Your Weekend 18-20 May 2012: ‘Take Shelter, Be Ready’


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Pallas is instrumental in this Sunday’s eclipse effect. See it all in this week’s ECLIPSE! ‘Pallas Athena’ by Gustav Klimt {{PD-Art}}

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For Friday the 18th of May:

The Moon entered Taurus at 3:04 AM PDT. A 1 PM PDT quincunx of the Moon to the North Node sets the tone: we will spend the transit of the Moon through Taurus adjusting, and we may find we have a higher than usual discomfort both emotionally and physically.

Remember that the Mars/ Pluto trine in Earth is still in effect; the urge to do and transform is still strong, and also carries a higher than average chance of pushing us to be overly assertive, or inadvertently destructive, in our attempts to make things happen.

For Saturday the 19th:

On the 19th we see the Sun oppose Juno, which naturally means the Earth conjuncts her. We are looking at the figurative center of the Universe (in terms of consciousness) in opposition to the very personal, individual need for empowerment and a feeling of significance. Those who choose to play ‘the center of the Universe’ will, besides being insufferable! also be oblivious to the true effects they’re having–they may see themselves as beaming goodness and light to the masses, while those around them suffer sunburn, dehydration, and squint in the glare of ego–while everyone else will be seeing things from too small and insecure a position to operate effectively. The key to handling this, and avoiding coming down on either side of the equation, may be to leave matters of power and influence to the side, for now. A low-key, modest approach is an appropriate way of operating during the Dark of the Moon; we don’t really have the energy to pursue power moves at this time, so responding actively to Sun/ Juno may frazzle us and lead exactly nowhere.

And for Sunday the 20th, the day of an Annular Solar Eclipse (New Moon) in Gemini:

The eclipse/ New Moon (occurring at 4:46 PM PDT at 00 Gemini 20) inceptions focus through the image of the Wise Warrior, the anima with native intelligence, poise, mad practical skills, and the fearless martial poise of someone both well-armed (whether that’s figurative or literal) and wise. This persona accepts the role of wise guide for the Self or for others, applying the practical skills, knowledge, and the ripe wisdom of experience to negotiate events of the eclipse–and the entity takes this image on in response to someone (the Juno figure, which sits opposed the eclipse at 29 tense degrees of Scorpio) who is seeking empowerment or exerting authority, and it may be at our expense, or inappropriate to the relationship–

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And the Rest of Your Weekend Brings …


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‘Buddha in His Youth’ Odilon pre-1916 {{PD-Art}}

Void begins at 5:55 PM PDT of the 12th; the Moon enters Pisces at 4:42 AM PDT of the 13th.

The 13th sees Ceres quincunx Zeus and Mercury trine Mars; this time the power clashes are serious, among ‘big’ players, and aggressive or angry words come much too easily. We may see one side insist that what’s ‘natural’ is right, while the other side asserts that their position and authority must prevail. Neither is without flaw, and if you are able to withdraw from this, all the better; no matter the outcome, all parties will be forced to adjust, so naming a clear ‘winner’ just isn’t possible–with that in mind, put your energy elsewhere, maybe into keeping your communications as conscious and kind as possible.

In Lunar terms we have only a few striking aspects to take into account; by 10 AM PDT the first is in place with the Moon’s conjunction to Neptune. Emotional confusion is too mild a concept for this! We just don’t know: emotionally, intuitively, our senses fail us. For a lucky few who can let go into the energy, truly ‘zoning out’ and blanking on their current surroundings (please, no one driving a bus or operating heavy machinery may partake!) this can be an ultimate moment of inspiration or creative inception–and if this hooks into the natal chart, especially to the 5th or ruler of the 5th, or the Sun, Moon, or ASC ruler, this can be a once-in-a-lifetime inspiration. Capturing the effect may not be as easy as you think, since it will be other-worldly and experiential in nature–and so our after-the-fact ‘translations’ may never fully capture what is given us in the moment.

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Discussion of the Mystery Charts from ECLIPSE’s Article on Career and Talent Markers, Pt. 2


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Mystery Man #2  12 February 1943  4 AM  Holyoke Massachusetts USA

What grabs us first about this chart? Maybe it’s the way the Cardinals bracket most of the other energies, forming a barbell or double-ended funnel; the structure implies everything is about action–it begins and ends everything, and so much action makes sense, with Mars in the 1st and a Sag ASC with ruler Jupiter in Cancer in the 7th–it’s a feeling action that reaches out to the world–he needs an audience, and this is reinforced by the Libra MC.

Neptune is the visual standout, in the 9th reasonably close to the MC, and in mutual reception with ruler Venus, who sits in Pisces midway in one end of the barbell–this mutual reception screams artist. Neptune himself is trine both Uranus (at 00, the implication is that he may be a wee bit obsessed with the new, unusual, or radical) and Saturn, and both are in the 6th–creativity in solid and innovative ways is a daily thing. This is the chart of an artist, in so many ways oriented toward reaching out to others through Self-expression.

The chart shows a small complex of material support likely from those who ‘get’ his communications and who are ‘in love’ with his creativity and his work (8th is ruled by Moon, in Taurus in 5th, while the 7th of the audience holds Jupiter, with ruler Merc in the 2nd in Capricorn). That’s solid material support, generously shared. Pluto in the 8th is sextile Saturn, hinting that there’s something destructive or subversive in his offerings.

Commenter Nicoleh73 notes that what this man does is likely visual, and Aphelionx suggests painting–and both are essentially right, this man is known as a visual artist, though he writes and works in various mediums, with the idea often as important (or more so) than the representation. He’s known for one particular thing, and in looking in the chart we see Neptune widely opposed Ceres, suggesting that nature may be an inspiration, and both Uranus and Saturn are in the Taurean 6th of pets/ animals (large animals fall in the 9th), though both planets are in Gemini, suggesting that the subjects of his work communicate something.

The artist is William Wegman, known for his photographic portraits of deadpan weimaraners in human situations.

Discussion of the Mystery Charts from ECLIPSE’s Article on Career and Talent Markers, Pt. 1


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Chart of Mystery Man #1  26 January 1955  1:05 AM  Amsterdam, Netherlands

What grabs your eye right away? That often ends up being something key to understanding the chart, and here it’s no exception; if you’re like me, Neptune in the 12th only one minute from the Ascendant is what caught your attention. This suggests to me a Neptunian quality to this individual’s essence, one that hooks the personality to the Collective, almost in tandem–this man was meant to express something ideal or creative through his individuality that is right in line with a statement of the Collective spirit–and this suggests a timeliness to the expression, where the individual is instrumental in bringing something ‘of the moment’ into being. Neptune is opposed Sedna, though, and that suggests that, though the individual takes to his Neptunian role like a duck to water, he’s really unaware of the true extent of his ability! Neptune rules his 5th, suggesting his role is both creative and a labor of love.

The 2nd, seat of his assets. is ruled by Pluto, which sits in the 10th of career–this suggests both the ability to be known specifically for one’s talent, and to make a lot of money at it (Pluto can be connected to serious money wherever we find it). Pluto is conjunct Zeus–in someone with fewer positive attributes, this could read as ‘naked ambition’, but in this man it manifested in career focus that took him to the top. The 2nd also holds Pallas, Venus, and Ceres–again, money, wisdom (perhaps in the guise of a smart woman at his side), and access to nature, this latter a connection that can give someone a ‘primal’ edge, and so make them very appealing.

The article also noted Chiron as indicating abilities, and his is at 29 Capricorn 51, conjunct the Sun in the 3rd, opposed the Jupiter/ Uranus conjunction of the 9th and quincunx 10th House Zeus; Chiron in Cappy suggests a practical or ‘applied’ bent to the talents, with conjunction to the Sun making it integral to identity (indeed, the 29 degree placement says Chiron expression is a must, and so lends some urgency and feeling to what might’ve otherwise been a too-cool Aquarian Sun). Tucked near the IC, though, Chiron/ Sun says he doesn’t need the spotlight–bringing the talent forward is really about communicating who he is. Jupiter/ Uranus conveys luck in a lightning-strike kind of way–Jupiter rules the 3rd, Uranus rules the 4th, reiterating the communication/ identity focus, and ruler of both these, the Moon, sits in the 4th in Aquarius, conjunct Mercury–again, deepest Self and communication as a focus, and with the 3rd/ 4th so much involved, we might expect that family, specifically the father or a sibling, has something to do with this–and they do.

The unconscious influences are creative (Neptune in 12th), influenced by the Self-worth picture and the assets/ talents (12th ruler Venus in the 2nd), with a need to communicate at a ‘higher order’ level, and/ or the need to be original, surprising, and inventive. Partnership is a big part of this (Libra on the 12th) Of all the Neptunian Arts, music might be the one we would call ‘highest level’, with its correspondence to mathematics, and if you guessed music is this man’s field, you are correct. He is capable of putting the brakes on, and of Self-discipline when need be (Saturn in the 1st, which has a lot of contacts to other energies).

What about his audience–what do they want from him? The 7th says energy, drive, ‘manly’ performance, while the 10th says that power and desire are visible to all, as is his essence, with the Sun ruling the 10th–people see him, and approve his efforts toward ambition fulfillment, fame and fortune. Nice if you can get it, right?

After a period of big and relatively long-lasting success, this man’s band went through some difficulties and some decline–and once they’d retreated somewhat from their more prominent status this man suffered cancer of the tongue–are we surprised, considering the emphasis on Merc and communication, the conjunction of Mercury with the Moon, and Pluto’s opposition to these? No, we’re not; illness in a part of the body representative of something critical to life expression is not uncommon with a sensitive individual when the road gets rough–and we can’t overlook the influence of the father here, as when this musician early on complained of extreme pre-performance nerves (a perfect expression of an anxious Aquarian Sun) the father (remember the family/ 3rd/ 4th emphasis) told him to just have a drink to calm his nerves–thus precipitating a serious substance abuse habit, again, not surprising with Neptune right there in everything he does. And there’s more family involvement, as this man formed his band with his brother.

Commenter Dunyazade got the power in his field part very right, along with the way his Art got this man into (substance abuse) trouble, and Aphelionex was right top to bottom–impressive!–kudos to both of you! And Donna Davidson didn’t waste time; she went straight to the answer, correctly naming this the chart of Eddie Van Halen.

Will discuss the 2nd chart tomorrow. Many thanks to those who participated! And don’t miss the subscription specials, listed below–

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What You’re Asking: ‘Mermaids, Mercury’s Birth, & Peacocks–Delicious!’


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‘A Mermaid’ JWWaterhouse 1901 {{PD-Art}}

‘What You’re Asking’ is taken from search terms used to bring seekers to this site.

mermaids and full moon

Let’s answer this one first, as an excuse to use that beautiful Waterhouse portrait of a mermaid: of course they exist, and if you’re lucky enough to see one, it’ll probably be under a Pisces Full Moon–just seems right. The next one comes at 6:57 AM PDT August 31st at 8 Pisces 33, so you’ll have all summer to find the perfect beach, then when the day comes stake it out, preferably with a picnic and someone you love to keep you company, and wait for the magic to happen.

astrology fist of god

A configuration where the base is two or more bodies square each other, with all base components sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) from the apex body. Typically this presents as an initial conflict between the base energies that, once resolved (or at least is brought to some kind of equilibrium) then results in another hurdle, described by the conflict between the disparate points of view of the base bodies and the apex body–so we officially have three viewpoints to juggle, and possibly to blend/ resolve. Often this generates both intense internal tension and stressful outward situations, and just as with a ‘regular’ square, we can’t ignore that initial clash of the base energies–they demand attention, and once they’ve gotten some, the apex energy makes demands, and this is so whether we’ve successfully resolved the base energies or not. We can really feel it’s being piled on when a Fist of God (some prefer Thor’s Hammer) is activated, but the thing to remember is this: don’t let the stress run the show; nine times out of ten, a Fist presents issues that are in some essential way unresolvable (at least, if formed or activated by transit, unresolvable in the moment and solely by you), and you’ll gain a great deal by taking a step back and recognizing that this may be a riddle that, right now, has no totally satisfying answer.

Pluto square Saturn

As a natal aspect, this is weighty; it pits the darkest and most powerful personal elements of the Self against the personal elements most slavish to custom, fearful of authority, locked into rules, hidebound, and conventional. The alchemical nature of Pluto requires almost constant change, either through destruction and resurrection or replacement, or through transformation, while Saturn is all about keeping things just as they’ve always been. So, we’re likely to see this clash as a recurring theme in the life of someone who has this in the horoscope, and this is likely to express with the individual balancing the two awkwardly (gently committing a little more to one or the other) until something forces an impossible choice or requires the two factors to work together–and the energies can be reconciled, if the individual knows both her or his own power (Pluto) and is firmly in touch with reality (Saturn) and as well has mastered at least a modicum of Self-discipline (also Saturn). We can’t overlook the fact that this unites two or more Houses of the natal chart, the ones with Scorpio and Capricorn on the cusp; the nature of this connection will be one where some of the matters of the Houses will face this same status quo vs. regeneration challenge, possibly repeatedly, until the individual reaches a final, working relationship between the two energies, giving neither one short-shrift in the life.

pallas in scorpio

As a natal placement, this promises that one’s internalized wisdom is deep; there may be a sense of intuitive ‘knowing’ from an early age. Guidance may spring from getting to know darkness (one’s own or the workings of darkness within the world), and from a strong sense of curiosity, the kind that will research fearlessly for the answer. The person with this placement may understand emotion and the wisdom behind its expression, or may glean knowledge from emotional experience, and Pallas in Scorpio may have a kind of x-ray vision, seeing to the Truth of any matter. Positive manifestations show wisdom based in a thorough understanding and acceptance of the life-death-life scenario, while a negative expression could come in the form of the Evil Queen who offers others a poisoned apple (tainted guidance), out of malice, jealousy, or the desire to destroy.

peacock to eat

I just had to Google this myself; Juno prefers these majestic birds pulling her chariot, and would flip out if she saw a mortal eating the bird that represents her (which is, I think, why this query showed up at my site, due to some mention of Juno and her mascot). I was curious: do people eat peacock? There’s this, which describes preparation of peacock in medieval Europe. Of course, about half the answers that Google gave reversed the scenario, as if I’d asked what peacocks eat; the most entertaining (and somehow unnerving–who is this person?) was on Yahoo Answers: and I quote, ” i used to raise peacocks and lemme tell you they are some good eatin.” And end scene.

south node solar eclipse

This seems a very compelling event, with the power and intense energy of a Solar eclipse meeting the point in the natal chart that designates ‘the past’ (one’s memories, experiences, all that is residue of what was for the Soul). The result could be a breaking-free from old habits, obligations, or restrictions, especially those that are imposed through outdated roles or occurrences that no longer have resonance; residue of memory and the interference of others could fall away in a single instant. One could even have one’s memory wiped clean, through something as soap opera-y as amnesia or as life-changing as a stroke, or where a version of the past is removed from the life quite literally, as when a tornado destroys everything one owns. It could be much simpler, and entirely internal, as when the eclipse illuminates something from the past that has been unavailable or hidden; one finds out about one’s own adoption, perhaps, or learns of a family secret that lifts the veil on some important mental viewpoint or emotional response to their own origins or experience. There’s also the potential for actualizing all accumulated knowledge in some form that allows it to flow into the future and manifest in some wise and divine creation, as if lightning has struck all that was for the individual and crystallized it into a single, shimmering idea that one is destined to deliver to the world. Just remember to keep the orbs very tight; for this aspect I would prefer 1.5 degrees or less in variation from exact.

Juno’s response to Mercury’s birth

“It’s a bay-bee!”

(Possibly as spoken by Julia Sweeney’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ character, ‘Pat’:)


Just a Little Lunar Essence for Today 7 May 2012: ‘Pick Your Battles’


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This is why almost no one has monkeys any more. by Frans Snyders c1620 {{PD-Art}}

Noonish Pacific time offers up a power struggle (Moon quincunx Ceres)–no need to get into that. In fact, the way to win during a Sagittarius Moon is often to keep the Big Picture in mind–and that rarely calls for a minor battle. This may echo through the rest of the day, so stay cool :)

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Charts for the May 4-10 2012 ECLIPSE: What Are They Good At?


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Subscribers, here are the two charts for the article on career and success markers in the natal chart. Both happen to be for males, both are living, and both made their mark in the Arts; those are the only clues for now, but if you choose to make comments I’d love to hear what area of the Arts you think each would excel in–and of course all comments, especially those focusing on the principles outlined in the article, are more than welcome, and all commenters are welcome, whether you are a subscriber or not. Will post my take early next week. Enjoy your weekend, and Happy Full Moon in Scorpio!

Your Weekend 4-6 May 2012 + the Full Scorpio Moon: ‘Pregnant With Possibility’


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Portrait of a Pregnant Woman (Maria Leopoldine, Archduchesse of Austria) by Lippi 1649 {{PD-Art}}

All material is excerpted from ECLIPSE Weekly Aspect Digest; order here for the complete daily aspect and Lunar picture, and more (this week it’s an article about career and success markers, and a short bit on exhaltations). For Friday the 4th we have:

Just after noon Pacific time the Moon quincunxes Pallas; this could bring forward a round of Self-questioning, or inquiries from the partner, and either situation could shake our confidence in our own good judgment. As long as you can discern an emotional component to your thinking, there’s nothing to worry about, but if this is actually an intuition . . . then you’d better examine what you’re accepting as ‘wisdom’ long and hard.

Void begins at 1:34 PM PDT; the Moon enters Scorpio at 7:19 PM PDT, which just so happens to be the minute that the Sun reaches exactly 15 degrees of Taurus and the Earth does likewise in Scorpio.

For Saturday, we have a Full Moon in Scorpio:

The Full Moon arrives at 8:35 PM PDT of the 5th at 16 Scorpio 01: ‘Pregnant With Possibility’

This Scorpio Full Moon is without aspect to any other body under our consideration; this puts the search for meaning in two spots: the signs involved in the Sun/ Moon opposition, and in the Sabian Symbols for the degrees of Sun and Moon/ Earth.

The Sabian Symbol for Moon/ Earth is ‘A Woman, Fecundated By Her Own Spirit, Is ‘Great With Child’. This brings emphasis to the potentials of the Scorpio spiritual orientation and the idea that one can quite literally inspire a new beginning within oneself. This is a kind of immaculate conception that draws on our own Soul to fertilize the creative possibilities within the Self and conceive and gestate a new venture or creation, a new thing brought into being from the seed of spirit entering that fertile ground of Beingness.

And for Sunday the 6th:

at 5:30 AM PDT, the Moon forms the apex of a loose Finger of God, with wide base of Mercury/ Venus. This suggests that, in the midst of the emotional no-man’s-land, we could receive some cogent messages concerning relationships or finances–oy! The solution may be found in the nature of the Scorpio Moon; if we can let the info in without having to process it right away, we may have it for later conscious consideration, while receiving unconsciously reassurance about a Venusian subject. A neat trick, if we can pull it off.

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Taurus Into Vesta: ‘Look Around and Appreciate’


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Atmosphere and relationship, especially surroundings that are a material statement about our Taurean essence, will be emphasized with Vesta in Taurus. by Corot 1857 {{PD-Art}}

For the 30th of April, Vesta enters Taurus, making us more than usually aware of what’s precious to us materially, around the home, and what physical about the partner (looks, earnings, possessions, talents) we find admirable. This viewpoint should not be eschewed as lacking in spirituality; that quality is found in the person, not the trappings–and yet, what we’re surrounded with is no less worthy and spiritual in expression than anything else, since it is part of, even a statement about, our world. What surrounds us is, in essence, a manifestation of our spirituality–it’s now a time to celebrate the flower growing in the trash heap, so to speak, appreciate the animal appetites, or to notice the rot that may underlie the thing of beauty.

The above is excerpted from ECLIPSE Weekly Aspect Digest; to order, click here!

Your Weekend 28-29 April 2012: ‘The Echo Effect’


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'Echo' by Cabanel 1874 {{PD-Art}}

From ECLIPSE Weekly Aspect Digest:

For the 28th Mercury opposes Zeus and the Sun sextiles Chiron.  That ‘echo effect’ may cause some obstinate insistence that we get what we want–it’s almost like we want to hurt ourselves by overreaching and talking trash! Just proceed carefully–messages may seem to deny our aspirations, but the operative word is ‘seems’. We shouldn’t react to what we hear today–it’s almost like it’s meant to poke us in the eye, and send us off in the wrong direction! Stay level-headed and calm, and don’t look for injury when none was intended.

And for the 29th:

A 1 PM PDT trine of the Moon to Mercury in Fire says the words may flow, with ‘heated discussions’, inflammatory opinions, and ‘take no prisoners’ ‘honesty’ on the menu. A concurrent sextile of Moon to Zeus suggests that what’s really on our minds is getting what we want, or fulfilling ambitions–keeping this in mind, as the ‘back story’ to everything communicated right now, will go a long way toward explaining motives and true intents. Just remember, yours will show, too.

Dear Subscribers, you’ll note that the Moon moves into Leo, AM Pacific time on Saturday, and that I neglected in the Weekly to say just which sign it would enter (though I guess we can assume it will be the one following Cancer ;) )

And if you’re looking this over and it’s still Friday (or your local equivalent), please see the Lunar notes for this day, below.

Someone holds a spoon to Hans Holbein the Younger's painting 'The Ambassadors' so we can observe the 'trick' included by the artist. Thank You to Anonymous (she gets around, doesn't she?) Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic

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And to All, have an excellent week-end!


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