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‘La Dordogne’ By Frits Thaulow 1902 {{PD}}

Be aware that actions and choices may spring from outrage, acknowledged or not, or from a healthy sense of righteousness (Mars semi-sq Black Moon Lilith), and that the messages we send and receive will chafe against the usual social norms, our beliefs, or the facts as we see them (Mercury semi-sq Jupiter), and yet what actually grabs our attention are the shiny surprises, the unpredictability of relationships and rewards, and the unexpectedly contrary nature of our wants, all of which can just as easily inflict injury as they can heal it (Venus sq Uranus and sxt Chiron). ‘Head above water’ may be the goal for most of us as we struggle to decipher and handle what comes at us; a better aim might be ‘Swim with the current’, allowing influences to inform and illuminate what we see, think, and do, while keeping an eye out for rough water ahead–or, if you can rise to it, ‘Be the current’, sending your influence out in gentle but surprising ripples.

‘Tea Cup Ballet’ Artist : Olive Cotton (Australia, b.1911, d.2003) {{PD}} gelatin silver photograph, gift of the Artist Accession Number : 218.1980

Today’s word image is a hot cup of tea, gone cold. Do you drink it, or throw it out? Re-heat it, wait for someone else to clear it up, berate yourself for having abandoned it, are you angry at the waste, or do you fail to give it a second thought? Answer that, and then replace “hot cup of tea gone cold” with “relationships”. What do you think of your answer, now?