The Essence for 8 August 2011: Listen to Mom


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A maternal force, an authority, or Mother Nature herself may guide you. from Chateau de Chantilly, France 19th century {{PD-Art}}

Merc retreats to 29 degrees of Leo today; this may very actively feel like a personal retreat that places a lot of undefinded, nebulous stress on the individual, as Merc follows retro Neptune on his retreat back into the previous sign. At this point the best guidance may come from an authority or maternal figure, or through meditative interaction with Mother Nature herself (Mercury quincunx to Ceres, which is fresh at 00 Aries, though retro herself may facilitate this exchange).

5:30 AM PDT the Moon sextiles Saturn/ h.Zeus and gives us a ‘to-do’ list for the week. Just after 7 AM PDT the Moon trines Venus, giving us the love or assets needed to accomplish. At this point, there’s just no excuse not to do your best. 10:30 AM PDT the Moon trines the Sun, reinforcing accomplishing goals successfully. This is an almost magical recipe for getting what you want; winners will be those who have their ducks in a row and are ready to get moving–everybody else may just have a really nice day :)

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The Weekend Essence 5,6 & 7 August 2011: Weighing the Options


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Judging by the bounty on the table, she probably weighed her options very carefully. Cranach 1532 {{PD-Art}}

We start the evening of the 5th when at 8 PM PDT the Moon opposes Jupiter; will it be a face-off with society (which may take place in no bigger an arena than your living room?) or a desire to withdraw from worldly pursuits that’s really just symptomatic of resentment that we’ve not yet received our due reward (Jupiter in Taurus)? Consider that we may be spoiling for a fight  just to make some contact–not a productive approach.

1 AM PDT of the 6th the Moon squares Vesta; this essentially draws a T from the moment of contact with Venus ( a square at 10 PM PDT of the 5th), and tells us that we are in danger of trashing what we care most about–don’t! Then the Moon (3 AM) squares the Sun; from the moment of Venus contact creates an energy-filled T square, with Venus/ Sun in one direction, Vesta/ Earth in the other, with the Moon the arm. This gives us a large window where the material situation involving those things we feel are sacrosanct come up against the true cost revealed–and our emotions are torn; do we keep those things we feel are important in our lives and ignore the cost, or do we lighten the load, letting go even though these material factors are important to us, and thereby possibly gain in finances or even love? There’s no right answer, just the answer that’s right for you.

Noonish on the 7th the Sagittarius Moon quincunxes Mars in the Moon’s own sign of Cancer and sets off a Finger of God with an approaching sextile (that completes the base) to Pallas at 3 Aquarius 42. We are required to link the emotional outlook to expression of practical/ artisanal skills or to what’s wise–when we do we are empowered to act. If we act without due attention to what wisdom requires the feelings to register and modify for, we will see a lot of passive-aggressive (or aggressive-passive, as a friend likes to say!) fallout. If chaos or upset ensues in this aspect window, this is the problem: we’ll be seeing the result of a lack of respect for what’s wise/ smart, with the difficulty caused by those who would indulge themselves. Take note.

A must-read on US politics from the amazing Jude Cowell

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The Essence for 5 August 2011: Water Seeks Its Own Level


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Waterhouse 1892 {{PD-Art}}

The Moon enters Scorpio at 4:57 AM PDT, and immediately quincunxes Ceres and sextiles Mercury. As if things weren’t murky (or is it Merc-y?) enough with the retro and the Moon in Scorpio, we are treated here to a confusing episode of messages that may mislead us on the power front, particularly over who has it and what may be felt because of it. Don’t expect to understand what’s going on; what you see is definitely not what you get, and even our emotional perceptions will not be capable of delivering the whole picture, so make no assumptions and come to no conclusions.

A 7 AM PDT trine to Mars in Water makes for some aggressive feeling–and that means shouting, crying, wailing, and blubbering, if we’re not careful! The phrase ‘Water seeks its own level’ may come to mind here, and may be what you see happening around you. And if you are calm, observe your surroundings, as they will tell you something about an inner situation that’s just not yet made it to the surface.

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The Essence for 4 August 2011: The Tiniest Void in the World


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There may be some time when we're at a loss for what to do. Toulouse-Lautrec 1897 {{PD-Art}}

By 5 PM PDT the Moon quincunxes Sedna, and we lose our previous clarity (if that isn’t totally ironic during a Merc retro); best to just relax into it, and refuse to demand answers from the emotions. There’s a long gap where we may feel a mite lost; final aspect of the Moon in Libra is a 3 AM PDT of the 5th trine to Neptune, which may reassure us that we haven’t lost ‘it’ at all! Void is so minute in this instance, we’re going to pretend it doesn’t exist–it’s fractions of minute at most, and so too tiny to worry about.

Venus also squares Jupiter today, possibly bringing optimism to a bursting point, and perhaps pitting our values against what the social order demands. Those with whom we’re in relationships may balk if we claim our freedom or may give us a hard time about expanding our world; conflict may occur over assets (Taurus) and identity (Leo). This will feel like it has all the earmarks for success and yet something spoils our ‘big deal’–just don’t let it be our own unloving attitude.

The Essence for 3 August 2011: Walking Beside the River


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Ivanyi-Grunwald 1897 {{PD-Art}}

Moon enters Libra at 3:04 AM Pacific time, and immediately opposes Ceres, quincunxes Neptune, and squares Mars. So much at 00, so much raw, fresh, and unformed! We’re in the danger zone, alright–and should expect challenges from authority or those who wish to be in charge, where we are required to modify our stance to accommodate their fantasies or delusions! Needless to say, this is a stress, and our egos may balk–and in any case it will make it very difficult for us to act (and probably, we shouldn’t!) Take a low-key approach and ‘handle’ it by not responding too definitively or by exerting yourself or your opinion or Will too strenuously–let the interaction with annoying authorities just glide by, like a lazy river–you’re walking along beside it, you’re looking at it, but you sure don’t have to wade into it!

3 PM PDT the Moon sextiles Venus; considering the signs involved (Libra and Leo) I’d anticipate unusual co-operation that highlights the individual contribution, or playful courtship, the kind where each spreads their seductive feathering to entice the other. A pleasant interlude; if you want something, ask for it now.

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The Essence for 2 August 2011: Blame It On Virgo


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Hughes pre-1915 {{PD-Art}}

All quiet on the Lunar front until 2 PM PDT, when the Moon creates a T-square with the Nodal axis, followed at 3:30 PM PDT by the Moon’s trine to Sedna. This suggests a bit of an emotional showdown over life direction (and this can be internal or external), and then, perhaps out of some resentment that we have to face this question at all, we easily ‘blank out’–there may be a concerted effort to ignore what we might term ‘irritants to the conscience’–not that we necessarily have anything to ‘look’ at–it’s more like we just think we should be fussing over details or taking an accounting–just blame it on the Virgo Moon :/

Bulletin: the Universe, Don Draper, and Dream Life


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Claesz early 17th century {{PD-Art}}

What the Universe is Made Of

This is what I wrote last week about this past Sunday:

“Just after noon of the 31st, the Moon trines the North Node–and at about the same time the Moon also forms a loose Fist of God with a Moon/ Sedna square apex Pluto. The entire picture is one of unanticipatable material events (Sedna in Taurus) that have emotional results–and, contrary to the usual, we do not need to work out the square before Pluto is accessed–this time, it just happens. A Plutonian event can be anything that involves an exercise of power–just keep that in mind. It’s not necessarily a trauma, destructive act, or experience of rage–it could as easily be a transformative event that feels like a major blessing–so be ready for anything.”

I had no way of knowing how very true this would be for me. I experienced an unanticipatable transformative event, through another’s generosity and kindness. I don’t have specific permission to write about this, so I’ll keep things vague; it concerns a subscriber, an artist, who came to Seattle and invited me to meet with her. I and my daughters have been fans of her work since long before I started the blog, but it so happens that she found me, in a synchronicity of the Universe; I went to the meeting (as she was here on business, I knew she would have her work with her) planning to (and excited to!) buy a piece. Her work has a balanced, resonant, living quality that is both vibrant and serene; it contains that juxtaposition in a careful blend of delicacy and proportion that has always spoken to me. Small pieces of hers were some of the first real Art I’d ever bought–and now I would get to meet the Artist, and she liked me, too–I was going into the meeting ‘pre-approved,’ so to speak! which mattered to me; I’m not terribly good at meeting others, my youthful ease in making friends now replaced in late middle age by some distress: do I look all right? What will I say? Despite my chatty nature online, I have difficulty with small talk in person; I’m a get-to-the-point-er, with little capacity for graceful, cogent exchanges. She greeted me warmly, accepting and open, and that was gift enough.

In the course of working as an astrologer, I’ve received a number of presents, lovely expressions of gratitude and generosity: flowers, spa products, hand decorated boxes, handmade cards, all easy to accept as we judge them as small, a gesture rather than a sacrifice. So it made it especially moving for me when the Artist offered me the very piece I’d spotted and fallen in love with the moment I looked around; I wanted to buy it, but she made this perfect, simple piece a gift–and it challenged all my ideas of who I am, what I could accept from another, and what I deserved. It was especially touching to me in that we had spoken briefly about the difficulty of making a living in these times; I wanted to offer her the support she had been offering to me–but she rose above material considerations and gave me an invaluable gift of spirit. Through her amazing generosity she signaled an absolute faith and trust in the Universe–a statement of fearlessness about her own situation that says to me she is on the Path to transforming her life in amazing ways, and that gave me a gift much larger than the one I held in my hands. It’s been several years since my own faith in the Universe was tested through stress and fear; it was a wonderful reminder of the kind of positive energy that things run on, after all.

Have you ever experienced a gift or interaction that served to transform you, or that reinforced your positive beliefs about the Universe? How did it change your life? I want to say ‘Thank You’ to the Artist–and you might want to thank the one who gave to you, too.

The Changing View of What’s Manly

An especially well-written and perceptive assessment of the way popular culture’s view of vampires may be muddying the manly waters, and why Don Draper of ‘Mad Men’ has the vampiric appeal that ‘boy’ vamps lack.

Follow Your Dreams

Here’s a great source of dream interpretation

And Here Are Your Instructions

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The Essence for 1 August 2011: Freak Factor


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Caracci 16th century

8 AM PDT the Moon opposes Chiron and quincunxes Uranus (and semi-sextiles Venus for several hours, making our relationships the centerpiece); will we recognize our tendency to hurt others, or will we lash out without really comprehending our ulterior motives? Whatever we do, it will be done without the realization that we are criticizing or becoming angry based on our own pain, and our own deficiencies; we’re not really seeing others at this time, and our critique may concern those things about ourselves that strike us as causing us to be rejected by others. Our own ‘freak factor’ comes forward and, to avoid the major part of the pain, we try to pin it on someone else. Embrace your uniqueness and miss the unpleasantness.

The Weekend Essence + Leo New Moon, 30-31 July 2011: Powerful Days


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From the Visconti Tarot deck 15th century

6 AM PDT of the 30th sees the Moon trine Uranus and quincunx Chiron. It’s like we’ll get a kick in the pants–and whether it hurts or not is up to how we receive it! We can either let it hit us right in the primal wound (which will make us howl!) or we can let it hit us and use the momentum to propel ourselves forward and up–which won’t hurt at all–in fact it should revv up our unique skills. It’s a great influence, if we’re willing to go with it! Now, this is the start of a Finger of God, apex Moon, involving Chiron and Pluto as the base. Separate from other effects, the Finger offers, very simply, healing with a willingness to change, with resultant emotional and intuitive benefits. It’s no more complicated than that.

New Moon is at 11:39 AM Pacific at 7 Leo 15. The Leo New Moon reads as releasing subtle but powerful energies; it opposes Pallas (and Earth, of course), squares Jupiter, and quincunxes Pluto. There are other things close but outside the strict 2 degree orb–so we leave them alone.

The aspects suggest changes (possibly intense, traumatic, inevitable, sweeping, or arising from the destructive or the negative) challenge us to prove what we believe to be wise really is. It’s a giant reality check of a very personal nature; the upsets will require us to truly show who we are–and what’s more, there will be a public element to this. It’s very possible we will feel under a microscope at this time. We may be observed by the social circle, we may be tested by our students, readers, audience, our teachers, or those within our religious hierarchy, or we may be challenged to broadcast or publish our knowledge or wisdom and then to defend it. This may be a tempering of the Soul and the Soul’s Purpose–but will in many ways be more gentle than we might anticipate, and we should come out the other side (for this NM may just be the beginning of a long-term effect, rather than just a singular happening) much more sure of who we are and what we’re here to do (and consequently what we are also NOT here to do, courtesy of Pluto, who will help us eliminate and start again.)

Just after noon of the 31st, the Moon trines the North Node–and at about the same time the Moon also forms a loose Fist of God with a Moon/ Sedna square apex Pluto. The entire picture is one of unanticipatable material events (Sedna in Taurus) that have emotional results–and, contrary to the usual, we do not need to work out the square before Pluto is accessed–this time, it just happens. A Plutonian event can be anything that involves an exercise of power–just keep that in mind. It’s not necessarily a trauma, destructive act, or experience of rage–it could as easily be a transformative event that feels like a major blessing–so be ready for anything.

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The Essence for 29 July 2011: A Moment of Universal Enlightenment


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Cole 1828 {{PD-Art}}

9:30 AM Pacific of the 29th the Moon creates a Finger of God by sextile to Sedna with apex of North Node. There are all kinds of theories that say we have no business considering the transiting NN in configurations, but I beg to differ, as what I’ve observed time and again is that energy ‘points’ can be very telling–and I think this is one of those times. This may show as a sense of being emotionally lost–and if we can embrace that, rather than becoming panicked or demanding answers, we will be shown ‘the way’ (NN). Sounds like a Universal moment of enlightenment :)

Void begins at 11:21 AM PDT as the Moon pulls away from sextile to Sedna. The Moon enters Leo at 11:16 PM PDT; that leaves us with a massive Void period, when just about anything may come forward. The only clue we have is that the Moon is Void in Cancer, suggesting that whatever happens, it arises from feeling and intuitive response.

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