Just a Little Essence for Today 24 October 2011: ‘Make Peace, Then Choose’


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Bidau 1888 {{PD-Art}}

Void begins 8:12 AM PDT. The Moon enters Libra at 8:49 AM PDT.  Right away our Libra Moon creates a Finger of God–Libra just has to weigh it out!–with a base of Chiron and Earth. What has wounded us on a material plane (physically to the body, in matters of finance or possessions, or in the actual material/ physical situation we find ourselves in) must be accepted, reconciled, or made peace with–once that happens we are given the emotional balance and the co-operative attitude (or a partner is quite literally presented) to aid or change that wounding material situation. It’s very Chirotic, in that we must accept, even embrace, the hurt before we have a hope of healing the hurt. Do address this–it provides a major opportunity to gain emotional equilibrium.

Coming up on 5 PM PDT, the Moon quincunxes Jupiter and squares Pluto. The Jupiter/ Pluto trine brings massive opportunity for change, and contact from the Moon offers two options: we can use the emotions as a guide to where to adjust our attitudes to reaching out/ sharing knowledge/ or the social scene (Jupiter) and to sort out what ‘dark,’ secret, or transformative thing we are in conflict with (Pluto); or, we can use the intuition for these same tasks. We should choose the one that works most effectively for us–and at the same time, we should vow to make Truth the baseline against which this all plays out. If we do, we can make some surprising major discoveries about ourselves and our place in the social order, and in the Universe.

Remember, we’ve already entered the Dark of the Moon; no big new starts, encourage flexibility in your approach, and take a meditative stance with all that comes at you–it’s more a time for internal revelation and reflection than for assertive action.

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Just a Little Essence for the Weekend 22-23 October 2011: ‘It’s a Virgo Moon Weekend-Be Ready’


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Olaus Magnus 'A Marriage Ready to be Confirmed by the striking together of flint and steel' 1555 {{PD-Art}}

4 PM PDT on the 22nd the Moon trines Pluto–we can change ‘it,’ and we might have a superior intuitive faculty at our disposal with which to do it. This begins a Grand Trine, with the other point being Jupiter in Taurus. This could set up ‘Great Expectations’  where we either try to make massive changes simultaneously in several areas, where we expect to alter a single thing and be met with enormous transformation automatically, or where we expect ‘big results’ by showing our emotions, especially rage. It can be a misleading influence, where we feel a strong emotional impetus to change our surroundings (Earth) and our expectations almost right away become overblown. The balance of a Grand Trine could also present us with the idea to change things but could keep us static, not making a move, content to just think about all we would transform. Try to mobilize this combination to serve something you intuitively and concretely know needs change, but that you’ve been loathe to tackle because it seemed overwhelming–this is the best use of this energy. As an aside, this could make for a big, scary, even dangerous Saturday night for some! so use care when operating.

11:30 AM PDT of the 23rd sees the Moon oppose Ceres–emotional viewpoint may be confronted by Mother Nature, a maternal figure, or authorities, and could feel very defensive as a result. We will have an intuitive inkling, however, as to the reason behind the confrontation, and so if we can avoid an emo response we can assess the real matter (for it may be that we need a good whack upside our figurative heads! or we may see that this is really about the confronter themselves) and give a more appropriate response than we might otherwise. At this same point, the Sun enters Scorpio–and we should expect a spotlight on those nooks and crannies–be ready!

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Just a Little Essence for Today 21 October 2011: ‘A Lightning Strike to the Heart’


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Rackham 1917 {{PD-Art}}

6 AM PDT sees the Leo Moon square Venus and trine North Node, which may bring inevitable emotional conflict meant to drive us in our destined direction. This could materialize a major event or change that sets things on an unexpected course; endings or beginnings would not be a surprising result at this time.

1 PM Pacific the Moon conjuncts Mars–this may be like a lightning strike to the heart. We are likely to be enveloped in our own feelings at this time, feelings about our identity, role, or purpose, and in Fire we may be prompted toward taking consuming action that may not leave room for much else. Could make for intense distraction from the scene at hand–navigate with caution.

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A Morsel of the Future: Your North Node


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The Future by Rainer Maria Rilke

The future: time’s excuse
to frighten us; too vast
a project, too large a morsel
for the heart’s mouth.

Future, who won’t wait for you?
Everyone is going there.
It suffices you to deepen
the absence that we are.

When we are looking for a sense of our future, we should look to the North Node, and particularly to the ruler of the North Node. In studying the energy that rules the North Node, we find an uncanny recurrence of planetary themes within those life events that are path-determining; in other words, the properties of the North Node’s ruler will always be present when one’s fate is taking a turn. Think about the energies of your North Node’s ruler, then think about three or four major turning points in your life. Most likely you will see a definite flavor of the ruling planet, and may even see a variety of energies that reflects facets of the planet’s character. Finding this thread in the past has a definite positive for the future, as it makes it easier to recognize an important or ‘fateful’ point while one is in the midst of it.
We have an excellent example of this principle in Karen Silkwood (19 February 1946, 9:50 PM, Longview TX USA). Ms. Silkwood was an employee of Kerr-McGee Corporation at their plutonium fuel processing facility when she noticed outright falsifications of processing and safety records. She notified corporate and union officials, and continued to gather evidence in spite of being twice deliberately contaminated during her shifts. Ms. Silkwood became a vocal critic of the corporation and the dangers to those living in the area due to Kerr-McGee’s shoddy practices, and many believe she lost her life because of this. On the way to meeting with a major union official and a New York Times reporter, Karen Silkwood was run off the road and killed in the ensuing crash. Autopsy revealed Quaaludes in her blood, an unlikely primer for a meeting of such consequence, and documents she was known to have been carrying with her that were damning for the coporation were never found.
Of note in Ms. Silkwood’s chart is the Gemini North Node, suggesting the importance of information/ communication in her destined direction. We see Pluto in the 10th, linking her reputation quite literally with Plutonium, as well as with issues of death, re-generation, decay, and waste, the latter being one of the issues of lax disposal involved in Ms. Silkwood’s investigation. She has a Pisces Sun at 00, suggesting both a ‘brand new’ phase of identity and a Soul intent attuned to the Collective good. Note also Chiron, Jupiter, and Juno rising, implying strong identification with healing society and Self via Self-empowerment and the initiative of the individual. Mercury, ruler of the North Node, is sited in Pisces in the 5th, with its ruler Neptune posited in the 12th, again connecting Ms. Silkwood to the Collective; it’s quite likely that she was driven by a strong sense of obligation to the Universal welfare, and that perhaps she was not entirely conscious of why she felt she must pursue justice for the common good.

Just a Little Essence for Today 19 October 2011: ‘Spending Our Emotional Pennies’


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'The Fortune Teller' de la Tour c1636 {{PD-Art}}

8:30 AM PDT the Cancer Moon squares Saturn, perhaps stopping us dead in our tracks; or, the Universe presents obstacles and our first reaction is to bash our head against the wall, trying to get through! Conflict between our feelings and some Saturnian thing (authorities, rules, our own fears?) is inevitable. Navigate with care, and yet don’t spend too much energy in resistance–it’s a matter where patiently walking around the wall is a lot more effective than trying to push it down on your own.

Just after 11 PM PDT we hit a jackpot, of sorts: the Moon squares Juno, opposes Pallas, and quincunxes Neptune. Will we be sucked into a power struggle despite our better judgment, deluded about how another may threaten empowerment? Or will we be fighting for status based on an illusory idea of who may bestow it? Or will we be feeling powerless, projecting the wisdom that shows a way out on someone else, based on our image of them? Well, none of those sound very fun–let’s instead look at how our emotional approach to someone or something may be not only unwise but keeping us from our own empowerment in the matter. The illusion can be pierced at this time–that would be a much better way to spend our time and energy pennies :)

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Just a Little Essence for Today 18 October 2011: ‘Are Those Angels Singing, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?’


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Schadow 1828 {{PD-Art}}

8 AM the Moon trines Mercury, and we get the message we’ve been waiting for–now can we translate it? This is necessary as it will be sent and received on an emotional frequency, or we’ll intuit information ‘broadcast’ by another via our emotional connection–in any case, informative, if we can set aside our emotional prejudices and accept the information untainted.

5:30 PM PDT the Moon trines Venus. A Watery trine feels so good! Just don’t let the feeling turn into money or love slipping through your fingers like water, ’cause you’re so blissed out you forget to take others, or priorities, into account. This begins a rather wide Grand Trine connection among the Moon, Venus, and Ceres. This Grand Trine amps up the feeling sensibilities until they may resonate like an enormous tuning fork! I know, a weird analogy, but one that describes the overwhelming intensity of the feeling nature at this time–it’s what I imagine angels singing to sound like! The connection to nature, maternal instincts, and love can be profound–this can be an amazing time for an elevated dining experience, an emotional meeting (especially something like a ‘I’ve been looking for my biological mother and now we’re meeting at Starbucks!’ kind of get-together), or true communion with a loved one.

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Just a Little Essence for 17 October 2011: ‘For a Happier Life’


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'The Boating Party' Cassatt c1894 {{PD-Art}}

Around 11 AM Pacific the Gemini Moon creates a Grand Trine in Air with arms of Juno in Libra and Neptune in Aquarius. We are empowered to create–and this is so no matter what we’re doing–it’s a ‘think it and you can make it’ aspect. Use this well and wisely! Optimists who are also willing to do will likely get better results than pessimists or unfettered dreamers, both of whom typically have trouble making actual moves toward their goals in the physical world. Liveliest matters are likely to be found in the Houses where these bodies are placed, and with any natal placements they affect, at roughly 25-29 degrees of an Air sign (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius).

8:30 PM PDT the Cancer Moon squares Uranus; hey! where’d all that rebellion come from? It may be a reaction to what we don’t want to heal just yet–we must admit, sometimes we are more comfortable holding on to our anger, resentment, or hurt–but if this is you, please consider giving it up for a happier life.

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Just a Little Essence for the Weekend 14-16 October 2011: ‘Oh, Bother!’


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Sterndale 1886 {{PD-Art}}

We’ll start a little essence of the weekend with this aspect, tonight Pacific time: 11 PM the Taurus Moon quincunxes Juno; now we must adjust to our own or others’ empowerment needs–as Winnie the Pooh would say, Oh bother!

For Saturday the 15th we look at 1 PM PDT, when the Moon quincunxes Mercury, and either we must adjust our own message according to things we sense running below the surface, because of secrets, or on the discovery of something heretofore hidden (Merc in Scorpio) or we receive communications where what’s important is found in the subtext. Put on your detective hat and think above, below, and around the words. This begins a Finger of God with base of Mercury sextile Pluto apex Moon where competently blending recent changes to rules, life structures, boundaries, and organization with our current situation, those things we may have suppressed or denied, hidden or buried, and we will see an especially effective period where we can communicate through the emotions, giving and receiving, and where we can intuit a great deal from the communications of others. Exploit this time and this gift carefully.

And for Sunday the 16th, at 5 PM PDT we see the Moon square Ceres, and we get resistance from Mother Nature, authorities, or a maternal figure; do we deserve it? Maybe. This would be a good point at which to look at things from the ‘other’ point of view, as we may be too prone to dwell in our own heads at this time.

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Mercury Into Scorpio: Cursing the Darkness


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Thoma 'Mercury' {{PD-Art}}

Cursing the darkness, of course, follows trying to move through it without putting on a light, as we are bound to run into something–and that’s what we can anticipate initially with this entry of Merc in Scorpio–we are bound to be caught by surprise by some message, communication exchange, or with what bursts out of our own mouths (or runs through our own minds), and this can be dangerous: we are tempted to react to something momentary and passing as if it’s permanent, and what’s more, we are tempted to over-react, with rage, vengeance, the keeping or exposing of secrets, or the destruction of something–and it’s all, essentially, on a whim, prompted by this quick-change energy emphasis.

But what about that light, the one that would keep us from crashing into an object invisible in this dark? Probably the best way to understand our thought processes and motivations at this time is through our feeling nature; contra-intuitive, I know, to inspect the mind with the heart, but as Scorpio is a Water sign, we can access what’s hidden from us quite successfully by using feelings and intuition to ‘open the door.’

Tumult is almost guaranteed, especially early in the transit of Mercury through Scorpio; just remain conscious of the Mercurial quickness with which all can change, and try to access the emotion behind what’s communicated–this will help us understand, and allow a truer response, rather than a reactionary one.

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Just a Little Essence for Today 13 October 2011: ‘At Cross-Purposes’


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'Hope' by Watts pre-1904 {{PD-Art}}

By 11 PM PDT the Taurus Moon forms the apex of a Finger of God with base of h.Zeus and North Node. This ushers in an opportunity for strong emotional expression in artistic, artisanal, and material forms, if we can align the ambition/ desire nature and the direction we’re headed. This may seem easy, but the truth is that we often work at cross-purposes to our own desires, because we have difficulty recognizing which of our own actions may fail to support us. Use others (Libra) and factual knowledge (Sagittarius) for effective feedback that can orient you firmly in reality.

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