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Why do we make Eve responsible for Adam’s choice? She’s responsible only for her own. ‘The Temptation’ By William Strang 1899 {{PD}}

There’s something that’s tempting us, no, rewarding us, for acting and choosing against our own best interests. We’re sabotaging our future, acting in ways we know aren’t wise, and refusing to listen to our instincts and our inner knowing. Why is this happening? We don’t trust ourselves, don’t trust our vision, and we have things we are in denial of or are hiding–and that leaves an opening for discordant influences to take advantage of us, to aim our own better natures against ourselves and our goals, to undermine what we are at the very core. The thing is, if we lack trust in ourselves as able to be most responsive to our own needs and in our own defense, then we are at the mercy of how the Universe and those others in it treat us–and feeling that way is debilitating to all facets of Being. Today, concentrate on cleaning out the psychic closet; facing reality, admitting the Truth, and hiding nothing bring immense inner strength and center us at a Soul level. Take your own hand, reassure yourself that you’re right here, and then relax–you’ll handle it.

(Mars sesq NN, qnx Pallas, and contraparallel Sedna, Venus sq Vesta, Sun sesq Uranus, sq Neptune, and sxt Black Moon Lilith)

‘Self-Portrait as a Deaf Man’ By Sir Joshua Reynolds c1775 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a word/ term that I keep hearing and think, ‘That’s the word image!’ but over the course of several days, I’ve forgotten it repeatedly, specifically when I’m writing a post! So, until I hear and remember it for a future post, we’ll make today’s image something you’ve forgotten–but will remember at just the right time.