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George Inness ‘Home at Montclair’ 1892 {{PD}}

It’s a very serious day today, in the sense that we are solidly aligned with reality, with what matters to us, and with the thoughts that empower and guide us to effective action. We may balk at tackling power issues directly, or at looking unflinchingly into the darkness, and yet we’ll still process, be aware of, and so successfully deal with heavy matters in highly positive ways. We might call it a day when the unconscious takes the wheel, and that’s a good thing. Only two things can push us off course: if we are worried about expressing our power or being in charge (and so struggle with others for dominion), or if we’re worried about how things may pan out in future (wanting guarantees and assurances), then we may be tempted in the direction of tortuous reasoning trying to justify our choices–which will inevitably turn things in a bad direction. Relax into circumstances, let go of the obsessive or over-controlling approach that can spell downfall, and trust that you are a source of highly effective guidance and inspiration today, as long as you keep anxiety out of the equation (Venus parallel Saturn, Sun parallel Pluto, Mercury nov Mars, Juno, and Hygeia, Mercury sesq NN and Ceres)

By Kippelboy – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=19143963

Today’s word image is peeling away old wallpaper, to find a magnificent hand-drawn scene beneath. What needs to be removed, to let the creation, the beauty, shine through? Careful and deliberate efforts that reveal the inspired, the artisanal, or the unique might be required today.

And have a great Thursday!