29 November 2010: Scorpio Freedom and Reward

Sculpture by Bartolini, Photo by Sailko Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

One of the highlights for today comes around 4:30 PM PST: the Moon will be opposed Jupiter, and Venus will have just entered Scorpio. The sense of release could be major, though for some, it may seem like everybody else is enjoying extraordinary freedoms, while the unlucky remain with sad noses pressed to the candy store glass. This is much more a matter of Self-perception than reality; we’ll all be in the same figurative boat, and that means that how we react is focused through a lens of Self-reflection–if we tend to see ourselves as victims, then we will feel left out, while if we at least see ourselves as enrolled in and playing an active part in the Universe then we’ll also see ourselves as being cut in on the expansion/ freedom franchise. With Venus now fresh in Scorpio, this could mean that part of our bounty is an actual reward–but will we see it as a reward, if it consists of something Scorpionic, a secret revealed, a hidden matter made public, a realization that research is called for, a sexual truth discovered?

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A Look at Willie Nelson


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As one of the subjects of the article ‘The Artisan, the Builder, and the Harvester: Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo-the Earth Element in the Natal Chart,’ ECLIPSE readers know of the importance for Mr. Nelson of staying grounded–the exact opposite of the pursuit of the drug-induced high for which he was arrested on the 26th of this month. His tour bus was crossing from Mexico into Texas about 9 AM when approximately 6 ounces of marijuana was found. Considering previous busts, Nelson and his crew were obvious targets for a search–and from our examination of his natal aspects previously, we know that staying focused and paying attention are two things Nelson can’t afford not to do. So what do the transits at the time tell us?

One of the first things that jumped out at me was that the actual event probably occurred slightly before the 9 AM time given, as that would put the Vertex exact to the 12th House h. Zeus–fate meets desire and Willfulness, in the forms of Feds and dope. Slowpoke t. Sedna is sextile 12th House Pluto, ruler of the 4th of deepest Self, suggesting Nelson has long-term, perhaps life-long, problems knowing who he really is at the core. T Uranus is conj natal Ceres in the 8th, implying a rebellious attitude toward those in authority, and a maverick way of relating to Mother Nature’s products–pot included. He may see both authority and cannabis as ‘belonging,’ in some way, to others, making drug-use and a laid-back attitude his little way of stealing Promethean fire for mere mortals–a bit disingenuous when you’re as big a star as he.

Probably most illuminating is that natal Chiron in Taurus in the 10th (in itself a sketch of ‘the Wounded Cowboy’ as a professional persona) is receiving a sextile from t. Uranus and squares from t. Neptune/ Chiron, and a quincunx from the ASC–all pointing toward stimulation of the primal wound, which may be seated in ‘having’ in a material sense (Taurus), and the things that may arise from this when influenced by rebellion and spontaneity, delusion or fantasy, and an occasion of feeling persecuted. T Mercury was also trine Uranus, suggesting an off-the-cuff nature to thoughts and ideas, and, again, leaning toward rebellion.

Pallas/ Mars were transiting together and quincunx n. Pluto, perhaps saying that wise action was known by something deep within, some core need to move toward destruction, may have been at work, giving the ‘take a chance’ nature of transits through the 5th (Pallas, Mars, Mercury, NN, Pluto, and Ceres, as well as the ASC of the event chart) extra power, with contact to the natal Pluto the reason for such a risky move. The Leo Moon was at the time of the event semi-sextile the n. SN–ego (Leo) had led him down this path before.

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28 November 2010: That Old Virgo Moon

Illustration by Bayard and de Neuville, engraving by Hillibrand 1872 {{PD-Art}}

Though the inclination with a Virgo Moon is to criticize the Self and others, to believe we can nit-pick our way to perfection, the first thing we must realize is that we cannot, that in fact adopting this attitude will prevent any and every bit of input that comes our way–and being fussy and ill-informed is the last thing any of us needs today! It can be a devilish placement, pushing us to be much more critical than is warranted. For the most part, I think, it’s all about Moon ruler Mercury right now, under tension and feeling pressured to perform, to do (conjunction to Mars). Merc ruler Jupiter in Pisces suggests an answer: taking a calm, accepting, and vision-oriented attitude can make the whole journey (at least today’s journey) easier.

26-27 November 2010: Touchy Venus



One of the stars of the show today and tomorrow besides ourselves :)  (how else would it be for a Leo Moon?)  is Venus, at 29 degrees of Libra by evening of the 26th; stressed in her own home, in her relationship scenarios, in her values and aesthetics–and when the goddess of love is distressed, so is everyone around her! This will be the general atmosphere for us all, and those who are Venus-keyed (Libra or Taurus Sun, Moon, or ASC, Sun or Moon conjunct Venus, stellium in Venus ruled sign, Venus in aspect to a large number of placements) will be doubly stressed, with the tension winners those who are receiving some kind of direct contact from transiting Venus. Ouch! Just be aware that uber-touchiness is the order of the day, no matter how hard we try to be nonchalant. The other side of the coin is, don’t take too seriously any relationship tangles today or tomorrow, as everyone’s on the same tense page.

If you’re not yet familiar with fractals and the relationship to astrology, you might want to sample Kathryn Cassidy’s excellent report here http://www.cosmicchronicle.com/2010/11/fractal-wisdom-microcosmmacrocosm.html

25 November 2010: The Ritual of Giving Thanks



Because the vast majority of us are not only aware of the way gratitude plays an important mental, emotional, and spiritual role in our lives, we practice it daily, some see no need to set aside a day to give what amounts to ritual thanks, to God, the Universe, or simply to each other for the sustenance we share. My feeling, though, is that it’s important that we express our thankfulness for all we have (no matter how little that is) in a ritualized way; ritual allows us to bring a sense of the sacred (Vesta) to what is essential daily practice ( both the consumption of food and our conscious expression of gratitude). In the US (as in most other places that set aside a special occasion to show thankfulness) there are traditions that have grown up around the ritual–and make no mistake, our Thanksgiving here is a modern thing, a celebration of the way two disparate worlds began to co-operate (the indigenous inhabitants and those who saw it as an empty land, free for the taking) not, as some would contend, a celebration of one viewpoint or race triumphing over another. That would be the opposite of gratitude, for when one component of the equation is not considered, no one truly profits. With the Moon in Cancer for this Thanksgiving, we can make the day a ritual of caring; a Grand Trine around 4:30 PM PST involving Vesta, the Moon, and Uranus, all in Water, says that the individual can become emotionally balanced within the group by honoring those things we know to be sacred, and whatever we consider ‘home,’ as well as those with whom we are most intimate. A great deal of healing can be accomplished through kindness, today–don’t underestimate the power of the Cancerian vibe.

And now to the practical advice on how to handle the day. The day’s dynamic is encapsulated in the T-square of Juno opp Jupiter/ Uranus, both square Pallas/ Mars/ Mercury. Pallas is included in a version of the ‘T’ (as each energy must be considered separately within the equation) that does not include Uranus, and vice versa, suggesting that wisdom and rebelliousness/ originality will not be able to co-exist in the same action and thought dynamic. The signs involved are Virgo, Pisces, and Sagittarius; mutability brings a fluidity to the days activities that may be surprising. The general atmosphere may be one of a tension focused on the individual and the role in the group–all energy going toward what we’re putting out, how we’re interacting, and with a particular personal attention to how well we’re being accepted on the social scene. Considering that many among us will be spending an unusual amount of time with family, this influence may set the stage for a re-evaluation of the individual within the family dynamic, the reassessment being provided by Juno’s sense of personal empowerment v. the exaggerated need for the uniqueness of the individual to be incorporated into the group (Uranus)–and all offset by the tensions provided by egos, communications, and the inner wisdom. It’s a chance to re-learn how to interact with those important to us in ways that enhance our own (and likely their) feelings of autonomy, relevance, and strength as individuals–and very good influence, if we can avoid overreaction, rebellion, or any of the other hair-trigger responses that still live in us from childhood.

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24 November 2010: Coddling and Control


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M. Heade 'Cattelya orchid & three Brazilian hummingbirds' 19th c. {{PD-Art}}

I like to think the Moon is there even if I’m not looking at it

A. Einstein

We will be in a unique position today; we will be so busy being the Cancer Moon, we may not pay attention to it–but for us, as for Einstein, it will be nice to know it’s there.

Then, just after 4 PM PST, the Moon comes into proximity of a quick string of aspects: a square to h. Zeus, a square to Saturn, then an opposition to Ceres. We may see a chafing of ambition and desire against the sensitivities of the spirit, against the structure, boundaries, and strictures of tradition or the establishment, and then a face-off that involves ‘maternal’ forces, of one kind or another. This can be literally between two mothers or life-giving forces, between Mother Nature and the constancy of change (as one tries to perpetuate the system, and the other insists on re-making it), or between external authorities and one’s own senses, intuition, or emotions; for a scant few this latter authority/ senses conflict will be within themselves. In any case, it stirs things up and may make for an unsettled evening. The upset is largely centered in our own ideas of what should be coddled, what should be controlled or dealt with firmly or what must be given boundaries–it’s good to meet this for what it is, a chance to see where our viewpoint may be skewed, particularly when it may be inappropriately controlling of something external to ourselves.

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23 November 2010: Classically Creative


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By 8 AM PST the Moon trines Neptune and creates a loose Grand Trine with Venus in lovely Libra. Energies of creation, aesthetics, and emotions balance and can be very effectively tapped  for personal use. 10 AM and the Moon follows up with a square to Uranus and Chiron is added to the Grand Trine. This could prompt creative energies manifested either using unique Chirotic skills or that are inspired by hurt–both are classic creative scenarios that will have an originality and  that may appear suddenly, a bolt of generative lightning that can inspire major work or ideas.

Void begins at 1:57 PM Pacific, and ends with the Moon’s entry into Cancer at 5:13 Pacific. In the interim, it might be best to take the afternoon (or whatever it is for you) off. If it’s anything where you are like it is where I am, you are snowbound–after that creative surge, sit back, put your feet up, and have a little cocoa :)

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22 November 2010: Sagittarius Raw


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 The Sun enters 00 Sagittarius and the Earth enters 00 Gemini at 2:14 AM PST. As planets of earliest degree, we may ‘lead with our identity’ or with a strong consciousness of our material position (by ‘lead’ I mean in that way we put this element of the Self forward first). At 00, though, it has a raw edge (some might call it innocent) and that can spell vulnerability for the first couple days of the transit through Sagittarius. Just take care to assess a situation before rushing in (and be conscious of the ‘foot’ you start out on!)

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November Full Moon Forecast: Empowerment Through Partnership


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November’s Full Moon occurs at 9:27 AM PST on the 21st at 29 Taurus 17. This is an anaretic degree, one that inherently carries a vibe of extreme stress. The Moon is, as always with a Full Moon, conjunct the Earth and opposed the Sun, and this month we see the suggestion that it is, in a psychic and spiritual sense, impossible for the emotions to contradict (oppose) the Soul identity–and yet, symbolically, they do.

This tension implies that any aspect in effect will be extraordinarily important, and when we use our strict 2 degree orb to determine what will be the message of the Full Moon, we find a quincunx of the Moon/ Earth to the just-direct Venus in Libra, who is so new in her movement that she is not yet even transiting at characteristic speed. Venus is at home, and ruler of the Moon at this point, setting up a dynamic that is highly intimate; the suggestion is that love and partnership, or our relationship to the Arts, is challenged to adjust to the emotional and material realities that surround us–and yet, with all ruled by the involved energy, it becomes extremely difficult to sort out clearly what that reality is–it is in danger of being vetted through a ‘love’ or ‘values’ lens that does not allow for objectivity.

We also find a Fist of God with the Moon/ Earth as apex, and a base of Cardinal square between Ceres and Saturn/ h. Zeus. This says that the Full Moon’s meaning manifests via a mechanism that is born of the conflict between elements of nature and/ or authority (Ceres) and the establishment/ tradition (Saturn) and/ or the desires and ambitions (h. Zeus) associated with ‘what is.’

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So How’s That Workin’ For You?



Have a great Saturday! And please don’t hesitate to add any Venus/ Jupiter Direct effects not mentioned above in the comments section–Thanks!


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