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‘A Friendly Call’ By William Merritt Chase 1894 {{PD}}

What we choose not to know today won’t hurt us–in fact, it will make us act more practically or wisely than we might have otherwise–but it could undermine our healthier inclinations, or could create some tortured reasoning around desire and ambition fulfillment. We could engage in smart choices we almost immediately regret or see the short-comings of; could indicators be more at odds with themselves? Probably not. Likely results in a day where we don’t make any major problems for ourselves–we may actually put a few beneficial conditions in place–but in the end may feel frustrated and would rather write-off the whole thing as a wash (Hygeia semi-sq and Pallas trine Black Moon Lilith, Mercury sesq Zeus and semi-sq Pluto).

Rain Drenched Bird, Photo By Bhaskar.albert – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=21043391

Today’s word image is a bedraggled bird finds shelter from the rain under the eaves.What wild and free-flying impulse or desire do you have that might need a little caring-for, a little protection, right now? Shelter that spontaneity and desire to ‘fly high’; it’s of great Soul-value, and losing it can begin an unwinding of the life force, a lessening of desire, initiation of an unfortunate kind of spiritual retreat.