Just a Little AstroEssence for Your Weekend 30 November-2 December 2012: ‘Slightly Too Sentimental’


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Relax this weekend, Kittens!  'Kitten's Play' by Ronner-Knip c1870 {{PD-Art}}

Relax this weekend, Kittens! ‘Kitten’s Play’ by Ronner-Knip c1870 {{PD-Art}}

A little something for Friday the 30th, Pacific time:

2 PM PST the Cancer Moon squares Uranus, showing us some dissonance arising from our own too rebellious or individualistic nature or seated in a disagreement with the group. Instinct is pushing us in this direction, but higher reason (a Uranian specialty) should tell us that there can be too much of a good thing. Pull back and gain. 4 PM PST the Moon trines Chiron and Saturn, forming a Grand Water Trine. At this point emotional perceptions, reality, and skills combine and intuit a ‘better way to be’ in the world. A lovely time of balance and discrete adjustment.

Saturday, we welcome December:

Just after midnight Luna  opposes Pluto and then quincunxes the Sun. This may shine a light on a harsh reality, or could find us saying, “I would never!” First, never say never isn’t just for James Bond–we non-spies need to remember that disowning darkness or that which repels us invites that very thing into our lives. In this instance our reaction is an emotional one that is probably rooted in a slightly too sentimental view of the world (Cancer), and can be tamed by simply remembering that we are capable of (but choose not to perpetrate) darkness.

And for Sunday, the 2nd:

The Sun opposes Jupiter, and so the Earth conjuncts it. This marks the midpoint of Jupiter’s retrograde cycle, and may be felt as a turning point in Jupiter-related matters; what was withdrawn or exploded (including overblown expectations!) upon our favorite gas giant’s retrograde will re-awaken, we’ll receive an encouraging word, or we may see developments that point to an inevitable, if delayed, return to similar conditions that existed at the outset. Not usually a big effect, but one that can signal both changes and a change in attitude that can assist us, especially on the social front.

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Just a Little AstroEssence 28 November 2012: ‘Power Weave’


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15th century {{PD}}

28 November Pallas squares Juno and Venus sextiles Pluto–and that doesn’t even count the Lunar eclipse! These two aspects suggest a tug-of-war between wisdom and empowerment (sounds familiar, of late) and the temptation to sell out in order to feel that power. Let’s just call this a theme that may weave itself into the eclipse material obliquely, challenging already tense psyches with the power/ values/ payoff conundrum.

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Here’s a thoughtful meditation on the eclipse that features a new player on the scene

Just a Little AstroEssence 27 November 2012: ‘Big Bad’


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Red and the Big Bad in conversation. {{PD}}

November 27th may come off like a Big Bad Day, but everything negative we encounter will, without exception, reflect some interior reality of our own. Ego, rage, and an intense desire to change the undesirable will prevail, and conduct in relationships and with money may be decidedly iffy. Mars conjuncts Pluto and sesquiquadrates Sedna, making us blind to our own actions and motivations, while Venus semi-squares Juno and sesquiquadrates Pallas, suggesting that power, love, and money decisions arise from empowerment issues and, too often, from a choice to turn away from what we know to be wise.

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Just a Little AstroEssence 26 November 2012: ‘Monitoring Ourselves’


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An early example of a composite photo, where the photographer appears to be taking his own picture. By A.H. Wheeler of Berlin, WI 1893 {{PD}}

From the current ECLIPSE:

November 26th we see Venus conjunct Saturn and sesquiquadrate Vesta, while the Sun trines Uranus and the Sun-Earth axis squares Chiron. Either we are suppressing our feelings in relationship due to our highest values, or clamping down on expenditures because of these. The reality picture may tell us things can’t go on as they have been, in the relating or spending departments. We have a strong urge to show our uniqueness, to truly be proud of our individuality, and we may seek to join a group that we feel will enhance this, but the true driving force will be a buried sense of hurt. We are trying to make up for something from long ago–that doesn’t negate the legitimacy of what we’re doing, it only makes it necessary for us to be aware that the wound is, to some extent, playing a role here.

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Poison in Everything: the Case of Yassir Arafat


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‘Dome of the Rock’ by Hirszenberg 1908 {{PD-Art}}

Poison is in everything, and no thing is without poison. The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy. Paracelsus

With the announcement this weekend that the late Palestinian leader Yassir Arafat’s body will be exhumed and tested for poisonous compounds, I refer you to a short article from a July 2012 issue of ECLIPSE on this very question:

My regular readers are probably aware of how much I like to investigate a possible poisoning–these tend to involve classic compounds that have direct astrological correspondences, and so can make for a rewarding quest. In this case, various possessions of Arafat’s have been found to be radioactively contaminated, with our old friend polonium, and so some are lobbying to exhume Arafat and test for contamination. Should we know the truth? Yes, of course; will the indignation that arises, the pointed fingers, do anyone any good, by now? No, probably not, as it’s unlikely a culprit smaller than a government will be found, whether the contamination came from within his inner circle–a traitor, working for another faction–or from a faceless intruder in the name of massive political interests–and making such accusations about entire nations are fraught with peril, in so many ways. And yet, his people and his loved ones have the right to know from what he died–and so we do our part, looking at transits to the natal chart at death, to see if we can find any clues.

Arafat (27 August 1929  2 AM  Cairo Egypt–data is not certain) died on December 11, 2004 in the early morning hours in France. Pluto was moving through the natal 6th of health (destroyed, disruption to the cells, very much like the cancer that long-term low level polonium exposure would generate) and was conjunct his Saturn (destruction of bones/ bone marrow) and his natal Sun/ Neptune conjunction was being opposed by t Uranus which was just one minute off exact conjunct his Earth–Uranus too can arguably represent radiation (the modern, the planet for which uranium, similar to polonium, is named, carrying the ‘charge’ of radioactivity). t Sedna is conjunct the natal Moon, NN, and Chiron (we can’t see at the time what the ‘injury’ is, what it could mean, or what the effects to females in his life–who may also be ill–or the emotional toll–and this suggests he may not have been able to eat for some time). t Saturn was retrograde and within conjunction of his Venus (suppression of the capacity of the blood sugar to nourish, shut down to kidneys), and t Saturn had recently passed over natal Pluto, suggesting manifestation of something destructive, and it’s only this last that points to a possible plot. But, if there was one to deliberately contaminate the Palestinian leader, then we should see it elsewhere, and we do: t Moon as trine Arafat’s Part of Fortune at the approximate time of death, and the transiting Sun and Mercury were both close to conjunction with t Pluto (and thus Arafat’s Saturn, suggesting the transformation of the body), and t Pluto quincunx n Moon (with the Moon possibly being natal chart ruler for Arafat) with the ‘message’  of the Merc/ Sun/ Pluto meeting in this instance perhaps, to borrow a phrase from George Bush, ‘Mission Accomplished’  t Jupiter, playing so prominent a role in the natural death scenario, here is exact quincunx the North Node/ Chiron natal combo, this in my mind implying that the natural death process had been ‘adjusted’ (the quincunx), changing what would’ve been the natural time of departure–good an argument as any for a possible poisoning by radiation–so my vote is yes, he was murdered.

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Man is a microcosm, or a little world, because he is an extract from all the stars and planets of the whole firmament, from the earth and the elements, and so he is their quintessence.  Paracelsus

The Shape of Things to Come: A Look at Mohamed Morsi


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Esneh on the Nile by Longfellow 1880 {{PD-Art}}

Considering that Egyptian President Morsi is a major player in current Middle East difficulties, I thought another look at this piece from an August 2012 ECLIPSE was in order:

Have had extreme trouble fitting this to any template–still working on it. Please use the bar at the bottom to read the full text

The new president of Egypt, Mohamed Mohamed Morsi Isa al‐Ayat, was born 20 August 1951, ntk, in the Sharqia Governorate, in northern Egypt‐‐since the birthplace is not pinpointed, and the province itself rather small, I chose the capital city, Zagazig Az‐zaq. Morsi’s rise is meteoric only in the sense of his arrival on the world stage; he was a prominent member of the Muslim Brotherhood, but gained the globe’s attention when, in the wake of the Egyptian Revolution, he became the candidate of the newly formed political arm of the Brotherhood, the Freedom and Justice Party. Now, with his election to president, Morsi brings unquestioned loyalty to the Brotherhood and their beliefs to a previously secular post‐‐and, having seen other instances where religious figures rose to political power within the Arab world, the West watches and waits to know the direction its one‐time ally (Egypt) will take.

Public life may be a challenging road, one that fills personal ambitions for Morsi, if he can continue in creating the illusion that he has so far‐you’ll see why I call it an illusion in a moment. He has Jupiter, his relationship to and attitude toward the social sphere, in aggressive and independent Aries‐‐right away he may have problems in the social arena, if he doesn’t get to be the leader! With the exception of one aspect, Jupiter is harshly contacted‐‐but oh that one aspect: it’s a trine to Pluto, suggesting that a powerful leadership position is just the thing for him, and easily attained.

The other Jupiter aspects, though, tell the rest of the story, with the most startling perhaps being the sesquiquadrates to the Sun and Juno, which create a Fist of God with Jupiter apex=if he can mesh the identity‐Soul needs with his empowerment options (which are in some way at odds with the Soul, my guess being that his Leo Sun would simply prefer to be dictator!) then he will actualize the potential leadership role‐‐done and done. Sun, Zeus, and Pluto are all conjunct in Leo, in fact, painting a portrait of someone power‐hungry and focused on acquiring that power for the Self‐‐the Fist, and so the public, simply becomes a way of fulfilling personal goals. Jupiter also is quincunx Mercury (adjustment to speech and writing is necessary for harmony with the public) and square Uranus (the individuality and urge to uniqueness and rebellion were easily channeled against the previous regime, but really want to express as total independence from having to answer to those who put him in place‐‐we must remember that Jupiter is also religion and religious hierarchy).  Jupiter also opposes Neptune, placing it firmly (and possibly literally) in opposition to ideals, and we note that Neptune rules both the North Node and Ceres, suggesting a fundamental rejection of both what is ‘natural’, and of the future; this is a ‘live in the moment’ guy.

Saturn, which would logically make a significant appearance in the chart of someone strongly involved with a religious hierarchy, barely shows up, here sitting at 00 Libra, so that the idea of hierarchy, discipline, rules are all ‘new’ to him; and in Libra, the philosophy presented was likely one of co‐operation, where following the rules and Self‐discipline are not just sacred, they define one as a man (sextile to Mars‐Vesta conjunction). Morsi recognizes the wisdom of this (Saturn trine Pallas), yet justifies his own use of sincere religious principle to further his own wants as required payback for past injury (Saturn square Chiron).

Astrologically speaking, Morsi appears to be an individual who has fooled (or maybe just used) the Muslim Brotherhood for his own, power‐hungry ends; but will this marriage last? Without House cusps, it’s very hard to say, though from the transits, I’m thinking the honeymoon might last awhile, though not indefinitely; Jupiter is in Gemini, soon to square his Nodal axis, signaling that ‘people talk’, and though not enough to bring him down, information or gossip propagated now may sow the seeds of his eventual fate. t Chiron is conjunct the natal NN right now, suggesting that his use of very personal and specific skills have led him in his destined direction. t Pluto is moving to oppose natal Uranus, and t Chiron to trine it, suggesting that, as long as he can downplay the individuality urge, the rebelliousness within him to the Brotherhood (because for him it’s all about him, not any kind of religious ideal), and promise healing to the masses, he’ll remain in place. Having attained a pinnacle with the presidency, the vaunted Self‐regard and insistence on doing as he pleases shown by his Sun‐Zeus‐Pluto conjunction will not allow him to ever back down or let go.

t Neptune’s upcoming contact to natal Saturn by quincunx says that Morsi may successfully obscure his own goals or create an illusion that satisfies others, but it will take effort on his part; however, t Pluto trines the natal SN once again in January 2013, possibly stirring those old power urges and prompting a grab, and around August of next year, t Jupiter conjuncts natal Uranus‐‐with this meeting we may watch as his individuality is ‘seen’, by religious leaders, or by the masses, and considering that t Saturn will have recently squared natal Mars, reality ‘threatening’ his manhood, we may see some fireworks, rebellious behavior, radical responses, or a ‘beginning of the end’, as it seems to me a violent finale may be inevitable for this ambitious, would‐be dictator (that Sun‐Zeus‐Pluto natal conjunction in Leo, a human powder keg to which someone, probably himself, will eventually set a match).

Just a Little Lunar Essence 20 November 2012: ‘Prone to Neptune’


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‘Portrait of a Young Woman Reclining’ Klimt c1897 {{PD-Art}}

The Moon enters Pisces at 8:55 AM PST.

Bang! The Moon conjuncts Neptune. If we are at all prone to delusion, confusion, giddiness, or, as they used to say, ‘the vapors’, we will be on our way to a full-blown experience! Immersion in our own most characteristic Neptune expression is a given, but caution and consciousness are our best approach to this most dazzling of influences, just so that we don’t marry when drunk, drive when legally blind, or accidentally (or not) down an anti-freeze cocktail (I’ve got true stories about all of those, though they didn’t happen to me!)–as well, we can connect in an extraordinary way with our ideals, with our creativity, with the Collective, and with spirit–and if we let ourselves go completely into this, we will come out the other side with some valuable understanding, new imaginative horizons, and perhaps a newly-directed empathy.

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Just a Little AstroEssence 19 November 2012: ‘Done In’


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‘Boats by a Cliff’ Nordstrom 1911 {{PD-Art}}

November 19th we are suddenly faced with a good deal of pressure, and some really good advice–that we will likely as not disregard. Mars opposes Ceres, casting our action urge in a somewhat juvenile light; the temptation may be to act in some way just because Mom or the authorities wouldn’t like it, or we are determined not to respect Mother Nature, simply wanting our way somewhere she’d best be taken into account. We are done in by our own perversity, and the worst part may be that there is some perfectly lovely information, advice, logic, or reasoning at our feet–and we either don’t see it, don’t recognize it as useful, or dismiss it as wrong–gee thanks, Mercury retrograde! Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any way to sort that gem from the dross that seems to flow everywhere–so we will just have to do our best and accept that our judgment is off, one way or another (Vesta square Pallas, Mercury trine Pallas, quincunx Vesta, opposed Sedna).

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