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The New Moon occurs at 11:20 PM Pacific Standard time of the 6th at 15 Sagittarius 07. This New Moon falls square to the close conjunction of Mars and Neptune in Pisces, which adds an active ‘punch’ to discovered facts, new journeys, new beliefs, new horizons, fresh starts, to knowledge exchanged and the exotic or foreign revealed. The NM beginning may arise from an action, choice, or assertion that carries ideals, creativity, or delusion, or may be the cause of such; in either instance, the event of the New Moon brings conflict or tension to a head: action or a choice based on a dream (Mars-Neptune), for example, could bring upset for what facts it uncovers or beliefs it reveals (Sagittarius).

By Johannes Hevelius 1689 {{PD}}

The New Moon also sextiles both Black Moon Lilith and Pallas, though it doesn’t fall at their midpoint, suggesting the interactions with the NM are unrelated to each other. The New Moon carries the aura of wisdom or practicality, or may call on you to use skills, and its new starts may also be driven by material that’s been denied, that’s enraging, or that’s perceived as unjust–and though we each may respond to both sextiles, my sense is one or the other sextile will predominate for the individual. Too, if you have a natal placement at 13-15 Taurus your natal body is apex to a Finger of God with NM and Pallas as its base, steering you in the direction of a smart beginning or revelation that inspires expression of the natal energy–or if you have a natal placement at 13-15 Cancer, you have apex to another Finger with base of NM and Black Moon Lilith, which points to the New Moon stirring up or making undeniable what’s been shunted aside until now, forcing you to deal with the situation using the natal energy.

We also have a loose configuration, a Fist of God, with base of Uranus square the North Node, apex the New Moon. Here the individual clashes with her or his own life direction, possibly rebelling from a long-planned route. Is this a good rebellion, freeing the individual from unfair restraints? Or is it a rebellion led by the insistence on seeing the Self as independent, or as ‘special’, trying to prove uniqueness via erraticism or an uncooperative attitude? This likely plays in tune with the Merc direction, described below.

The New Moon also rests at the (very rough) midpoint of the Venus-Vesta square, suggesting that the NM event may carry the essence of the clash between highest values and wants. With Venus in Scorpio and Vesta in Aquarius, the primal nature of both what’s revered and what’s desired may be displaced digging for a ‘Truth’ that may or may not differ from the surface, and in intellectualizing what’s better felt through New Moon experience.

All the aspects suggest at least some effort (the sextiles), or friction (all the rest of the aspects) occurs, and that may be the place to focus: on the ways in which we are causing or using the available energy. Don’t think of it as energy going out, so much as an undifferentiated flow, ebbing and surging all at once, so that we are receptive (Lunar energy) as much as we are active and choosing (square to Mars, all hard aspects).

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon is, ‘Sea Gulls Fly Around A Ship In Expectation Of Food’. The birds are looking for sustenance, but what does the presence of sea gulls say to the sailors? That they are near land. This is an image of promise, beyond the survival needs, to arrival at a ‘new destination’. This suggests that the land we find ourselves in post-New Moon will be solid, whether it’s familiar or unexplored, verdant and populated or a deserted wasteland, welcoming or forbidding.

Mercury also goes direct today, ready to perfect a Water Grand Trine with Chiron and the North Node. That suggests that wounds and/ or the opportunity to employ skills figure strongly in thinking, and so in shaping the life direction. We find emotional balance in this regard, probably surrounding the mentality finding a ‘groove’ and falling into it. Sometimes a subdued rhythm to life is the most desirable thing imaginable.

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