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‘Great Generals of the Desert and the Spirits of Grasses and Trees Who Dwell in the Void of Water and Land’ Ming dynasty, 15th century {{PD}}

Our actions and choices create the future, as they always do (Mars trine NN) but today, unlike most days, we can trust them completely. We accept our role in this creation, accept our power to effect it, and have integrated inner wisdom, a sense of practicality, and awareness of those things we have ignored or denied, so that our efforts are fully informed, and so completely healthy expressions of our Beingness and intents (Venus sxt Black Moon Lilith, parallel Juno, sxt Pallas, semi-sq Uranus, Sun parallel Hygeia).

Paperweight, glass art from Gozo, Malt. Photo By Edwinb CC0

Today’s word image is this: you hold a glass paperweight in your hand, thinking it is filled with colorful swirls, until you look more closely and see that it actually depicts _________ . That’s your Rorschach test for today.