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Thomas Pollack Anshutz ‘The Ironworkers’ Noontime’ 1879 {{PD}}

In Capricorn, Merc the Messenger, the Shapeshifter, he of the fleet and varying (Mercurial!) meets Saturn the Taskmaster, symbol of all that is ‘Real’, the god of denial, oppression, discipline, and accomplishment, and everything, communications, thoughts, writings, messages spoken and unspoken, realities symbolic and literal, give us a running assessment of our world, our reality, and our effectiveness at interacting with and affecting it. It’s as if the Universe holds up a three (or four)-dimensional mirror to each of us, offering precise, detailed, and un-sugar-coated feedback on who and where we are, right now. Listen. Ponder. Respond Appropriately. Give yourself credit for all that’s going right. Consider that at this time, you are able to suppress the nagging, running commentary of the mind, and so to allow reality, with this meeting in an Earth sign, to bring things (and especially the meaning of things) ‘home’ to you with the impact of a falling anvil! Hard (and inadvisable) to ignore.

Today’s word image is a chameleon. Symbolic of the Mercurial nature of today’s aspect, this image draws our attention to the changeability of matters. Don’t be surprised if, when you look away from something, then look back, it appears much different than it did at first glance.