Just a Little Lunar Essence 17 October 2012: ‘Adjust to Nature’


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‘Les Demoiselles Schwartz’ Anders Zorn before 1920 {{PD-Art}}

The Moon enters Sagittarius on the 17th of October at 5:26 PM PDT

Right away the Moon squares Neptune to kick off his transit through Sag–why get all, ‘I have to get out of here!’ and ruin that creative endeavor or inspired effort? Stepping back for a bit, rather than running off, is the better course.

10:30 PM PDT the Moon quincunxes Ceres. Adjustment to Mom, authorities, Mother Nature, or the need to negotiate comes forward. Resistance is futile; just do it, and worry about your own feelings later.

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New Moon in Libra 15 October 2012: ‘The Moment of Renewal’


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Cartel Tierra, generously released into the public domain by Tavoanguiano

The Libra New Moon occurs at 5:02 AM Pacific time of the 15th at 22 Libra 32

Using our usual strict 2 degree orb, we find only a quincunx to Sedna, and a semi-square to Juno–if we stretch to 3, we are able to add that trine to Vesta, which may be key to understanding the whole thing. A New Moon is a beginning, a dawning, and so may be a point when certain things (indicated by aspects to the NM) are revealed or occur to us. In this case, we may have been dealing with, even struggling, with a certain depth-note of our consciousness, one that applies to our own understanding of the life-death-life cycle and our role in it, specifically in the way we ‘die to’ different aspects of our lives, dive deep in a kind of meditative consideration of what is, then are renewed, somewhat changed from what we once were. This change is always aligned with, even dictated by, our highest values, the Vestal attributes of deep intimate relationship, home, dedication to a cause or ideal, and respect for these. This New Moon is the moment of renewal; we come up from the depths, draw in a deep, healing, re-initiating breath, and we see just where we are, where the changes are, and who we are, now. Aspects suggest that adjustments prompted by our go-deep exploration (NM qnx Sedna) will help smooth out impediments to empowerment (NM semi-sq Juno), and this will be accomplished by living our highest ideals, actually by seeing them shape the ‘new’ parts of the Self mobilized, as symbolized by Vesta.

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Just a Little Lunar Essence for Your Weekend 13-14 October 2012: ‘Together Apart’


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Nagy, before 1937 {{PD}}

For Saturday the 13th:

Void begins at 11:48 AM PDT; the Moon enters Libra at 4:02 PM Pacific time on the 13th.

There’s an immediate quincunx of the Moon to Neptune, perhaps making us uneasy over the partner, or the level of cooperation we can expect; we’ll need to both adjust and let go of any fantasies we’re prone to in this regard.

A midnight opposition of the Moon to Uranus, a quincunx to Chiron, and a sextile to Mars may prompt us to project all our orneriness and our propensity to hurt ourselves or others ‘out there.’ Awareness that what we see outside us is really inside us has never been so appropriate.

And for Sunday the 14th:

About 1 PM Pacific the Moon finds the midpoint of Venus-Mercury. Whatever’s communicated/ thought concerning love or money may make us turn to the partner, or to an aesthetic outlet, in hopes of relieving some kind of tension. This could be good news–remember, that causes stress, too.

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Just a Little AstroEssence 12 October 2012: ‘Mercurial Messages’


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Is she sleeping or reading, and does it matter? ‘Springtime’ by Monet 1872 {{PD-Art}}

The 12th of October sees only one new aspect perfect, Mercury in sesquiquadrate to Vesta. This could be hazardous, as people may speak, write, or communicate, thinking they’re true to their highest values, but other influences are calling the shots. Placements in mutable signs, or anything ruled by Mercury in the natal chart, may figure in to disruption of communications and skewing of meaning/ thoughts.

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Just a Little AstroEssence 11 October 2012: ‘Starving Godzilla’


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4:30 PM PDT the Moon sextiles Ceres, then squares Mars. We feel confident in our role as an authority, as a maternal figure, or that we are in touch with nature, but when we act, conflict arises. We are probably feeding the ego with Ceres’ energy, and ending up with a radioactive monster. Remember that old axiom your mother used to say, feed a cold, starve Godzilla.

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Just a Little AstroEssence for 9-10 October 2012: ‘The Grace to Transform’


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Helioconious by Richard Bartz, Munich aka Makro Freak http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Richard_Bartz Photo used under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic with Thanks

The 9th is a day when we encounter the grace (or loving spirit, or cash, or empowering option) to work some things out, maybe even to change our world, if we don’t allow out-of-the-blue, illogical, or radical messages, or our own erratic thoughts, to throw us off the scent (Venus trine Pluto, Uranus trine Juno, Mercury quincunx Uranus, Earth sesquiquadrate Mars). We will definitely try to change material matters somehow, but our actions will need to be modified according to our experience of influx and the quality of communications/ thought. A day when much can happen, and with a little effort and openness to adjustment, it can be very, very positive. The 10th of October proves to be an excellent manifestation day, when what we’ve been imagining can be made real (Saturn trine Neptune perfects). We finally receive the transformative messages we’ve been waiting for (but I have to warn you, some of us will get something that destroys us or some circumstance in our life–and we must remember, even as it crumbles, how this is truly for the good–Mercury sextile Pluto).

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Saturn Into Scorpio


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‘Cave of the Storm Nymphs’ Poynter 1903 {{PD-Art}}

When the Old Man changes signs, our sense of what we can rely on changes, as does our way of regarding regulations, ‘what is’, authority, boundaries, rules,  and material reality itself. In Libra, we thought about ‘the Other’, whether that form was a partner, spouse, companion, stranger,  audience, or enemy; we looked at how our relationships, our aesthetics, and our ability to make a case, to link and mediate between other entities, affected the reality picture, and especially how it affected the boundaries and limits we had to recognize.  We were, without exception, more dependent on the partner (or authorities, or the father or father-figure, or the one who ‘judged’ us, or some set of rules, traditions, or systems) to help us determine our effective interaction with the material world than we will be in Scorpio; in the sign of the Scorpion, we will be aware of ‘the Other’, but our gaze will return to ourselves, and our feelings, about what is.

In Scorpio, Saturn becomes Self-reflective; we look at the reality that surrounds us and see ourselves in it–and that sends us on an emotional (Scorpio is a Water sign) journey, one that plumbs the very depths of the intimate ties between psyche and emotional perception. Saturn deals with the concrete, with the material and with ‘What Is’, while Scorpio emphasizes feeling and what may be hidden or intangible, but that we are able to sense. This suggests a misalignment of viewpoints when Saturn transits Scorpio; where in Libra Saturn could ‘think (and do something) about things’ (the Cardinal Air of Libra), now Saturn’s energies are dealing with the ungraspables of emotion and nuance, what’s hidden, perceived, but which we’re not able to hold in our hand–we may have trouble picturing, articulating, or doing anything about those vague things we do perceive and name (and yet we may feel that what we’ve grasped is inadequate, somehow). The Fixed Water of Scorpio makes us tenacious, persistent in digging to discover and understand via feeling–and yet, when we apply this methodology to what is familiar through tradition, through what’s known and tangible, we may get contrasting results. On the one hand we could end up uncovering meaning behind our material surroundings; we could suddenly gain immensely in terms of seeing (and having an emotional reaction to) reality in a whole new way; on the other hand, we could convince ourselves there’s more ‘there there’ than there really is!

What happens when a material reality is introduced to, and asked to express within, a liminal (mental) space? We become unsure of what’s real; everything seems to have deeper, mysterious, and unfathomable meaning, and we may spend a great deal of time trying to connect reality with the unseen, about which we must assume both its nature and its existence. This particular experience of Saturn through Scorpio might harken back to the Latin limen, ‘threshold’, and the anthropological concept of liminality, wherein an individual is in the state found mid-ritual. The old is dissolving, morphing, or falling away, and yet we are only on the journey, not yet arrived at the outcome of the change. This experience will likely be reinforced by Pluto in Capricorn, already wearing away the Saturnian ‘What Was’.

Saturn enters Scorpio on 5 October (Pacific time); will we feel it right away? That’s unlikely, though we may sense a shift to things we just can’t put our finger on. If you have placements at 00-03 of any sign, you’ll likely feel that ‘lid’ Saturn initially likes to place on our fun, set very gently down–and with Saturn in Scorpio, it might be difficult, no matter how hard we look, to single out exactly where our oppression, boundaries, and limitations are coming from.

Does this affect all your placements in Scorpio? No, not until it’s actually within orb of contact–it’s a Saturn transit, like any other direct contact. It’s important we understand that a planet moving into a sign does not affect the sign–the sign affects expression of the planet. Don’t mix them up! That means that all those who’ve been cringing in anticipation of Saturn entering the sign of their Sun, Moon, or some other important planet or point can relax until Saturn is, at the very least, 5 degrees from conjunction, and more often closer to 3 or fewer degrees away, with the effect fading about 2 degrees past exact.

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Just a Little AstroEssence for 1 October 2012: ‘Sorting Out the Sacred’


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Fresco Depicting a Ritual, Pompeii copyright held by Zenodot Verlagsgesellschaft mbH released under GNU Free Documentation License via Wikimedia Commons

October 1st Mercury trines Vesta and the Sun sesquiquadrates Sedna. Communication takes on the aura of the sacred–with potentially disastrous results. We are likely to take our own words and thoughts far too seriously–but much worse, those with whom we interact may allow absolutely no criticism, contradiction, or alterations to their words or ideas, so that communication devolves into a series of lectures. Work that allows us to be alone or to work independent of others, however, may go especially well, as we will have the reverence that is often missing for our own conceptions that may allow us to launch something we might otherwise judge ‘not good enough’, and discard.

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Full Moon in Aries 29 September 2012: ‘Going One Step Further’


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Take that next step, even if it’s a baby one!’First Steps, After Millet’ Van Gogh 1890 or before {{PD-Art}}

The Full Moon Arrives at 8:18 PM PDT on the 29th of September at 7 Aries 22

The Full Moon turns like a stagehand manning the Klieg lights and shines back on aspects already perfected in her travels. It’s like an echo made of light, drawing our attention back to matters we thought already dismissed. The Full Moon is of course conjunct Earth, still conjunct Uranus and square Pluto, and is also semi-sextile Chiron. This set-up pulls the mental and emotional concerns of earlier in the evening (Pacific time) into the material realm, and we are either injured by this, or we bring forward skills to deal with it successfully. The sense is of a culmination that requires us to go a step further with some conflict, confrontation, or innovation/ idea that recently came to a head. Things will not be complete until we have taken this last, physical step–and if we don’t we will likely injure our own creative sensibilities (Chiron in Pisces).

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Just a Little Lunar Essence for 26-27 September 2012: ‘The Magic Word is ‘Moderation”


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‘Allegory of Modesty and Vanity’ or ‘The Conversion of the Magdalene’ Apparently, it’s your choice. By Bernardo Luini c1560 {{PD-Art}}

For today, the 26th of September:

Void begins at 8:35 PM PDT; the Moon enters Pisces at 10:24 PM PDT.

Right away the Moon joins with Neptune and trines Ceres. The aspect picture is one of unreliable emotional perceptions, misleading or distorted intuitions, creativity inspired by nature, or emotional reactions to the assertions of authorities or Mom. We may feel ‘drugged up’ without the actual drugs, zoned out, or overwhelmed by feeling or fog. There’s not much to be done, except to avoid commitment or contracts for the active window of this contact and perhaps to allow ourselves to enter a creative zone that accesses things we are often too connected to reality to observe or enjoy.

And for tomorrow, the 27th:

9 AM PDT the Moon conjuncts Chiron, sextiles Pluto, and semi-sextiles Uranus. We have the choice to wallow in hurts from the past, stew over revenge, and exhaust ourselves, or we can allow healing, try to change the world, and exhaust ourselves. Moderation is the magic word at this time.

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