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“Sabrina fair listen where thou art sitting.” From a 1922 edition John Milton’s ‘Comus’, illustrated by Arthur Rackham {{PD}}

Today our best stance is a receptive one, not as in ‘be a pushover’, but more along the lines of, ‘Shhh, there’s a message here, one that will be highly beneficial, if you can be still long enough to catch it under the wind’. Taking action or forcing choices will bring unpredictable results and cause accidents or missteps–so why take the chance? The stillness must be a mental one, and maybe a mouth one, as it’s difficult to let info in if we’re pushing it out! It’s important to know that some of these useful communications may come through serendipity, accident, surprise, or by taking an intellectual approach to something one might otherwise interpret in a different (probably emotional) light. Also, honor your priorities and remember that right now builds the future. OK, go out into the sunshine and play! (Juno trine NN, Mars sq Uranus, Merc nov Hygeia, trine Vesta, and parallel Uranus, Sun sxt Hygeia)

That state of deep, restorative rest doesn’t always look the way we think it will. ‘Meditation’ 1885 By William Merritt Chase

Today’s word image is this: meditation comes in many forms; make sure you find one for yourself, and make it a daily habit. You’ll know it’s the right form when you leave the meditative period significantly more centered and calm than when you started it. There’s no mistaking this: you will really feel the difference. Typical meditation practice never worked for me, so I’m speaking from experience: I’ve finally found an effective method for me, after many years of believing that I wasn’t doing it ‘right’. Don’t judge what works for you by someone else’s standards; it’s the result that counts.

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Have a wonderful day!