The Essence for 20 May 2011: Reflective Surfaces


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Georges de la Tour c.1640 {{PD-Art}} via Wikimedia Commons

Just prior to 1:30 AM PDT of the 20th the Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto. Remember, the Moon gives off no light of its own; it is merely reflecting that of the Sun. We should keep this in mind for the duration of this aspect (and also recall, the influence of these Lunar aspects can range a few hours either side of the time mentioned here, as here the aspects are listed close to exact). The depths, the secrets, the mysteries solved, the hidden matters revealed, the changes wrought will be seen immediately in the context of the emotional effect (or toll) they’ll have, and this may be observed largely through watching the reactions of others (the reflected light). We can learn a great deal about our world and those who people it during this aspect.

2 PM the Moon trines Juno; we find our empowerment, probably by following the emotional or intuitive prompt. This can be a huge boost to our confidence; note that the effective arena is the material, the ‘real world’ (trine in Earth).

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The Essence for 19 May 2011: Gentle Capricorn


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Remember the gentle Cappy in your life (they're quiet, and often lonely--it's not easy being serious) with a lovely mug--get their goat!

The Moon enters gentle Capricorn at 1:16 PM PDT of the 19th, and immediately sextiles Neptune. Especially if we’ve experienced the Void as something vacant or chaotic, this aspect could slam us back to Earth and leave us generally confused and ‘out of it.’ Those who don’t find the Void troublesome (and this because of their well-balanced identity/ emo nature) will be inspired, creatively or spiritually (is there really a difference? I think not), though for those inclined to fudge the truth with themselves or others (and of course, we can’t lie to others without telling ourselves a lie, somehow) this could point to a very unfortunate event, wherein they embrace a fantasy, delusion, or deliberate lie as the basis for a whole series of actions. It’s the moment in which they may seek to justify taking a particular course that they already know is not really meant for them. Don’t let this be you, dear reader!

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The Essence for 18 May 2011: Does Mother Know Best?


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'Mother and Child' by Corke-Photo from 1912 RPS Exhibition

Through the 18th the Moon makes a handful of sextiles, nothing of real influence. It isn’t until 6 PM Pacific that the Moon makes significant contact, a square to Ceres; this, though, may be monumental. The emotions and/ or intuition are faced with a very strong authority, perhaps maternal, perhaps something resulting from previous negotiations, or maybe Mother Nature Herself. It seems our emotional needs are at odds with something that is essentially a fact of life (or at least, a fact of our lives!) This may be something of a shock; the Ceres energy in this equation is Piscean, and so seems to be everywhere and contain everything–we can end up feeling we’ve been left out of the Collective (which of course can’t happen–but these are feelings!) We need to be very clear about the rights of this Ceres-figure–is the disputed territory actually Hers to control, or is She overstepping Her bounds? Determine this and you’ll know how to behave in this situation.

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The Essence for the Scorpio Full Moon, 17 May 2011-Knowing Who We Are


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Waterhouse 1916 'Decameron' {{PD-Art}} via Wikimedia Commons

The Full Moon of 17 May 2011 4:09 AM PDT at 26 Scorpio 13

The Scorpio Full Moon is typically a Lunar point when everyone is immersed in the fullness of the material experience (Taurus Sun); the senses are engaged, and yet the Scorpionic influence of the culmination says, ‘You can feel it, but you can’t grasp it'; that is, we can’t comprehend via the thought processes what we’re experiencing–and so this Moon may be a frustrating one for those whose interaction with life is centered in the mind.

 The Full Moon makes a single, close aspect, a quincunx to Jupiter in Aries. This suggests we may meet some kind of peak of Self-assertion (Aries) in the social arena (Jupiter); after this, a new tack, different approach, or retreat from, the social arena is in order (which is likely determined by the matters of the House in the natal chart where this falls, with a below-horizon spot likely suggesting retreat). We can at this time take an accounting of the pay-off of this Self-assertion; the material results are obvious (though there is both the wish and the possibility with this Moon for more, and that this something more may be hidden, yet to be discovered!) Jupiter brings in the idea of ‘our tribe,’ which we’ll see echoed again in the Sabian for the Sun (see newsletter #8 for detailed analysis); though typically the Full Moon in Scorpio would be focused on the individual energies of abundance and potency, this time these are displayed openly for the social arena, and measured with this in mind.

Overall the message of the Full Moon may be both that we must ‘go along’ with the social scene, showing who we are and what we have (remember, assets are talents and abilities as much as they are possessions) in order to complete a cycle (the culmination); but in doing this we must retain awareness that we may be selling short our heritage or that which is of value that has been passed down to us. It requires a balancing act, with awareness and tolerance (of social requirements and standards) called for.

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The Essence for 16 May 2011: Riding A Wave of Emotion


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Repin 1903 {{PD-Art}} via Wikimedia Commons

By 2:30 PM PDT the Moon is trine Ceres in Pisces–we are flush with emotion, awash, even, stirred by Mother Nature, the maternal within or observed, or by the actions or choices of those in authority, particularly those who are charged with care of others. There’s no indication whether this wave of feeling is positive or negative; all we know is that it comes easily. With the next Lunar aspect being an opposition to Sedna (9:30 PM PDT) the indication is that we will ride this feeling-sensation into a ‘blind spot,’ where reason, facts, or contradictory info doesn’t exist. It’s emotion in a vacuum, and will follow the course set initially at the Moon’s trine to Ceres. That means this may range anywhere from an ecstatic experience, a union with the most positive things one knows of, to the most negative feeling possible on the human spectrum; most of us will fall somewhere in between. A few will not feel the emotional wave or the stillness that follows–they will be in some kind of perfect equilibrium, neither ‘up’ nor ‘down.’

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The Essence for 15 May 2011: A Scorpionic Game


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Portrait of Elisabetta Gonzaga by Rafaello Notice the Scorpion headpiece--she. means. business. {{PD-Art}}

8 AM PDT the Libra Moon perfects by degree an opposition to the Mercury/ Venus conjunction, which is at 29 of Aries. Stress! The feeling may be that even loving communications carry a hidden bludgeon, and emotional tension centered in relationships or aesthetics (Libra) is rife. Try to understand that we have our relationship antennae out (due to the Libra Moon), seeking sensation, contact, and information, and the fact that we start this seeking in an anxious state explains 99% of why we’re upset. The only true tension in the air will come in the form of ‘I vs. We,’ as some want to explore their own beautiful (and very willful, single-minded, and Self-oriented) ideas, while others will be overly focused on experiencing life as a two-headed monster called ‘Our Relationship.’ Nobody’s a bad guy here; each side could stand to back off that insistent way of approaching things and let the partner (or other) in (or out, if you fall on the Libra-symbiotic side!)

Void begins at 9:03 AM Pacific, with the Moon entering Scorpio at 9:32 AM PDT. Scorpio, he of the stingy stinger and translucent, poison-y tipped shell-y-ness and weird propensity for hiding in a dark place pops out in the moonlight and gets right up in our faces, and the worst part is, if we aren’t of like Scorpio mind, mysterious and secretive and on-the-lookout for a chance for change (or revenge) then we will feel this mightily; Scorpio Moon will see it as a game, and the rest of us will see it as torture. The Moon starts off her transit of Scorpio with a trine to Neptune–and those who can’t (or won’t) play the game will find themselves frustrated, confused, deluded, or deceived–and probably pretty angry about it, as Scorp Moon says, ‘Lash out!’ the moment we become upset.

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The Essence for 14 May 2011: Without Adornment


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Gerome 1846 {{PD-Art}} via Wikimedia Commons

3 AM of the 14th the Moon conjuncts Saturn, and we either feel deeply connected to our reality, experiencing ourselves as a seamless a part of it, or we look around and feel unreasonably repressed and/or restricted. Our reaction will be a telling sign of how well we have disciplined, directed, and made relevant our own energies and efforts–good luck!

4:30 AM PDT the Moon conjuncts h.Zeus, offering an emotional window into the true ambitions and desire picture. This is worth our attention, as we may at times cloud our own vision of what we want with considerations of other than our true goals–this lets us see them without adornment.

7:30 AM PDT the Moon trines the exact Vesta/ Pallas conjunction; the intuition can play a lively part in assessing our ideal situation, and in attuning us to creating this. If we follow emotional prompts, we’ll be way ahead of the game :)

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The Essence for 13 May 2011: Emotional Equilibrium


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Massys 1514 {{PD-Art}} via Wikimedia Commons

By 2:30 AM PDT the Moon quincunxes the Mercury/ Venus conjunction, which is very close at this point. This contact offers an emotional check-up on the way in which the matters of the (typically) four Houses of the natal chart (those ruled by Mercury and Venus) are affected; some combination of the subjects of these Houses comes forward and commands our attention. This can be a huge distraction, as we aren’t likely to immediately recognize this as a message concerning what we really care about, and how we should go about protecting it (Aries placement)–but that’s what it is.

Void begins 4:04 AM PDT, with the Moon entering Libra at 8:57 AM PDT. This right away casts the Moon as the apex of a Finger of God with base of Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Taurus. This last through 12:30 PM Pacific or so, and suggests that successfully utilizing our creative energy is the key to emotional equilibrium–balance within ourselves and balance in partnership or other interaction is achievable only if we are able to actively channel the creative and imaginative urge effectively. If we don’t, we’re liable to be very frustrated, and end up lashing out, swinging between extremes, or behaving in either a totally ‘dead to emotion’ manner, or as manic and out-of-control, pursuing delusions.

Just after 8 PM PDT the Moon squares Pluto; these are in Cardinal signs, and we’d better remember that, as the two energies conflict over exactly how much the emotional landscape must be dug up. We can be excessively tempted to destroy relationships or artistic creations at this point–hold back, don’t indulge–things ruined now are unlikely to be repairable.

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The Essence for 12 May 2011: An Emotional Blind


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'Mr and Mrs Andrews' have clearly foregone the blind and are doing their hunting out in the open. Gainsborough c.1760 {{PD-Art}} via Wikimedia Commons

5 AM PDT of the 12th the Moon quincunxes Vesta in Aquarius. The emotional reality may be challenged by the highest ideals and all matters sacred; Adjustment is the best course here–living up to your ‘best Self’ insures no bad aftertaste :)   By 7 AM PDT the Moon is conjunct Juno and quincunx Pallas; this makes us feel, well, emotionally invincible–and yet a soft, interior voice tells us we need to adjust our attitude ‘just so’ in order to remain on the ‘wisdom path.’ Don’t be too proud, or too convinced that inflexibility equals strength, to take advantage of that subtle but very smart guidance.

Just after 6 PM Pacific the Moon trines the Sun in Earth. It’s a point in the day to enjoy your surroundings, eat a good meal, see to your own and others’ physical comfort. This can be a respite that allows regeneration and true rest; no matter what you’re doing at this point, I hope you’ll do something that allows rejuvenation. By 8 PM the Moon trines Sedna, and suddenly we’re in an emotional blind; we may be keenly aware that, like hunters hiding, waiting for prey, we are peering out but we, and our emotional perceptions, really can’t be seen by others–and that may feel lonely and a bit disorienting. Relax, and occupy yourself–like all Moon aspects, this passes with only a few hours effect.

A hunter’s blind is a shelter usually constructed of natural materials, intended to blend into nature, that is located in an area where wildlife is known to gather, and allows hunters to be in close proximity to their prey.

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The Essence for 11 May: Meet the Universe, Your Accountant


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Vermeer 'Lady Writing a Letter with her Maid' c.1670 at the National Museum of Ireland, Dublin

7 PM Pacific and the Virgo Moon trines Pluto. Change, even transformation, is easy, if we can allow the Universe to be our accountant; nature, or the flow of life energy, will take care of the details, if only we let it happen. Otherwise we may dig too deeply with well-meant (but harshly received) criticism, or bury our chance at reformation or re-birth in a pile of meaningless paperwork (real or symbolic). Keep your eye on the prize, and your ultimate wish for how things ought to be centered in your vision–that’s really all you have to do, to make it a reality.


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