Just a Little Something for Your Week (and Weekend) Ahead 6-12 July 2012: ‘A Fertile Time’


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Makes the spiritual look almost romantic, doesn’t it? Don’t be confused–fertile influences are everywhere this week! Molteni 1838 /image by Artgate Fondazione Cariplo distributed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported via Wikimedia Commons

First, just a little something about your upcoming week, from ECLIPSE Weekly Aspect Digest:

I’d like to offer an unusual warning concerning the week ahead: if you’re looking to conceive a child, the time is ripe; if you do not want a child, make sure you take extra precautions, as the Universe is just a poppin’ with fertile energy of all kinds. If you’re in creative endeavors, this is also an excellent time for you–seminal work could be generated at this point, as can a wealth of inspirations that you may spend years after exploiting through your creative work. Even a late garden can flourish in the lee of the Full Moon, so honor all that grows–it will pay off tremendously.

Now, you can’t say I didn’t tell you what’s up! For Saturday we have this:

Vesta enters 29 degrees and we may feel a great deal of pressure around the things we dedicate our lives to, or around home or mate. A sorting out needs to happen, a re-evaluation, so that we are not putting our energy toward, or showing reverence for, outmoded ideas. The Moon’s contact to Neptune assists us with this, and allows us to be truly inspired in re-ordering our priorities.

And for Sunday, the 8th of July:

On the 8th of July Mars quincunxes Neptune, adding fuel and energy to the imagination/ creative fire, but part of what we’ll have to deal with is the need to modify our actions in order to see our vision realized. Don’t balk at having to make a few changes–you’re too close to quit now.

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‘Sculptors in Ancient Rome’ by Alma-Tadema {{PD-Art}}

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The Capricorn Full Moon 3 July 2012: ‘A Litmus Test of Our Ambitions’


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Thanks, NASA!

The Capricorn Full Moon: A Litmus Test of Our Ambitions

The Capricorn Full Moon drops into our laps at 11:51 AM PDT of the 3rd of July at 12 Capricorn 13, and oh, following our rule of 2 (and sometimes 3) degree orbs only, we find a single, striking aspect: the Sun-Moon-Earth axis makes a Cardinal T-square with asteroid Zeus–and that’s it.

The Sabian for the Moon-Earth is, ‘A Fire Worshipper Meditates on the Ultimate Realities of Existence’

What we are faced with at the Capricorn Full Moon is a culmination concerning fulfilling our ambitions or desires; the Full Moon shows us either the dilemma we will face if they are granted, or the internal conflict in which we will be embroiled if we do not see them succeed. We are the Fire Worshipper of the image, superstitiously believing that action (Fire) is all that’s required–but we are left pondering the true complexity of things in the results that manifest. Getting our ambitions fulfilled causes us to think about how the Universe works, and what is the point of existence, as does not getting our desires met. Either way, we may be faced with wondering what it’s all for–which should make us question the importance of those ambitions, after all.

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Just a Little Astro Essence For Your Weekend 29 June-1 July 2012: ‘Staying Grounded While Flying High’


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Ludwig 1901 {{PD-Art}}

All material shown here is from ECLIPSE Weekly Aspect Digest. For the 29th:

If we can get the values, relationships, or finances (pick one–at least one is on each of our minds with the recent direction of Venus) into harmony with the impulse to uniqueness or joining a group (and this impulse is a smart one, at this point) then we will reach a mini-peak of emotional fulfillment (and probably really juice up the intuition). Big opportunities today, no matter what.

On the 30th:

9:30 PM PDT  the Moon opposes the Jupiter-South Node combo, which of course means the Lunar orb is conjunct the North Node. We may see a situation where the social sphere leads us in a backward direction, but if we’ll follow our emotional or intuitive prompts we will actually make progress. Trust yourself.


July 1st dawns with a heavy fog of confusion or discontent; Neptune squares Ceres and Venus sesquiquadrates Saturn, and none of us are immune to a feeling that our own authority is undermined significantly, and that this is perhaps affecting our creativity and our ability to relate. It feels like the reality that surrounds us is exceptionally costly, one way or another. Retreat feels like our only option, but we might do better to use our imaginative powers to experience what it might be like to be one of those people who is pushing, grabbing, or demanding. We may see that most of what’s happening right now is generated by fear, and specifically by fear that there isn’t ‘enough'; know that there is, and try not to condemn others for being victims of their own unconscious natures.

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Conscious Relationship



Some people give up relationships altogether, and get a cat. Gwen John c1922 {{PD-Art}}

This is a re-print from this blog, 2009–if you’d like the forecast in all its glorious detail, sign up here:

No one is entirely conscious within a relationship; there is always something about ourselves or the other person that we’re willing to ignore, look away from, tacitly accept, or pretend we don’t know. This is part of civilization, an agreement not to read each other’s minds, to embrace the pretense that we can’t know the other person immediately. I think I was first introduced to this concept in Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin (during my brief turn as a midwife), and ever since first reading of it I’ve observed human interaction with that in mind: if we want to, we can see the other person whole, for precisely who they are, at any time.

Now, it’s not just the rules of civilization that facilitate the creation of such boundaries; our own psyches need particular experiences, we might call them lessons or interactions or a deepening of our understanding of human nature or of ourselves, and this leads us to ignore what we could know, to put ourselves into interactions that may be, on the surface, damaging, or cause our victimization, or that are some kind of relationship ‘wrong turn,’ at least when seen from the finite, earthly, want to get from point a to point b as quickly as possible, perspective. This is why we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves when we make, despite our best efforts, what we judge to be a misstep; even the less than perfect experience, relationship, event offers something that shapes us, or that gives us an opportunity to respond differently than we may have in the past, to grow (and it very often offers both).

So, we might want to know which times are best for getting the clearest view possible of our relationships. The upcoming Venus retrograde period will be a prime time, at least in terms of getting an alternative view of relationships, love, and assets as they figure in your life, and this is particularly so if the retrograde occurs in your 5th, 7th, or 11th–this focuses the spotlight on those significant relationships represented by the Houses, with activity in the 8th emphasizing the significant other or a partnership in terms of what’s being shared, while retrograde occurring in the 1st, 2nd, or 12th makes your own internal workings most prominent. Colleagues, teachers, bosses, other authorities, and those with whom you must work get a once over when Venus retros in your 6th, 9th, and 10th, and family relationships are at the forefront with retro in the 4th, and specifically relationships with siblings and neighbors (or those around whom you grew up) are important with the retro in the 3rd.

Other transits that may facilitate clarity include Saturn, which brings reality home to roost, the Sun, which shines a bright light on whatever it touches, and the Moon, which offers fleeting illumination that is at once more subtle or gentle in tone than the Sun’s, but also carries a tinge of the emotional reality, which may or may not aid perceptions. These planets and lights in contact by Solar Arc and Secondary Progression bring the same opportunities but over a much longer term.

Just a Little Astro Essence for Today 25 June 2012, on Saturn Direct

Girl Chopping Onions’ Gerrit Dou 1646 {{PD-Art}}

On the 1 AM direction of Saturn, from the latest ECLIPSE:

What we can expect, then, may be a re-harnessing, a return to ‘business as usual’, at least as this applies to Libran subjects in general (partnership and marriage, relationships, diplomacy, Art, the law, etc.) and to those subjects of the House(s) in your natal chart with Libra on the cusp. There is also the matter of how it takes two full days plus, after the direction of Saturn, for the ruler of Libra, Venus, to go direct herself. This hints that repercussions in both finances and relationships may come clear over some time, in the peeling of thick Saturnian layers of reality; like an onion, we may think we’ve reached the ‘real’ circumstances of Libran and Venusian matters, only to find another layer that needs removing!

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Just a Little Bit About Your Weekend 22-24 June 2012: ‘A Contentious Climb’


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‘The Peaks of Europe’ Carlos de Haes 1876 {{PD-Art]]

The 22nd of June kicks off our weekend (or wraps up our work week, or however you want to look at it!) with some complex and unavoidable questions of power, empowerment, authority, and control; who really holds it within a relationship will come into stark relief, and only a sense of the worth of the relationship itself, and/ or a sense of generosity or wisdom, will keep us out of a tangle. Pallas sesquiquadrate Juno invites us to question the wisdom of those ‘in charge’, while Vesta opposed Juno may stoke the fires of ‘my values are better than your values, what I care about and am committed to is superior to your petty status and influence concerns’–not an ally-winning statement, whether it’s spoken or just seeps out of one’s pores. But, our saving grace is Venus, still retro but reluctant to be, moving so very slowly, sextiling Pallas, and perhaps showing us in a slightly backhanded but no less charming way what’s really the smart approach here.

And there’s more!

The 23rd will be a busy day, a tense one, and may result in major change. Vesta perfects conjunction to Sedna, essentially removing our Higher Values compass; the most likely result may be that suddenly we are either uncaring of those things we normally revere, or we are unable to pinpoint them. This can be disastrous.

So finally:

Moon enters Virgo at 4:43 AM PDT of the 24th. Right away there’s a square to Ceres; the emotions, in critical-accounting mode, are immediately challenged to stand up for themselves in the face of those who believe their territory extends under our own skin! So we start off in defensive mode–and maybe it’s better that way.

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Just a Little Astro Essence for 20-21 June 2012 + an ECLIPSE Preview!


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We may not be completely aware of what we’re communicating to others. By Ferretti c1730 {{PD-Art}}

From ECLIPSE, about influences for the 20th-21st of June:

We don’t know what we’re communicating! But it’s not in line with our reality! But, oddly this may be highly empowering!! These may be days when we careen out of control socially, mentally, psychically, and yet it all ends up working to our advantage–go figure! That doesn’t mean there won’t be casualties, but that we will find some benefit among the ruins.

And from the upcoming issue of ECLIPSE, due out evening Pacific time of the 21st:

From the article: Jupiter Square Neptune: Society in Conflict With the Spiritual

The more power and materially-oriented forces will be lobbying for their own benefit–and what stands in their way is our own sense of ideals and connectedness.

The social arena may require statements, talk about where we stand, what we think, or simply could insist we listen to what’s being presented–and there’s a Kafkaesque, nightmare quality to it all, as we will find that reason, even-handedness, and true discourse fall by the wayside.

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New Moon in Gemini 19 June 2012: ‘Our Conversation With Nature’


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Windswept by Waterhouse {{PD-Art}}

From the current ECLIPSE, on the New Moon in Gemini:

The New Moon arrives at 8:02 AM PDT of the 19th of June at 28 Gemini 43. The New Moon makes no aspects at all, unless we count a semi-sextile from Ceres, and we do; we need something that tells us what this is about. We must also consider the Sabian Symbol for this NM: ‘The First Mockingbird of Spring’ What these two tell us is that this is all about our ‘conversation’ (Gemini) with nature; and by that I mean, the way in which each of us relates to and is a part of the natural order. This New Moon promises a birth, a ‘new’ role for each of us in relation to the natural world; what role will it be for you?

To see the rest of the discussion, including how which House the NM falls in will affect you, and what the NM means within the context of the other aspects in play at this time, get ECLIPSE!

Just a Little Astro Essence for Today 18 June 2012: ‘Get Right’


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The Fountains of the Philadelphia Art Museum, September 1973, by photographer Dick Swanson. Shortly after this, Rocky Balboa ran up these steps to the right, then me, as I warmed up for a race on the Schuylkill River that runs just behind the museum. EPA {{PD}}

From this week’s ECLIPSE for today:

Communications will have the ring of fate about them, and that may make for some anxiousness, as fear that we will not be able to control circumstances comes forward. Rest assured, we will NOT be able to control the future–so anxiety is just a distraction from the real target, which will probably involve a need to ‘get right’ with our environment, with a maternal figure, and/ or with authorities. Watch what you say to those latter two, as what is communicated WILL affect your future! So see, we have some control, after all :)

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