Full Moon 7 February 2012: ‘The Revelatory Moon’


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'Happiness' by Julio Romero de Torres {{PD-Art}}

We start with the Full Moon of February 7th at 1:53 PM PST at 18 Leo 31 ‘The Revelatory Moon’. This Full Moon brings to a conclusion a period of communication–we can look back and know a statement has been made, quite definitively, and that there’s no more to be said about it (Moon/ Earth opposed Mercury, which is just past exact Superior Conjunction with the Sun). This is the only major aspect, with all other contacts more than 3 degrees away, but we do have a minor contact, a sesquiquadrate of Moon/ Earth to Uranus. This suggests that the culmination involving information, messages, communication, or travel/ transportation will be shocking or surprising, certainly not what we anticipated, or may encapsulate an innovative, electrifying, or original idea, that is now fully formed and ready to be acted upon (though we may not be ready to act, considering the current retrograde of Mars). So, this Full Moon in Leo brings a kind of enlightenment through information or ideas, and this is directly related either to our identity, our Life Path, or some core component of the Soul and its intents.

I’m aware that this is an awfully broad message, and though for some this will be clear in an instant, for most it will take some divining. Look to the natal House axis across which this lies; a selection of the matters of these Houses will be involved in a revelatory tango (or perhaps a winner-takes-all gunfight!) This is Fire and Air facing off, and one thing I know thanks to Mars retro, we want  Air (Aquarius, the position of Sun and Mercury) to win. We don’t want to get all fired up and do–that could bring regret and circumstances that must, eventually be re- (or un-) done; what we want is the inspiration of Fire, the mind and heart alight with it, and our thoughts imbued with that passion. Then we can plan in a way that will insure deep satisfaction on enacting our intentions; for the present, though, we want the mind and its ability to control to prevail.

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Just a Little Lunar Essence for Today 6 February 2012: ‘A Maternal Connection’


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"Madame Liotard and her daughter' Jean-Etienne Liotard {{PD-Art}}

Void begins at 4:32 AM PST; the Moon enters Leo at 5:24 AM PST. Right away the Leo Moon roars in the direction of Neptune–and receives irritation and attitude (by quincunx) for his trouble. This is a time when we can either modify emotions in recognition of reality (unpleasant and dream-denying as this may be), or immerse them in the delusional waters of fantasy or the Collective. Though it is our choice, and we may feel a little too cool and rational if we side with the need to respond to reality, we will be far ahead of the fantasizers if we do.

10:30 AM PST the Moon squares Jupiter and quincunxes Chiron. If we were wondering what might get in the way of our empowerment plans, now we know. Upset potentials are contained in the social sphere, in disappointing expansion attempts, and in old wounds or the infliction of new ones. This is best handled by realizing that the only way these can actually affect us is if we react to them; if we recognize them for the ‘opinions of others’ that they are, we needn’t partake of the upset.

4 PM PST the Moon trines Ceres, and we either dwell in our primal connection to Mother Nature or to authority–or we spend really nice time with Mom :)

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Just a Little Essence for the Weekend 4-5 February 2012: ‘Emotionally Reactive’


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'The Flirtation' Leo Gestel c1910 {{PD-Art}}

For the 4th:

3:30 AM PST the Cancer Moon trines Chiron and sextiles Jupiter. Feeling gets big, and the only question is whether we’ll choose love, let it envelope us, and achieve significant healing, or whether we’ll choose anti-love, and wound or be wounded. This may involve the social sphere, but will definitely involve our issues with nurture and sustenance. Could bring up episodes for binge eaters, anorexics, and others who ask food to stand in for relatives (I’m not getting judge-y, here–let’s face it, almost every one of us has some issue with food–I can’t think of anyone I’ve ever known who doesn’t!) This will just be a difficult transit, in some respect, large or small, for everyone. And sleepers, watch your dreams for love and nurture issue content.

7:30 AM PST the Moon squares Ceres. Allergic reactions, and not just to the environment or food; difficult feelings about authority figures, Mom, and our relationship to nature all come forward. This is all-of-a-piece with the previous Chiron/ Jupiter upset. Should pinpoint for us those things we typically successfully repress or deny in our Ceres interactions that is really festering and should be attended to.

And for the 5th:

3 PM PST sees the Moon at the midpoint of Sedna and Mars–that’s like being caught at the crossroads of ‘I don’t know’ Lane and ‘Hurry the Hell Up!’ Boulevard. The emotions are likely in such conflict (and conflict we cannot sort out or even identify the source of) that we are likely to experience all manner of disruption of anything that involves the emotions or that requires decisive action. Oy.

Midnight the Moon trines Venus. Finally some relief, though for Air-types things may get a little cloying, and for Earth-types a little muddy, all in the course of dealing with a wave of emotional expression that for everyone should let off some pressure. Thank goodness.

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Just a Little Lunar Essence for Today 3 February 2012: ‘Smart Moves, Fresh Vulnerabilities’


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'Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog' Friedrich c1810 {{PD-Art}}

Post 4 PM PST the Gemini Moon moves into an Air Grand Trine with Pallas and Saturn. We can now make smart moves in the world–the emotions and intuitions have a direct line to inner wisdom and the practical, and reality is receptive to our thoughts and ideas (Gemini). An excellent point to go forward with something where clear-sightedness and common sense are essential.

Void begins 9:04 PM PST; Moon enters Cancer at 10:03 PM PST. We have an immediate trine to Neptune, back in his own realm of Pisces. This may be the blissful moment when we feel whatever changes we are bound to feel from Neptune’s sign change–I expect little, really, though most likely is an enhanced awareness of both our creative capabilities/ imagination, and our awareness of (or for some, lack of awareness of) our own vulnerability, especially to drugs and alcohol, fantasy and deception. Hold on, it’s going to be a strangely foggy ride!

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Just a Little Lunar Essence for Today 2 February 2012: ‘Just Like Being There’


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Leander Russ 1842 {{PD-Art}}

5 AM PST the Gemini Moon trines Mercury, giving us what used to be called, ‘The Gift of Gab’–but whether we are speaking or not, we will be communicating; awareness that we are letting our world and everyone in it know what we think is paramount. There is nothing we can do to censor or control what is made known, perhaps making us feel very vulnerable, and certainly making for the possibility that some of what we’d hoped to be more discreet with will surely become known.

11 AM PST the Moon conjuncts the South Node, drawing us into a session of nostalgia or regret, likely prompted by the flow of memory and information that came with the Moon/ Merc aspect. It may feel, for a bit, just like being there, swamped in memory so acute we forget about the now. Don’t over react, and don’t invest in this memory–the reason we re-live it is because it really is gone.

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Just a Little Lunar Essence for Today 1 February 2012: ‘Tempest in a Teapot’


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Liotard 1783 {{PD-Art}}

Void begins 11:07 AM PST; the Moon enters Gemini at 11:15 AM Pacific time.  Right away the Moon opposes Juno, setting a combative tone over territory and empowerment matters. It may be all talk, or a battle of knowledge or information, philosophy or religious belief, or the sheer blast of one person broadcasting loud and clear, and so not open to receiving new or contradictory info! Mostly just a tempest in a teapot; refuse to be embroiled in what likely ends up being a lot of fuss without real import.

Just after 7 PM PST the Moon sextiles Ceres. We are reminded of our natural authority, and of the areas where nature says we rule :)   Use your power wisely~

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I recommend the excellent work of Ayala Chen, who offers a free introduction to your Guardian Angel and position on the Tree of Life according to Kabbalistic Astrology Update: LINK FIXED–Please try!

Just a Little Lunar Essence for Today 31 January 2012: ‘Fits and Starts’


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'Ships in Distress in a Raging Storm' Backhuysen c1690 {{PD-Art}}

4:30 PM Pacific the Moon sextiles Venus; costs and benefits (and these may be material, with Moon in Taurus) are clear–the real question is, Will we acknowledge this?

6:30 PM PST the Taurus Moon conjuncts Sedna and trines Mars. Suddenly we won’t know what we feel, and yet those unheralded feelings will drive our awkward, fits-and-starts (Mars retro) actions and choices-yikes! Anything that falls in this window of influence (4 or so hours before or after this time) that feels compelling should probably be avoided, just for safety’s sake.

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Just a Little Lunar Essence for Today 30 January 2012: ‘A Riot of the Senses’


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Berentz 1689 {{PD-Art}}

2:30 AM PST the Taurus Moon conjuncts Jupiter, making for big, indulgent emotions. If you are an emotional eater, duct tape your hands together (you’ll probably need a buddy for this!) and get as far from food (or perhaps seek out unappetizing surroundings) as you can; if you’re an emotional acter-out, you could do anything from vowing to (and starting to) re-paint the entire house–red!–to ripping through your SO’s belongings, looking for love letters and clues to a (likely mythical) other lover or other life! All I can say up front is that the pursuit will definitely be Taurean, and take on big proportions on a life-upsetting scale. Bubble baths and a little Valerian (not at the same time!!) are my suggestions. Or getting out for a sensual experience: mud bath, running in the rain, a concert, play, or IMAX movie–even a scratch ‘n sniff lottery ticket will help you get through this ;)

6:30 PM PST the Moon squares the Sun, pushing us to face what’s going on at the time in terms of assessing it–a somewhat critical stance that may not be all that illuminating, despite how it seems. Too much examination of anything at this time is to be avoided.

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Just a Little Astro Essence for the Weekend 28-29 January 2012: ‘Unrestrained’


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Toulouse-Lautrec 1890 {{PD-Art}}

From the newsletter:

The 28th brings Merc square Jupiter, Earth quincunx Pluto, and the Sun sesquiquadrate Mars. This is a formula for discord and conflict, where everyone is to some extent uncomfortable. Communications come across as exaggerated or bragging, the social arena reacts poorly to what’s put out, we are unhappy with material circumstances and wish for change, and our need for action is illuminated and yet we are critical of any possible course we could take. Believing that action is a necessity is the big mistake; with our thoughts and energy tied up in conflict, there’s no way we can see clearly what to do. Despite what likely felt like extraordinary ‘luck’  we experienced yesterday, we are just not in the same position today–and need to accept that, and hang back a bit.

And the Lunar outlook for Sunday, the 29th:

6 AM PST the Moon quincunxes retro Mars. This may be the big kick-off to our personal efforts to remedy actions we think we got wrong in the pre-retro period.

Noonish the Aries Moon sextiles Pallas, giving us a little shot of common sense and smarts–we’ll know it wasn’t a good idea to do that Aries Moon-type thing (maybe getting emotionally aggressive, all up in one’s grill with our feelings-ouch!)

Just after 8 PM PST the Moon opposes Saturn and sextiles Neptune. What a combination!! We throw off all constraints and let our imaginations lead–the atmosphere is tense, with all at 29 degrees (perhaps imparting a feeling that we must do ‘it’!) and we have no idea where this will take us, as we proceed into the Void at 10:10 PM Pacific time–the only thing we can count on is that each individual will be an individual, and very very Willful. Good luck!

Moon enters Taurus at 10:28 PM PST.

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