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‘The Fever’ By Tsukioka Yoshitoshi 1883 {{PD}}

Do you feel things slowing, thoughts lagging, languishing in a strange heat created by too much reaching back to (and regretting) the past, too much ease in locating wounds and spotting opportunities missed, too much resentment of the facts and the way they’ve restricted you, then and now? It’s a fever raised by actions at which we are highly competent; we act, choose, and express ourselves well in the appropriate environment–and yet we fail to give ourselves credit for all we’re doing not just right but skillfully, in an accomplished way. Instead we look at all we’re missing or have failed at. Don’t let a wrong-headed focus distract you from the current opportunities, the many healed energies, and the absolutely brilliant thoughts you’ve come up with (but proceed with caution on this last, waiting until both direction of Mercury and the New Moon have had their say, on the 6th, to go forward on anything).

(Jupiter parallel SN, Mars parallel Ceres, Merc nov Saturn and trine Chiron)

Watch out for the broken glass! A detail from ‘Breakfast Table with Blackberry Pie’ By Willem Claeszoon Heda 1630 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is pie served to someone who doesn’t like pie. Those people don’t exist, you say? What an ungrateful person to disdain gooey fruit between two slabs of dough-ness, you say? This image is about assumptions, and being open to noticing that those around us have very particular tastes–and that to ignore those is to ignore a part of the individual. Is it your job to know and cater to every little thing in your loved ones? Absolutely not. But the image does suggest that you may be offering something to someone that you assume they will like, will see as good, when they really have no taste for it at all.