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‘Die Briefleserin’ By Franz Skarbina Before 1902 {{PD}}

I’ve been getting a ‘message’ this morning, and thought I should pass it along, in case it’s a message for you, too: when you reach that point, that limit, where you think, ‘I’ve given myself this much time to ‘make it’, and now it’s time to move on’, look up and see what you’ve been handed–chances are it’s exactly what you asked for, and simultaneously, it’s exactly what you wanted. Probably an example of those times when our intents, wants, and efforts, both energetic and physical, are all aligned. Conversely that might mean if you reach that ‘time to quit going after this’ point and nothing materializes, it really is time to move on.

Remember, the Lunar eclipse in Aquarius promises revelation or understanding, with the addition of new guidance or information added to experience and previous knowledge (the Sabian symbol + South Node), and that all of it is a consequence of our own actions or choices (conjoined Mars). So, the message plus the eclipse is really about acknowledging the role of time in making our choices–and so knowing when we have completed a cycle, when it’s time to move on to the next, by seeing clearly the message we receive at any ‘end point’.

This public service announcement brought to you by today’s influences and the Lunar eclipse. Support your favorite astrologers, artists, and craftspeople with purchases and donations, and accept the Love and Money the Universe is offering to you (and that’s a reminder that we literally won’t see it, unless we are open to receiving it–that is, unless we see ourselves as worthy). Happy and safe eclipse, everyone!