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‘Omnia Vincit Amor, or The Power of Love in the Three Elements’ By Benjamin West 1890 {{PD}}

The general theme this weekend may be the personal balance of Power/ Love in your own life–and Truth in some form or another definitely figures into the equation.

On the 1st we know what to do, what to choose–we are in perfect alignment with our own values and priorities, and particularly with our highest ideals–and because of this harmony we’ll know what and how to transform circumstances for best results, including pulling in profit and/ or Love. This may be because of, or in spite of, the dark turn our thoughts have taken. We may be consumed with what we or others have hidden, are in denial of, are enraged by, or by the simple act of ignoring or being ignored. It can be a highly effective day, in terms of what we can set right, accomplish, or purge–and yet we run the risk of confusing the ability to face the darkness right now with that willingness being responsible for our current successes–which it is not. Keep ideals high, and make scouring the shadowed underbelly of people and things for the Truth an end in itself, rather than a mechanism of judgment, and all will be well.

(Mars nov and Mercury sxt Vesta, aspecting as Vesta moves into Aquarius and Mercury backs into Scorpio, Merc also parallel Black Moon Lilith, and the Sun nov both Venus and Pluto, and so caught at their midpoint)

Venus wanders into Scorpio on the 2nd, and the tone of relationships and remuneration edges toward the obscure, the confusing, the ideal (especially in terms of Power), and/ or in a creative/ destructive direction, the latter enhancing our desire to get to the Truth. Wounds can be healed, in this potential atmosphere of warm-and-fuzzy (or maybe it’s dank-and-passionate), but also easily perpetrated, as we are both too independent and prone to disbelieve our own instincts and what we know to be smart. The hard positions (possibly no-win) we find ourselves in may bring conflict, especially within the group, but we should know that underlying any upset is much-needed change, and if we face it with an attitude that looks for opportunity rather than to run away, we advance our interests and our overall well-being–and we may have a desire or two fulfilled along the way, to boot.

Many Thanks to zucker.leslie and anupturnedsoul for correcting my screw up. I wrote that Venus was entering Pisces (which I remember as I wrote it struck me as strange), when it was actually entering Scorpio. I was thinking of Water, and the emotional depths and all we can get from them, and of Plutonian energy (and the Sun’s parallel and square to Pluto and Mars) and the way it can overwhelm, obscure, and generate, as well as destroy, and then in referencing back to my own mention of Venus’ new sign, I misled myself, thinking, ‘Better mention the connection to Oneness!’ So again, thank you, dear Readers, for being on the ball, when I’m not!

(Pallas sesq Sedna, Chiron trine NN, Jupiter semi-sq Zeus, Mercury qnx Uranus, Sun parallel Pluto and sq Mars)

By Hide-sp – Hide-sp’s file, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2950685

This weekend’s word image is a misidentified photo. What are you mislabeling in your own life, thinking it is one thing when it’s completely another? This might be a big issue with significant consequences, or a small thing that gently turns the perceptions kaleidoscope, but in either case will frame a shift in thinking and ‘seeing’.