Born Today 20 May


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Show the world what you can do, Taurus! 'The Musical Contest' by Jean Honore Fragonard c1750 {{PD}}

Show the world what you can do, Taurus! ‘The Musical Contest’ by Jean Honore Fragonard c1750 {{PD}}

The issues for you this Solar year, dear Taurus, center on questions of independence, originality, freedom, and cooperation; the period may be one big trade-off between going it alone (even being a leader), then needing the support or cooperation of others–and neither extreme, as part of the group or off on your lonesome, will truly satisfy for long. It’s a matter of very much needing to feel unique and to be recognized as such–and there’s nothing wrong with that–but also to feel useful and have something significant to offer others. This need has been building for a long time, and you’re right in feeling that it’s time to come out from the shadow of more show-offy types and let the sun shine upon (and the world see) all that you have to offer. Expect by November to reach the point where you’ve sorted out these issues of working alone or in tandem,  and in the meantime cultivate your talents, for they’ll surely be on show before your next Solar Return.

Featured Solar Return aspect: the Sun square Pallas. It might take a little time, but you’ll figure out what’s unwise and just doesn’t work, and what supports expression of skills and feeds the Soul, through gentle critical assessment. Take your time, and make your own critical voice the one you listen to–it’s really the only one that counts.

If you happen to be born today but have your Sun in early Gemini, read tomorrow’s ‘Born Today’ as well.

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Just a Little AstroEssence 19 May 2014: The Love or Power Equation


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Pit Bull with Baby by Henry J. Walker 1892 {{PD}}

Pit Bull with Baby by Henry J. Walker 1892 {{PD}}

19 May we are more than ready to face the Powers-that-Be, and to wield some power of our own. The stakes feel exceptionally high, and may be stated in a Love or Power equation, a false dichotomy if there ever was one. The reality is we needn’t give up either option, if we have the cojones to openly refuse to abandon either. The only thing this will require, besides the requisite chutzpah, will be a willingness to adjust the identity, to say, ‘Yes, I want power, yes, I want Love’. (Perfecting today: Pluto trine Juno, Venus opposed Ceres and quincunx Saturn, Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto)

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Born Today 19 May


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'Small Scene of Wintry Trees' Artist Unknown {{PD}}

‘Small Scene of Wintry Trees’ Artist Unknown {{PD}}

This coming Solar year, dear Taurus, you’re propelled forward by a strong emotional desire to know: to learn all you can, to understand everything and everyone, to use what you know to be inventive and original in all you do, and especially to know about and understand where you’re headed. In fact, dissecting every facet of and influence on your life direction may become something of an obsession; that means you’ll have a choice: to become lost in Self-concern, or to channel that enthusiasm and attention to detail into creating precisely the environment you desire. Make sure you keep a close eye on your surroundings, and at each turn make choices that make the environment suit you better. You’re in a building phase right now, one that can end up bringing you a lot of reward as well as making very clear to you exactly where you want to spend your time, talents, and energy; make sure to stay connected to your emotional reality, as it’s easy at this time to focus too closely on details, facts, and making ‘it’ happen, and forget that you’re having feelings about all the change you’re making in your world.

Featured Solar Return aspect: Mars goes direct in Libra. You’ll find a great deal of energy freed up this year; what has been of late used up in cooperative efforts or in pleasing others will be yours to command once again.

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Born Today 18 May


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'Bau der Teufelsbruecke' ('The building of the Devil's Bridge') Carl Blechen 1833 {{PD}}

‘Bau der Teufelsbruecke’ (‘The building of the Devil’s Bridge’) Carl Blechen 1833 {{PD}}

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Oh Taurus, you want more, but you’ll be having a hell of a time figuring out how to build a bridge to it this coming solar year. You are more than ready to move on ambitions and on creating a power situation for yourself (even if that only means calling the shots in your own life), but you may find that you will be repeatedly called on to change something about your attitude, identity, or goals in order to make things happen. This on the surface may seem unfair, but the reality is that the Universe knows best; what you’re aiming for right now isn’t totally right for you–you just don’t know that yet–but in the future, when looking back, you’ll see how to have gotten what you wanted unmodified by those things you’ll need to change would’ve made for a much less appropriate or fulfilling result.

Featured Solar Return aspect: a Finger of God with base of Venus in Aries sextile Mercury in Gemini, both inconjunct Saturn in Scorpio. This suggests that if you can remain Self-motivated by values (and if you can sufficiently value yourself) and keep thought processes direct and unencumbered, you can make significant progress that can build something meaningful and lasting.

Born Today 17 May


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'Gibraltar' James Wilson Morrice 1913 {{PD}}

‘Gibraltar’ James Wilson Morrice 1913 {{PD}}

Finally! I’m bringing ‘Born Today’ back as a daily feature–a glimpse at the year ahead for everyone born on that day–but that means forecasts and articles will be scarce. If you’re interested in those, please subscribe–and please feel free to share or email this post, buttons are below when you click on the individual post title–thank you!

The future’s on your mind today, dear Taurus, not directly, but in a nagging way that makes you concerned about future security, creative expression, and change, and how those will shape your Path. You want to build, grow, or make something solid this coming Solar year–and you definitely want to do the smart thing–the problem is you might not be as open to the smart move as you think you are, instead carrying a list of objections that suit your worries and wounds. It appears you may be seriously afraid of change–and who can blame you? One way to handle all these conflicting pressures is to promise yourself to accept/ make change as long as it respects your highest values and those things and people you honor. That way, what truly matters is undisturbed, what’s sacred remains sacred, and so manages to provide that security you’re (consciously or not) concerned about.

Featured Solar Return aspect: Venus in Aries opposed Vesta in Libra. This may sum up a lot of things for you this year: the rewards of leading or going it on your own may directly conflict with the companionship, cooperation, and commitment enjoyed in partnership, on the home front, and in supporting issues that represent your highest values. Think of it as a time when you can experiment a little (supported by Solar Return Uranus opposed Zeus), find out how much togetherness you really want, and decide what things you truly want to make a part of your life every day. Take your time in deciding–you pretty much have all year.

Your Weekend 17 & 18 May 2014 from ECLIPSE


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'The Elements' J.E.H. MacDonald 1916 {{PD}}

‘The Elements’ J.E.H. MacDonald 1916 {{PD}}

17 May we get some clues as to what might be disjointed about our ambition picture and plan, and though the mentality perceives things in a light that respects our highest values we may still be too reactive to the primal wound to make truly objective choices. Relationships and/ or the financial situation will not be of help, and may actually distract us or put us on what we’ll later consider ‘the wrong track’. The answer may be to wait to make any significant choices; currently our fears or the influences of others or our ongoing situation are too strongly felt to be removed from any equation, and so may exert more pull on our decisions than we realize. Have the courage to say, “I don’t know”, “Not yet”, and “We’ll see”. (Perfecting today: Pallas semi-square Zeus, Venus opposed Vesta, Mercury trine Vesta and square Chiron)

18 May we may feel highly inventive and original in areas of Love, relationships, or in ways to earn, but we resist sharing our ideas, and with good reason: those in power are listening, ‘ears to ground’, as they say, looking for an opportunity outside the current structure. Though that may seem like it offers the perfect chance for mutual benefit, the thing you need to know about those in charge is that they’re not looking for collaborators. Nurture your uniqueness, your ideas, and your ability to innovate in private, with an agenda of considering how you might alter the existing structure in a way that conveys the power directly to you. (Perfecting today: Venus square Jupiter and parallel Uranus, Mercury trine Ceres and quincunx Saturn, the Sun quincunx the North Node)

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Born Today 16 May


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 Jean-Siméon Chardin, (1699 - 1779) (French)

Jean-Siméon Chardin, (1699 – 1779) (French)

Finally! I’m bringing ‘Born Today’ back as a daily feature–a glimpse at the year ahead for everyone born on that day–but that means forecasts and articles will be scarce. If you’re interested in those, please subscribe–and please feel free to share or email this post, buttons are below when you click on the individual post–thank you!

For those born 16 May: You may feel this year as if you’re just waking up, coming out of a kind of internal shadow that kept you from focusing on your world and its events the way you needed to. Exploration is on the agenda, as is expansion of your horizons, acquisition of knowledge (formally in a classroom or informally in daily life), and perhaps the development of an enhanced life philosophy or a new belief or two. Though the urge to go out and do will be a strong one, you’d do better to hang back for a time and let your attitude and approach coalesce into something firm that can guide choices and actions–that way when you do choose, it will suit you completely.

Born Today 15 May



 'Combat of Love and Chastity' by Gherardo di Giovanni di Miniato c1475 {{PD}}

‘Combat of Love and Chastity’ by Gherardo di Giovanni di Miniato c1475 {{PD}}

Finally! I’m bringing ‘Born Today’ back as a daily feature–a glimpse at the year ahead for everyone born on that day–but that means forecasts and articles will be scarce. If you’re interested in those, please subscribe–and please feel free to share or email this post, buttons are below on the individual post–thank you!

For those born 15 May: Happy Birthday! What’s ahead for you? A year when Love or Money can come suddenly–and be in direct conflict with the ambition picture, goals, those things to which you dedicate your life energy, the home, and/ or the mate. This may seem like an unwinnable conflict, with the social circle pressing for one outcome and your own fears and skills pressing for another. Resolution comes in accepting your own instincts and deep ‘knowing’ as your guide, and it helps that the mind is clear and agile. Bonus: Especially if you have any natal placements between 8 and 10 degrees of Cardinal signs, it may be a considerable time before you are ready to act–and that’s as it should be.

May 2014 Full Moon: A Shift of Energies Toward ‘Ultimate Truth’


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'The Repast of the Lion' by Henri-Julien-Félix Rousseau 1907 {{PD}}

‘The Repast of the Lion’ by Henri-Julien-Félix Rousseau 1907 {{PD}}

The Full Moon for May occurs on the 14th at 12:15 PM PDT at 23 Scorpio 54. This Full Moon is widely conjunct Saturn, conjunct Earth, and opposed Sedna-Sun, all across the Taurus-Scorpio axis, giving this FM a flavor of finality, the kind we’ve ‘known’ was coming all along, a shadow lurking at the back of our minds. When reading this FM within your own chart, make sure you read it across the pair of Houses in which the FM and Sedna-Sun fall, because this is a culmination that will be active in both arenas—in fact, it may be difficult to tell where the FM falls just by House activity, as there may be as much of an ending in the House opposing the FM as there is in the one where it occurs.

What ends may be something secret, destructive, undermining, or hidden, as the impetus with the FM may be to move in the direction of Ultimate Truth. Our instinctive understanding may tell us what is changing in terms of energy shifts and the unseen world, but we can look for some material echo of this in the House where the FM occurs—here Saturn manifests something concrete that reflects the ending or change we know is coming about.

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Just a Little AstroEssence 12 May 2014: Keep Your Seat


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Cosimo Tura c1460 {{PD}}

Cosimo Tura c1460 {{PD}}

12 May we’re focused on empowerment and think we know just how to achieve this, but we can’t make our ideas work unless we are willing to modify our actions or approach so that it respects current power arrangements. Too, there’s some underlying antagonism in relationships and possibly over money that may interfere with choices/ taking action—our job is to keep a clear head, go forward in implementing our ideas, and to do so without knocking anyone else off their throne. (Perfecting today: Mars quincunx Juno, Mercury trine Mars, Venus contra-parallel Mars)

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