The Essence for 30 March 2011: Knowing Our Own Minds


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There'll be a moment when we can glimpse our own minds clearly 13th Century Turkish {{PD}}

By 2:30 AM PDT the Moon sextiles stationary Mercury–it’s like an emotional thought-pause, and time can stand still. This gives us a glimpse at the mind as it is, without the typical in-motion view that makes it hard to pinpoint what we’re really about mentally. Can show us unusual things about our thinking and give us an objective view about the way we process life.

11:30 AM Pacific sees the Moon at the midpoint of Vesta/ Mars; actions chosen are seen as sacred–we feel their rightness, but must be careful not to throw the ego’s wants into the same sacred basket. 1:30 PM PDT and the Moon is conjunct Neptune–wrapping emotion up in inspiration or fantasy, we fuel ourselves up for a big push forward!

Void occurs at 3:22 PM PDT, with the Moon entering Pisces at 3:38 PM

First photo of Mercury from new orbiter released

Or see a Traditional Aspectarian from Peter Stockinger

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The Essence for 28 March 2011: Tug-of-War


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Give it your horizontal all, just like the Harvard U Tug-of-War team of 1888

6 PM PDT the Moon sextiles the Sun and semi-sextiles Pluto. This could have the feel of a tug-of-war, with a contest between dark and light in some surprising forms. Some may see this in terms of the individual (Aries) vs. the rules, boundaries, or restrictions, not necessarily (but possibly) imposed by others (particularly if they are part of government, or a large and imposing organization, all Cappy). It almost amounts to a translation and collection of light by the Moon, passing the energy between the bodies. Of course, Sun/ Pluto will have their own relationship, by square–and this could mean that emotion is triggered strongly through the Sun/ Pluto abrasion–because that’s what it may feel like, tender flesh rubbed on rough brick! Understanding, empathy, a feeling of belonging to the group (Aquarius Moon) may save the day. I certainly think it’s being felt, much more intensely than we typically feel the start of a new Sun/ Pluto cycle, though a close second contributor is found in the Sun being at the midpoint of Uranus/ Jupiter–exaggerating, electrifying, like a giant dancing on our last nerve. For the most part, all we can do is wait–though I have one other idea: Venus/ Ceres are exact in Pisces, and this may give us an out, through uniting the two, embracing loving authority and nurture as our role, in respecting relationships first, and in taking a co-operative attitude with Mother Nature. That might help :) Accepting responsibility with total kindness will be our strength.

The Essence for 27 March 2011: Keeping It Light and Factual


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Everything's better if we keep it light A. Macke 1912 {{PD-Art}}

The Moon trines Sedna in Earth at 11 AM PDT, and we may find we just don’t know what we feel. It may be easy to ignore upset, circumstances that would normally outrage or offend, or to fail to see the feeling reactions of others. When the Moon’s in Cap, contact to Sedna can come across as hard-nosed or indifferent; we’d do best to keep things light and factual.

By 2:30 PM PDT the Moon is square Mercury, suggesting either that communication rubs us the wrong way, or that we are dismayed by what we hear; we are just trying to be practical and balanced, but some want to charge forward and put themselves first–it’s upsetting! Just remember viewpoint is a subjective thing, and can change in an instant–whatever’s getting under the skin (a Cappy subject) is not worth harsh words or even harsh thoughts. :) Take things lightly today, especially as by 6:30 PM PDT the Moon is sextile Mars; it can be easy to get mad, with just a little Self-justifying Self-talk; opt for positive action that employs imagination, creativity, or that fulfills the ideals (all due to Mars in Pisces) instead.

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The Essence for 26 March 2011: Dig It Up, Tie It Down


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All kinds of skeletons might be found in the closet when the Moon hits Pluto Thanks to Tomas Castelazo for his photo Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

8 AM PDT places the Moon conjunct Pluto; why on a sunny (figuratively speaking) Saturday does the emotional nature insist on plumbing the depths? There’s a faint shadow over everything, impossible to shake, though we can use the undercurrents to get to the heart of any mystery, secrets, or upsets we’ve been wondering about. We can clean out the emotional closet; expect to find a few skeletons!

By 7 PM Pacific the Moon has formed a T-square with the Jupiter/ h.Zeus exact opposition, with Saturn just a tish away from exactitude. The dynamic is one where the emotions become the outlet for our attempts to impress the social sphere, get what we want, and expand the area of our ambitions, to tie these down in solid form, acknowledgment, or promises and boundaries. For some, sides will be taken: we may either see ourselves as almost-god-like and powerful enough to dictate who gets what, or we may see ourselves as an almost pure vibration of one-pointed desire–and in both cases we could lose dimension from our viewpoint, seeing things as simple and direct. Others may receive the emotion generated by the conflict of the two energies (and they may experience it as a need to clamp down on feeling and reaction), and still others will feel the dichotomy within, in a face-off over a simple expansion/ contraction dilemma–and a few will challenge the social sphere with solid examples of their ambitions and desires, presented on a fancy platter, “Love it or don’t; you’ll never know what I think!’ (Cap Moon)

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The Essence for 25 March 2011: Liberation


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This file is in the public domain, because Page 8 of the magazine states: "The contents of OZ are not copyright. They may be reproduced in any manner, either in whole or in part, in any publication whatsoever—whether or not a member of UPS—without permission from the publishers. An acknowledgement would be appreciated. No rights reserved." (UPS is the Underground Press Syndicate.)

Text in the corner of this ‘Oz’ cover says,

He drives a Maserati
She’s a professional model
The boy is the son of the
art editor of Time magazine
Some revolution!

Void begins 6:26 PM PDT; Moon enters Capricorn 6:57 PM. That brings us to the Moon square Uranus at the Aries Point, likely causing us to re-visit in some way our experience with Uranus into Aries. We may see a re-iteration of our personal Uranian experience, or we may see a contest of Wills, the erratic individual vs. the rules, the stoic, the confines of our own emotional understanding. Likely a sticky situation wherein anyone with a rebellious streak will go to town–and everyone else will be left in the Capricornian dust, picking up the pieces and stunned into goat-like silence.

I know it doesn’t sound pretty, but it may liberate a certain element within all of us that is a little too attracted to extremes, to drama, to the angry shout and flounce out of the room. So, think of it as a necessary purge, and don’t hold the role chosen against anyone who participates in the play.

Later evening sextiles to Ceres and Chiron simply allow us to establish who’s in authority (without any drama) and to heal.

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The Essence for 24 March 2011: Emotional Accounting 101


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Courtesy of AZColvin429 Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

12:30 PM PDT and the Moon trines Jupiter and sextiles h.Zeus. This opens the emotions to the social sphere, and the ambitions and desires piggy-back right along with them. For some this will be a tremendous boost of opportunity, as others see and respond to the passion of the goals and objectives with which they’re presented, while for some it may make for some uncomfortable moments (for the observers) of naked ambition and Self-reference. Motives have a lot to do with how this will come across to others–just keep that in mind as you offer up pie charts illustrating exactly what you’d like for Christmas (theoretically speaking).

Just after 9 PM Pacific, the Moon squares Juno; empowerment options seem at odds with our emotional needs–with Moon in Sag we want to reach out, but Juno in Virgo says, ‘Follow the rules to the letter, keep accounts, and keep careful track of where your power is going.’ It’s as if this Juno believes that fiery, enthusiastic contact, where we open our arms and travel far and wide, embracing all, is a recipe for giving our power away. Don’t accept this stance automatically, but do take a look and see if a too open-handed approach isn’t bankrupting you or draining you, especially emotionally.

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The Essence for 23 March 2011: Still Life With Tantrum and Fruit


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Still Life with Oranges Louis Hayet c.pre-1940 (artist's death) {{PD-Art}}

5:30 AM PDT and the Moon sextiles Vesta and squares Venus; we may try to implement what we know to be right, only to have values, relationships, or financial concerns conflict with this. It seems this should all flow smoothly together, and yet it doesn’t–with resolution coming when we get honest about what Venusian thing we are less than righteous about (for instance, we may say we honor our parents or children, but when the situation calls on us to live that, we may feel put upon or too busy–and this shows us quite clearly where we’re not quite walking our talk).

1:45 PM Pacific the Moon enters Sag–and right away the Moon squares Ceres and trines Uranus, and we start our Moon-in-Sagittarius time with a challenge, of sorts: either authority challenges us, or we use our own authority to assert our emotional agenda, and in either case we are trying to show how free-thinking, independent, and avant garde we are–uh-oh. Think of how you behave when you are feeling very headstrong, just wanting to show how nothing can constrain you–’Nothing can tie me down!” That’s how we’ll behave, and it will take whatever form is most characteristic of each of us at our most rebellious. Be Self-aware, and try to minimize the fallout. I knew one woman who was legendary in her family for her great act of rebellion as a pre-teen: she threw orange peels at the TV in protest when she was told to stop watching and go do her chores. Try to make your eruption as minimalistic as hers was.

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The Essence for 22 March: Deeply Moved to . . .


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Unlikely our experience will be this dramatic, but it may feel this dramatic B. de Almeida 1897 {{PD-Art}}

Just before the 8 AM hour PDT the Moon quincunxes Jupiter, requiring an emotional adjustment to the way we approach the social scene; we may feel it will embrace our ‘me-ness’ (Jupiter in Aries) but our need for recognition may be too deep or entwined with buried emotions (Scorpio)–thus the need for accommodation. Pull-back allows us to re-group successfully; pushing forward only makes for a scene. Unfortunately, this sets the tone for the day; we spend our energy working it out, balancing things if we can, but likely feeling somewhat unfulfilled by our social encounters.

It isn’t until 9 PM-ish that the Moon quincunxes Mercury in Aries, again pitting the ‘I am’ against the emotional needs and requiring adjustment. Someone will speak out–and it will either make us deeply uncomfortable, deeply moved to act, or will make us deeply angry. An 11 PM PDT opposition of the Moon to Sedna is followed around midnight by the Moon’s trine to Mars, both in Water. What’s a seeker to do, when the emotional state seems separated from everything, and when we do feel something again, it’s either a call to action, or anger? Channel the energy into artistic expression, a good cry, or enjoyment of an entertainment that asks us to feel–and relax, it’s been a less than stellar day.

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The Essence for 21 March 2011: Discovery and Responsibility


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Apollo and the Muses Spranger 1590 {{PD-Art}}

The Sun and Uranus: Together Again

Even though it happens every year, this time the transiting Sun and Uranus meet up at the Aries Point–and that promises an extra little something to the conjunction. Most likely is that the Sun will serve to shine a light on the Uranian developments in your life is a very personal way. The Aries Point is the spot where the unseen becomes the seen, and that implies that what comes forward will manifest from within all that you have been attracting, arranging, planning (in a Universal, spirit-directed sense). It can be quite the period of discovery, especially with Uranus involved–but no matter what appears in your life, you need to see that it’s a previously hidden part of you–so don’t waste time and energy arguing that it has nothing to do with you–instead study what occurs, appears, or falls into your lap as if it’s a gift of knowledge–because it is.

And the Lunar influence for the day includes:

By the time the Moon trines Neptune in the 29th degree of their respective signs, Ceres, companion to Neptune at 29 degrees previously, has moved on to 00 Pisces. Say what? This might play out as feeling like you get to the scene after someone responsible (Ceres, in her role as an authority) has already fled, leaving a crisis of imagination, creativity, spirituality, or collectivity (as in, someone shouting, ‘We’re all in this together!’ then cutting out). Though the rightful onus is on the already-disappeared Ceres figure, the reality is that whoever’s left must take on the task of righting whatever went off the tracks–and in this case, let intuition and ideals guide you (but don’t assume you must be on the clean-up crew–that’s an individual decision that must be keyed to that intuition and those ideals).

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