be on you? Is romanticizing something a way for you to cope? And do you care if your image of something may be wildly off the mark in terms of the reality it recognizes (or ignores)?

Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’, illustrated by the drawing, top of the post.

Year after year unto her feet,
The while she slumbereth alone,
Over the purpled coverlet
The maiden’s jet black hair bath grown,
On either side her trancéd forth
Forth streaming from a braid of pearl;
The slumb’rous light is rich and warm,
And moves not on the rounded curl.

The silk star-braided coverlid
Unto her limbs itself doth mould
Languidly ever, and amid
Her full black ringlets downward roll’d
Glows forth each softly shadow’d arm,
With bracelets of the diamond bright;
Her constant beauty doth inform
Stillness with love and day with light.

She sleeps; her breathings are not heard
In palace chambers far apart;
The fragrant tresses are not stirred
That lie upon her charmed heart.
She sleeps; on either side upswells
The gold fringed pillow lightly prest;
She sleeps, nor dreams, but ever dwells
A perfect form in perfect rest.