Just a Little AstroEssence 8 February 2013, from the New Issue of ECLIPSE!


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Sometimes body language says it all. See articles on romance and commitment, what puts the astro-Zing! in relationships, commentary on the 12th House, and much more, including the New Moon! Schroder 1885 {{PD-Art}}

Sometimes body language says it all. See articles on romance and commitment, what puts the astro-Zing! in relationships, commentary on the 12th House, and much more, including the New Moon! Schroder 1885 {{PD-Art}}

A new issue of ECLIPSE is out; here’s a little something from it, for the 8th:

Power Play The 8th of February Mercury conjuncts Mars and the Sun trines Ceres. Asserting ourselves is on everyone’s mind, and we’re likely to see this as the perfect time to make our case, tell others what we think, confront authority, demand answers, negotiate for what we want, and it may be very very easy to go too far or to overstep bounds in doing it. We’re not good judges of when to pull back, or where to put up that safety fence, and we sure won’t be fans of putting ourselves on a leash, and the same can be said of everyone we encounter, so that clashes are almost unavoidable. Tempering Self-assertion with a little of the maturity of Ceres’ outlook (a ‘maternal’ view, the cyclic essence of Nature, the need to consider the viewpoint of others that is recognized in the negotiations for which Ceres is known) will go a long way toward smoothing out the inevitable rough edges we’ll run into today.

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Just a Little Lunar Essence 4 February 2013: ‘Riding High’


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THIS is what happens with too much free time. 'Venus Riding a Satyr' Dirck de Quade van Ravestyen c1601 {{PD-Art}}

THIS is what happens with too much free time. ‘Venus Riding a Satyr’ Dirck de Quade van Ravestyen c1601 {{PD-Art}}

The Sagittarius Moon sextiles Venus (1 PM PST) smoothing the way in relationships by means of enthusiasm and understanding, and helping to bring finances under control by applying reason (Venus in Aquarius). 4 PM PST the Moon trines Uranus, bolstering originality, innovation, and (no!) rebelliousness. Emotion may ride a little too high, and get out of hand out of sheer excitement. Keep individual expression at the forefront, even as you keep group needs in mind. 6 PM PST the Moon opposes Jupiter, making for the possibility of emotional conflict on the social scene, probably based in nothing more than temper over-excited by a casual remark (Gemini v Sagittarius). 8 PM PST the Moon squares Chiron; touchiness is in the air–better to keep what you think you know (Moon in Sag) to yourself.

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Just a Little Lunar Essence 3 February 2013: ‘Transmissions Down!’


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'Letter Rack' Edward Collier c1698 {{PD-Art}}

‘Letter Rack’ Edward Collier c1698 {{PD-Art}}

On 3 February at 1 PM PST the Scorpio Moon quincunxes Ceres, requiring we adjust our emotional attitude to the demands of authorities or Mom–negotiation may be needed, to smooth things out. 6 PM PST sees the Moon conjunct the North Node and opposed Sedna. We may be lost at this point, and trying to use intuition or feeling as a life compass; this will be ineffective, and could blunt our faith in our own intuitive abilities if we persist. Instead accept that transmissions are down, and sit tight.

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Venus into Aquarius, Mars into Pisces: ‘Our Own Golden Handcuffs’


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Venus will have her way with us, because we care. 'Gilded Cage' by George Hare pre-1933 {{PD-Art}}

Venus will have her way with us, because we care. ‘Gilded Cage’ by George Hare pre-1933 {{PD-Art}}

A little something to launch your weekend, from the pages of the new ECLIPSE:

Mars enters Pisces and Venus enters Aquarius, while Mercury squares Sedna. The effect may be disorienting; suddenly the aggressive back off, the Self-involved adopt altruism, or the Self-possessed go after the dream–Venus and Mars are dancing beside each other (a semi-sextile) rather than together–a switch from the way they both seemed to have everyone and everything under an intellectual, judgmental microscope. Venus removes the leg irons that had us chained to the work table, only to replace them with dainty handcuffs that hold us in the classroom, the library, in thrall to the group, or force us into the revolution. We find our place in the action, either being in the avant garde, stirring up Molotov cocktails (kids, you know these are explosives, right?) or with the intellect firing on all cylinders (and possibly paying off handsomely). Action, as long as it’s fueled by a dream, a dreamy idealism, or the Collective (which, mind you, can be mindless!) will come with just a little effort–and could lead to confusion, if we don’t keep the values, relationships, and earning needs in sharp focus through the intellect. Communications are off the hook and totally unconscious in their content (no matter how consciously one applies one’s reasoning abilities or intelligence)–you have been warned.

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I love this poem, by Portia Nelson, featured on ‘All My Minds’, a site that acts as a thoughtful meditation on being, by Cheryl Lansker.

Just a Little Lunar Essence 31 January 2013: ‘Chase Away the Gloom’


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'Dawn' by EH Smart 1907 {{PD-Art}}

‘Dawn’ by EH Smart 1907 {{PD-Art}}

From the current ECLIPSE:

10 AM PST the Libra Moon trines Jupiter and opposes Pallas. We feel like we should do it, and do it big, but oh, how ill-advised that would be! (Stupid seemed a little harsh, but would be just as accurate!) Step back, talk all you want, but do let some time pass before committing to that “great idea”. At 11 AM PST the Moon quincunxes Chiron; we are doing a dance, trying to avoid stepping on already-hurt toes–we may find it exhausting. Disengage, just a bit. 4 PM PST the Moon trines Vesta, and by 5 squares Pluto. In honoring all that we see as sacred, we may be inadvertently destructive, inexplicably filled with rage, or devastatingly final in our interactions. We may crush what we otherwise cherish–please proceed with care. An 8 PM PST trine of Moon to Sun may raise spirits, and chase away the gloom.

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Just a Little AstroEssence 29-30 January 2013: ‘Obstacles to a Happy Life’


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'The Happy Family'  Le Nain Brothers 1642 {{PD-Art}}

‘The Happy Family’ Le Nain Brothers 1642 {{PD-Art}}

29 January brings the Sun and Vesta into complete harmony (by trine), but places the Earth quincunx Pluto. We may feel, on a spiritual, psychic, and even emotional level, that realization of our highest values, a wonderful home life, and an excellent mate relationship are in order, but hidden material obstacles keep getting in our way. The point here may be that to ride off into the sunset with a big, shiny order to perfect the life fails to take into account that perfection isn’t possible; it also disrespects certain of the darker, undeniable elements of life that Pluto relates to, such as sex and death. To color the life in only bright, sunny hues is to miss the depth and subtlety that come with more subdued tones, with a balance between light and dark, with shadow.

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Just a Taste of ECLIPSE, for Your Week-End 25-28 January 2013


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'Tea and Cakes' Anker 1873 {{PD-Art}}

‘Tea and Cakes’ Anker 1873 {{PD-Art}}

25 January We reach out but relationships are difficult (or at least require some conciliation, before we can really commune) and if we are expecting material or monetary rewards conferred by the social scene they won’t be forthcoming right now (Venus sesquiquadrate Jupiter)–BUT, and this is a really big one, we can gain an enormous amount of support and approval for the way we ‘shine’ , and that can result in significant rewards down the road (Sun trine Jupiter). This is the Sun’s pre-direction trine, and it offers a glimpse of what will be coming to us in the pay-off department with Jupiter’s direction and movement forward.

And from the Full Moon report for the 26th:

January Full Moon in Leo occurs at 8:38 PM PST of the 26th at 7 Leo 24: ‘Revolutionary Ideals’

We also look at the Sun’s Sabian to complete our Full Moon picture: ‘Beautifully Gowned Wax Figures on Display’. This is, in a psychic sense, what the Full Moon symbol is opposed to–in some respect likely related to the House matters in the natal chart where the Full Moon falls, or across the axis where the Sun-Moon opposition falls; we are bringing about a revolution by activating this ideal, and it means a moving away from a static, though acceptable, even lovely, stance we held up to this point in time in a very public way. Some pose or stance previously ‘on display’ will be replaced by a true, inner ideal, which will find an active (‘living’) outlet in the life.

January 27th sees Venus trine the South Node; this may result in an unconscious, gentle vortex (is there such a thing?) involving the past and either relationships or finances (you’ll know which by whatever one has given you a hard-line, Capricorn smackdown somewhere in your life history). You may find yourself sucked into a less-than-productive (or accurate) musing on the whole issue, and possibly squander a present-day offering of love or money in the process.

January 28th Mercury trine Zeus, and Uranus conjunct Pallas: these tell us the mind will be tuned like a laser to our deepest desires and ambitions–and so will automatically make decisions that lead us in this direction. Uranus-Pallas fires up our own sense of surety and unites inner wisdom with originality, innovation, and the spark of creative improvisation, and can take us a long way, if we let it. This will be an amazing day, for those who are able to let themselves be themselves–not as easy as it sounds.

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Just a Little AstroEssence 24 January 2013: ‘Balance, and Be Yourself’


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'The First Snow' Edelfelt pre-1905 {{PD-Art}}

‘The First Snow’ Edelfelt pre-1905 {{PD-Art}}

24 January carries with it some built-in tension (Mars square the Nodal axis), particularly concerning life direction or progress, but also offers an excellent opportunity to communicate our highest goals and values (Mercury trine Vesta). What we value, relationships, or wants may need modification in the face of natural forces, Mom, or authorities, and negotiation over money or influence might be on the table (Venus quincunx Ceres). We may put too much attention on what authorities say and do, and too little on just being ourselves, and embracing our unique viewpoint–try to balance that out, if possible (the Sun sesquiquadrate Ceres, sextile Uranus). We can make a good impression, and gain tremendously, if we can keep ourselves together and focused.

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Just a Little Lunar Essence 23 January 2013: ‘Drifting in the Void’


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For 23 January The Gemini Moon Void begins at 3:44 AM Pacific (with the Moon pulling away from Mars, as last major aspect); the Moon enters Cancer at 7 PM precisely! With the Void lasting a considerable span of time, we should all be prepared for unexpected outcomes and to hold back on starting anything new until the Moon enters Cancer.

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Painting is ‘Moonlight Rises on an Empty Shore’ Friedrich c1863 {{PD-Art}}

Bits ‘n Pieces from the new ECLIPSE, for Your Week-End 18-21 January 2013


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Busy weekend? You bet! 'Panorama with the Abduction of Helen Amidst the Wonders of the Ancient World' van Heemskerck 1535 {{PD}}

Busy weekend? You bet! ‘Panorama with the Abduction of Helen Amidst the Wonders of the Ancient World’ van Heemskerck 1535 {{PD}}

18 January is an interesting day, as Merc and the Sun meet late in Capricorn (28 degrees) in Superior Conjunction, then Merc travels on into Aquarius. With no other new aspects perfecting, this puts all our attention on Mercurial issues, in general communication, networking, and all forms of communion/ consorting, as well as any particular Mercurial energies you have in your natal chart. The activity level may insure we get things done, with any matter wrapped up likely corresponding to the matters of the House where the conjunction of Sun and Mercury takes place.

19 January By 11 AM PST the Taurus Moon trines Pluto, making material changes to things to insure more emotional comfort go very well. We can get rid of material burdens and feel a whole lot lighter. 1 PM PST the Moon opposes Saturn, then trines Juno in Earth. This is where allowing the feeling nature to dictate what in the material world must go pays off, with a sense of emotional empowerment that has a physical-world reflection. 7 PM PST the Taurus Moon trines Venus–and we get another, even better payoff, this one in the love, money, or values department. This is a good time for a dinner party, or for any kind of comfortable socializing–it provides a relaxing atmosphere and heightens appreciation for social conventions and comforts like food and drink.

20 January brings Pluto quincunx Vesta, Mars semi-square Uranus and trine Ceres, and Mercury sextile Pallas. Though communications will be straightforward and sensible, we shouldn’t lose sight of how much Self-interest will be part of the equation. It will seem that others are out to alter our highest values, destroy our autonomy, and co-op our power–can you say ‘Paranoia’? ‘Cause that’s what this will amount to, particularly in those who lack overall awareness, or who are highly attuned to the world through their own mental perceptions. What we’ll need to keep in mind is that, though what’s said and done today will definitely reflect others’ point of view and their own personal position, no matter how much this upsets us, rubs us the wrong way, or threatens us, the other party really has no power to act at this time; it’s a matter of destruction occurring only with our consent and co-operation.

21 January 8 AM PST the Gemini Moon trines the Sun and squares Neptune. This is not a time to be lost in fantasy, or even wishful thinking. We can see the reality picture clearly, if we want to–our progress will all stem from this one factor. Noon the Moon sextiles Pallas, re-aligning us with our own inner wisdom. Good! 2 PM PST the Moon trines Mercury, making for a gabfest, or at least some excellent communication–just be conscious of what you’re saying, for best results.

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