Venus into Cancer: ‘A Shifting Emotional Palette’


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'Mirror of Venus' Edward Burne-Jones {{PD-Art}}

‘Mirror of Venus’ Edward Burne-Jones {{PD-Art}}

Venus is leaving Gemini for Cancer, where she can really nurture relationships and projects that will bring in the dough, but where she also may be too emotional and too clingy to successfully interact in a way that respects others’ boundaries or prerogatives. Volatility may also be a problem, as is a too-quickly shifting emotional palette. Venus in Cancer needs something she can pour her nurturing energy into; find that and you’ll have a relatively smooth time elsewhere.

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Just a Little AstroEssence 1 June 2013: ‘Listen to Yourself’


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This remarkable painting, gouache and watercolor on heavy paper, is by Alexandre-Isidore Leroy de Barde pre-1828 {{PD-Art}}

This remarkable painting, gouache and watercolor on heavy paper, is by Alexandre-Isidore Leroy de Barde pre-1828 {{PD-Art}}

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7 AM PDT of the 1st the Pisces Moon trines Ceres. The emotional perceptions and the intuition are powerfully informed through nature and attunement to the unseen. It’s the perfect time to ask yourself, “What should I do?” because the answer will be crystal clear and instantaneous–then the challenge becomes not to ignore it. 11 AM PDT the Moon sextiles Sedna, then squares Jupiter. We may feel lost, then find ourselves at the mercy of the social sphere–or, we delve deep within, and so incur the displeasure of the social circle, which wants our energy and attention. Either way we get a social spanking. Don’t judge yourself by the reaction you’re getting from others–it really isn’t related to you at all. 8 PM PDT the Moon squares Venus. It’s just not the time to socialize; no matter how smoothly things start, things will at some point get bumpy, uncomfortable, and/ or downright hostile. Focusing on what’s wrong in the relationship picture won’t get you anywhere, but this could be the right point to assess what you need to change about the earning situation, or in relationship to the Arts. Void begins at 9:31 PM PDT; the Moon enters Aries at 11:34 PM PDT.

Goddesses, Nazis, and Solar Flares, Oh My!


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'Diana' by Lefebvre 1879 {{PD-Art}}

‘Diana’ by Lefebvre 1879 {{PD-Art}}

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Just a Little AstroEssence 29 May 2013: ‘The Chance to Heal’


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'The Pool of Bethesda' Robert Bateman 1877 {{PD-Art}}

‘The Pool of Bethesda’ Robert Bateman 1877 {{PD-Art}}

This is from ECLIPSE Weekly Aspect Digest; get it all here:

29 May sees fabulous potential for healing and for use of Chirotic skills–with only a tiny possibility that some will get angry over frustrations and lash out at others. Reactions will have a great deal to do with how comfortable we are with our own wounds, how much we are willing to let go of to heal them, and how willing we are to grasp the responsibility that comes with exercising a living, vital, awake, uninjured Chiron. We take this Chirotic Self and apply it to those causes we find sacred, and to situations of home and intimate partnership–and we can make miracles that ripple out much farther than our own small spheres. Take this opportunity for progress–embrace what will heal you, even if it’s frightening, unfamiliar, or will change the way you feel about yourself. (Chiron trine Vesta, Mars semi-square Vesta)

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Just a Little AstroEssence 28 May 2013: ‘Enormous’


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'Darial Gorge' Sudkovsky 1884 {{PD-Art}}

‘Darial Gorge’ Sudkovsky 1884 {{PD-Art}}

28 May could bring enormous relief, and enormous reward. Love and Money flow freely, and generosity is the keynote for today. If you plan to collect money today, or express your Love, both are guaranteed to expand magnificently. The only caveat is to watch the wallet–it’s easy come, easy go, if we’re not vigilant to our own and others’ impulses, and debts incurred at this time, or major purchases made, could turn out to be very costly. It’s a time to collect, to gather in, rather than to spend. Also look to natal House ruled by Venus and Jupiter for clues as to what might ‘go big’ on you! (Pallas into Gemini, Venus conjunct Jupiter)

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Outside Looking In: Riots in Sweden


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'Midwinter Sacrifice' harks back to Sweden's distant past, and may hint that no matter how thoroughly suppressed, violent inclinations are part of every nation's history and psyche. Carl Larsson 1915 {{PD-Art}}

‘Midwinter Sacrifice’ harks back to Sweden’s distant past, and may hint that no matter how thoroughly suppressed, violent inclinations are part of every nation’s history and psyche. Carl Larsson 1915 {{PD-Art}}


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Riots are spreading through certain enclaves of Stockholm, specifically those housing immigrants; claiming marginalization and segregation from the mainstream is increasingly prevalent, claiming racism and class-ism in a country known for its efforts at equitable treatment, protesters are lighting cars and property on fire and attacking responding police and fire units–and this has been going on for days. This crisis seems to have been building for many years, so I wondered what we might learn about the dynamic here by looking at the chart generally considered appropriate for the founding of modern-day Sweden, 6 June 1523 no time known in Stockholm, with current transits to it.

I randomly drew the transit chart for about 10 AM local time in Stockholm for the 22nd of May. The first thing I notice is that Jupiter is just 1 degree 51 minutes from conjunction with Sweden’s natal Gemini Sun. The Sun in the chart of a country can stand for the leader, the King or President, but can also stand for the ‘energy heart’ of a nation. Jupiter meets the country’s Sun; this could be seen both as ‘foreigners’ meeting the heart of the nation, but also as the populace, society at large, applying to the nation’s identity. Attempts to expand Sweden’s social arena are now being seen for what they are by all accounts, lacking an inclusive and accepting quality.

This same Jupiter also trines the country’s n Sedna, while t Sedna and t Mars are conjunct and in semi-sextile to the Sun. Things are coming up from the depths of the national psyche, and spurring anger/ violence (and the setting of fires! so very Martian), yet Sedna also conveys a lack of awareness here: both rioters/ immigrants and entrenched native Swedes do not see themselves or these events with any clarity–which promises the tensions will continue.

Interesting, too, that t hZeus is exactly conjunct Sweden’s n Juno=ambitions and wants are coming ‘from the outside’ and demanding equal empowerment. We also note a natal aspect of Vesta opposed Pluto, with a soon to occur Pluto Return! The natal aspect itself could imply that for many years Sweden has elevated the highest ideals and honored the worth of home and family structure, while denying internal darkness or destructive urges–and certainly, in modern times they have made a point of non-aggression. The question becomes, though, if you have this aspect, once you transform your system into your ideal, the most advanced (from your viewpoint) possible, where does the Plutonian energy go? You’ve created a system that claims to value all equally, perhaps never anticipating the influx of immigrants so culturally different from Swedes. This Pluto Return may bring that dilemma up to the surface, and out into the light.

Lunar Eclipse 24 May 2013: ‘The End of the Illusion’


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'Allegorical Portrait of Anna of Austria as Minerva', Owl included, by Simon Vouet c1640 {{PD-Art}}

‘Allegorical Portrait of Anna of Austria as Minerva’ by Simon Vouet c1640 {{PD-Art}}

The final eclipse in a series of three occurs 24 May at 9:24:55 PM PDT at 4 Sagittarius 08, with the only aspect a square to Neptune. Since a Lunar eclipse is a Full Moon, we would naturally look for the conclusion of something; in this instance, though, we have the energy of a T-square as the primary outlet, suggesting that any resolution realized will be funneled into Neptunian results, events, or will be met with a Neptune-focused consciousness. Whatever concludes for us will spur Neptunian expression of a kind that is most characteristic of our natal Neptune. That means that though we may intend to be creative, to do dream explorations, to begin a regular meditation practice, or to sleep a full 8 hours every night, for example, we may instead find ourselves chasing a recurring fantasy (Sagittarius related, so focused on an educational, religious, travel, reaching out/ publishing/ broadcasting or foreign influences/ destinations scenario, or in the matters of the natal House with Sag on the cusp), being lied to once again, confused, or back on the same creative or delusional path.

What we thought had ended a month ago (let’s call it our belief that something wasn’t possible) is now being faced as possible, with all the tribulations involved apparent. So, we were notified at the initial Lunar eclipse of this set that the dream really was possible, and now we are being shown the nitty-gritty of how to do it–that is, if we’ll only refuse to be caught in characteristic Neptunian ideas, escapes, or avoidances. The month since the initial eclipse has presented us with every potential conflict in relation to realizing that dream, symbolized by the T-square of Neptune to the eclipse axis. We are now, with this eclipse, seeing the end of the illusion: we see what it takes to reach our ‘impossible’ goal–which is to say, we are truly, at this time, equipped to pursue and achieve it.

The Sabian Symbol is ‘An Old Owl Sits Alone On The Branch Of A Large Tree’.  This draws my attention to Pallas, which happens to be body of latest degree at 27 Taurus 52, and which receives a conjunction from Mars. This suggests we look to the spot in the natal chart where the eclipse falls, or where Pallas transits, for the wisdom needed to act, even to fight, in order to pursue our dream.

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Uranus-Pluto Comes Home: the Vestal T-Square


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'Tea house at Koishikawa the Morning After a Snowfall' by Hokusai c1830 {{PD-Art}}

‘Tea house at Koishikawa the Morning After a Snowfall’ by Hokusai c1830 {{PD-Art}}

Starting on the 22nd, Vesta creeps in to create a T-square with big guns Pluto and Uranus. How, we might ask, will this change a dynamic Cardinal picture that has on-and-off been driving action for months? It introduces what may be a fairly surprising factor to the equation: our care for home, the intimate partner, and those matters in life we find sacred, are suddenly being weighed against the push for change and expression of each individual’s uniqueness (or against each individual’s role within the group). Innovation and invention, the power to truly affect circumstances, and the deep need to eliminate certain unproductive elements in the life will all threaten those sacred causes and sacred personal spaces, including relationships.

The square between heavies Pluto and Uranus perfects once again on the 20th, and may by its familiarity persuade us that, though we’re knee-deep in resolving the conflict (which could feel like many things; it doesn’t necessarily present as something over which we appear to have direct control–this likely dependent on the natal Houses through which they’re transiting and the natal situation for them itself) we may not anticipate that there are new dimensions yet to show themselves that are either a direct result of the square, or that come about because of actions we take to resolve the square. It’s highly possible we’ll see the Vestal upset as our own fault, springing from something we or others may categorize as selfish–but who will look out for us, if we don’t? And we must ask ourselves, when others criticize our choices, is it fair for me to put myself first? Nine times out of ten, the answer will be a resounding ‘Yes’.

So, we grapple, and then must deal with the repercussions of this on our intimate relationships, on our home situation, and to our causes, those things we find sacred as well as those things to which we dedicate our life energy. How are we to know that we are handling things ‘correctly’? The first ‘test’ may be the issue of fairness to ourselves; solutions are no good for anyone when we sacrifice our well-being to satisfy someone else. The next criterion may be recognizing the need for elimination or change to particular facets of our lives–the overarching purpose of the square is just that, and can’t be set aside to preserve outmoded elements that really must go, or that at the very least must morph to accommodate current conditions and needs. Lastly, we must be willing–to do what needs doing, to meet all challenges with a loving heart, and to choose what’s best for ourselves even as we vow not to harm others (and here we should note, we are not responsible for others’ hurt and pain that is in reaction to our choices–it’s vain to think we can control others’ reactions to us, and it’s manipulative for others to believe we should tailor our actions to their feelings).

If we face the conflicts and challenges presented by the square with a pure intent, meeting the circumstances with the idea of doing what’s best for all concerned, we are likely to find resolutions presenting themselves sooner rather than later–it’s our own resistance to what we know we must do, leave behind, or change that drags out difficulties. There are many possible outcomes to Uranus-Pluto, but all involve release, and taking in something new, an evolution of circumstances that reflects an individual revolution in consciousness–and since there’s no way to stop it, we’d be much better off embracing it, no matter what we think we know about how things ‘should be’.

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Your Week-End 17-19 May 2013: ‘With Care’


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'Jetty at Low Tide aka the Walter Pier' Joseph DeCamp before 1923 {{PD-Art}}

‘Jetty at Low Tide aka the Walter Pier’ Joseph DeCamp before 1923 {{PD-Art}}

Bits from the current ECLIPSE:

Around 5 PM PDT of the 17th the Leo Moon moves into a unique position: she ends up filling in a Fist of God as she squares the Sun (apex Pluto) and the Earth (apex Uranus). This double fist suggests an excessive amount of action and/ or tension in play, with the emotions or intuition fueling identity issues the result in change, transformation, or destruction, and with emotions or intuition fueling reaction to material matters that creates radicalism, upset, revolution, or that spurs originality and ‘forward thinking’. It’s certainly a day when anything really can happen–be ready.

18 May we may find ourselves and others hedging bets; relationships sparkle with surprises and ‘fresh’ interaction, but carry depths of danger, rage, or a serious interest in creating change, while communication is deceptive, confusing, or centered on fantasies, and even the most direct and honest of us will land slightly askew of reality. Caution will come naturally to most of us as we sense the riptide beneath otherwise gentle social and emotional currents. Accept the positive while remaining aware that shocks, deception, and some scary depths could wait just around the corner. (Venus sextile Uranus, quincunx Pluto, Mercury square Neptune, quincunx Saturn)

A little bit of Lunar essence for Sunday the 19th, also from ECLIPSE:

3 AM PDT of the 19th the Moon opposes Chiron, either making us hard as steel (“Nothing can hurt me!”) or melding us so completely with our pain we feel we are one. In either case, our best course of action is to ask ourselves ‘why?’–why do we hurt from this? why do we continue to live this moment as if it’s still happening? why don’t we let it go? 9 AM PDT the Moon trines the South Node and quincunxes Juno. Something from the past may cause us to stumble in implementing our own empowerment; take a critical stance, don’t just accept memories as accurate or still valid. 6 PM PDT the Moon squares Jupiter and trines Mars, making us keen to act but perhaps rubbing the social circle the wrong way. We are likely to be critical of others in justifying our own actions, but we need to remember, no justification is required, though we do need to make choices we can live with later. 9:30 PM PDT the Moon trines Sedna, pulling us deep into contemplation or Self-reflection, or blanking us out in escape mode. Neither is more virtuous, though we should keep in mind that if we’ve been avoiding looking closely at ourselves, now really is the time, as something productive will come out of it.

Just a Little AstroEssence 16 May 2013: ‘Skirting the Fringe’


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Princess Tuvstarr Gazing Down Into the Dark Waters of the Forest Tarn' John Bauer 1913 {{PD-Art}}

Princess Tuvstarr Gazing Down Into the Dark Waters of the Forest Tarn’ John Bauer 1913 {{PD-Art}}

16 May either we can’t make contact with our brains, or we are able to plunge deep into the psyche and come up with immense understanding–there’s no in between. We toy with the idea that it might be smart to modify or disregard some portion of our highest values, or to not look too closely at the effect of our choices on the intimate relationship or the home. Wrong! That’s just a bad idea, and likely leads us into erratic, fringe behavior or into dark places we’d rather (with good reason) not go. If we’re not fighting ourselves and our own principles we’re fighting the crowd or the group–and will not in any instance come out the winner.

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