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Frits Thaulow-‘Kanal med vannmølle’ date unknown {{PD}}

We get a break today with the quiet unleashing of certain influences willing to work with certain other influences. We don’t really expect this harmony, and it’s not apparent on the surface, but if we pause and listen it’s there, running like a river under a ribbon of earth, muffled but accessible, if we try. Venus in Virgo parallels Chiron and sesquiquadrates the South Node, suggesting a critical analysis of wounds from the past may occur–but with a solid appreciation for how those have shaped and built our reality in a positive way, how we’ve learned what really matters to us through those experiences (Saturn parallel Vesta, Sun parallel NN). It’s one of those days when our awareness of the past is not just productive, but that it stirs gratitude about where we are and what we have in the present.

Today’s word image is ‘mosaic’. Since it has a very specific meaning for me (I’m a mosaic artist), I’m going to venture that each of us should go with our own associations; at the very least I’d suggest the ‘picture is fragmented’, or that you may still be assembling the pieces.

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