Just a Little AstroEssence 14 March 2014: Reflections


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'The Leaf' EA Forbes 1897 {{PD}}

‘The Leaf’ EA Forbes 1897 {{PD}}

14 March is a day when thought easily sparks action and communicating makes things move, but there are two plagues, erraticism and unreliability, which may scotch the entire works. Words can be accidentally incendiary, though quick reflexes and a willingness to cooperate, separately or together, can save the day. Too, the group may see it as their prerogative to control both action and individuals, which can spur rebellion when all we really want is to feel independent, or at least, unique; there may be lots of kerfuffle kicked up by individuals over what their obligation is or isn’t to the group. Listening politely is probably the best way to handle things; expression will satisfy most people with no other follow-up. On top of this, it may feel like spiritual matters and material ones are light years apart; think of them as reflections, not opposites. (Perfecting today: Mercury trine Mars, semi-square Uranus)

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Just a Little Lunar Essence 14 March 2014: No Balance


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Even Juno's symbol (the peacock feather) won't help this young tightrope walker. 'Il Saltimbanco' Antonio Mancini 1870 {{PD}}

Even Juno’s symbol (the peacock feather) won’t help this young tightrope walker. ‘Il Saltimbanco’ Antonio Mancini 1870 {{PD}}

3 AM PDT of the 13th the Leo Moon sextiles Zeus, making us very sure of ourselves and our ambitions. We think we can feel or intuit our way toward them–those enjoying positive contacts to the natal Sun right now actually can. 5 PM PDT the Moon creates a Grand Cross with Saturn opposed Sedna and her own opposition to Mercury; at this time the Moon also quincunxes the Sun. Thoughts and emotions are caught between the reality picture and the unseen forces of the spirit that move just below consciousness; every time we try to reason or feel our way toward some sort of clarity, the constraints of reality clash with some serious, primal, and essential ‘knowing’ that we carry deep inside–the result is difficulty seeing without having the vision jangled by what we sense, or tuning in to the intuition without having material matters intrude. There’s no balancing this, we just have to get through it. 11 PM PDT the Moon sextiles Mars and conjuncts Pallas. We can act with real wisdom at this time; schedule all your decidin’ for right now.

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Just a Little AstroEssence 12 March 2014 + the Daily Word Image


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'Spring' by Millet c1870 {{PD}}

‘Spring’ by Millet c1870 {{PD}}

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12 March we may feel innately clumsy, with attempts to move forward causing unnecessary hurt, what we thought was smart turning out to be destructive, and worst of all may be the surprising nature of our own skills; what we were sure were practical additions to our repertoire may seem anything but at this time. Don’t worry, a great deal of this is a cacophony of odds and ends energies that just don’t seem to have a home, instead flying through the air and sticking in the most inconvenient places. We just need to let the static charge dissipate, and realize that perceptions right now are fritzed out, too—we shouldn’t try to assess anything until a little time has passed. (Perfecting today: Chiron sesquiquadrate the North Node, Pluto sesquiquadrate Pallas, Pallas contra-parallel Uranus)

Today’s image is participatory; open the nearest book, without looking place your finger on a page, and read what the Universe has to say to you today. I’ll share what mine was: “Was his wife unhappy? That was unfortunate, but it was, after all, her problem.” That’s from ‘Revolutionary Road’ by Richard Yates. To me that gives a keynote of Self-responsibility in the happiness department; everyone must see to their own happiness, and if we experience someone who cares enough about us to want us to be happy, that’s just extra, a blessing, icing on the cake of life. So what’s your message, and what do you translate it to mean?

On Tax Time and the Moon’s Voids


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Obviously, this get-together didn't start during a Void--unless of course they thought it wouldn't go well. 'Merry Trio' Judith Leyster c1630 {{PD}}

Obviously, this get-together didn’t start during a Void–unless of course they thought it wouldn’t go well. ‘Merry Trio’ Judith Leyster c1630 {{PD}}

We’re coming up on tax time in the US, but these rules apply in any country at any time when paying anything where you could be audited and the tax man could come back for more. These suggestions apply equally to personal taxes and business taxes, and have proven very useful in the real world; for myself, in a business that invites scrutiny (astrology is actually illegal in some parts of the US) I’ve filed using these guidelines for at least eighteen years now, and I’ve never been audited or had the return questioned in any way. These suggestions are based on some I first saw in the work of March and McEvers—if you’re not familiar with them and their well-presented work, you might want to be; their series, ‘The Only Way to . . .’ offers an excellent grounding in a number of Astro-areas.

It seems it’s all in the moment you release the Return; whether dropping it in a mailbox or pushing ‘Send’ on the computer, that is the point at which you lose control of the numbers, and entrust them to Big Brother. So to that end, you choose a moment during the Moon’s Void of Course period, every two and one half days. This can get tricky, as sometimes the Void is only a few minutes in length; but it’s worth planning ahead for.

The idea is that the Moon symbolizes the forward (linear) movement from one event to the next that is the essence of daily life; it represents time, not in Saturn’s slow, trudging-forward, span-of-eons way, but in the way that nothing sits still, everything is changing perpetually, and the Moon captures that changing nature of life in its swift cycle of waxing and waning. When it’s in the Void, it has made the last major aspect it will make to another body while still in that sign; it leaves the Void when it enters the next sign. In that period between the final aspect and entering a new sign, the Moon is said to carry no energy behind it; events, then, lack that same impetus, trailing off into nothing, coming to nothing, or never getting off the ground in the first place. This is advantageous in paying the tax bill as it would typically be scrutinized for discrepancies and extra due; offering it in a Void period, though, removes the energy that would ‘cling’, in a psychic sense, to the Return, which should allow it to flow through the system without a hitch, with either payment or refund over in no time. Whenever you want to put something through a system and have it pass through with little problem and without drawing attention, then initiating the journey during the Moon’s Void is the right time.

Stay away from submitting something during a Void when you DO want it to draw attention. Don’t enter a contest, submit a paper or article, or apply for a job or for entrance to a college, or make that ‘first moment’ in the Void for anything else where you want to be seen and heard. No interviews, placing orders, or announcements, either. There is another condition that applies to the Void, the potential for things not to go as planned. This chiefly applies to gatherings or something actually started during the Void, and it plays off what we anticipate going forward; if we believe we can start the party and it will be just fine, a convivial evening of laughter and warmth, what we may get is a lot of no-shows, a couple of fistfights, or an evening where everyone stands in icy silence with a drink in their hand—unanticipated outcomes, certainly, all bringing the unexpected as whatever energies were flying around fell into the Void as this unfortunate party got started, filling it

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Just a Little Lunar Essence 6 March 2014: Ripples


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'The Yerres, Effect of Rain' Gustave Caillebotte 1875 {{PD}}

‘The Yerres, Effect of Rain’ Gustave Caillebotte 1875 {{PD}}

The Lunar Essence for the 6th from this week’s ECLIPSE:

5 AM PST of the 6th the Taurus Moon conjuncts Sedna and opposes Saturn. The intuition gets some very high wattage at this point; you may feel you can ‘see’ through walls, and in a way, you can. Emotion, though, may be unwilling to stay within bounds and out of other peoples’ territory–a little restraint not only keeps things civil but lets you show true respect for the boundaries others need. 1 PM PST the Moon quincunxes Mars, making us unsure of actions if we’re using the emotions to gauge ‘rightness’. Rely on feedback from others or a partner in order to know if the choice is a good one (Mars in Libra). 5 PM PST the Moon squares Pallas and quincunxes North Node-Vesta. Being overly attached to using our skills or our smarts at this time will both knock us off course and cause ripples with our causes, on the home front, or with the mate. A modest approach works best for the time being. Void begins at 6:26 PM PST; the Moon enters Gemini at 6:38 PM PST. Just after 8 PM Pacific the Moon trines Venus and quincunxes Ceres. Relationships based on love go well, but those based on power do not. Jockeying for supremacy is a tiring activity; you might prefer retreating from any situation that threatens to drain you for no good reason–better to wrap yourself in the love freely offered than the interaction with strings attached. 10 PM PST the Moon sextiles Juno. We empower ourselves by thinking about the emotions of the situation–Moon in Gemini gives us both clarity and distance needed to be at least somewhat objective.

And the Daily Image, a word picture used for synchronicity and guidance, also from ECLIPSE:

Today’s image is the experience of walking in the rain; it connects us to the planet, and makes us aware that we really are a part of things, as few other events do. If you can, do it; if you can’t, close your eyes and remember what it feels like–or go out and experience the weather your part of the world is having right now–be aware that you’re standing on the skin of the Earth, spinning through space–there’s just nothing else like it.

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Just a Little AstroEssence 3 March 2014: Solid Undercurrents


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'Between the Waves' Aivazovsky 1898 {{PD}}

‘Between the Waves’ Aivazovsky 1898 {{PD}}

3 March skills may not get paid what they’re worth, and it’s like someone shines a huge spotlight on our identity and ego injuries. The good thing is, this can be a point of purging, a release from wounds that have tied up some part of our talents—these can now go free. We are tuned in to our ambitions and desires, and we are on point with our actions. It’s really the solid undercurrents that save the day, so don’t let the surface roughness take over; if you do you’ll miss a real opportunity to advance your own cause. (Mars parallel Pallas, Venus semi-square Chiron, Sun parallel Zeus, conjunct Chiron, sextile Pluto)

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A Little Something on the New Moon in Pisces 2014


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That New Moon seed may be planted in a dream. 'Legend of St. Francis--Dream of the Palace' Detail, by Giotto di Bondone {{PD}}

That New Moon seed may be planted in a dream. ‘Legend of St. Francis–Dream of the Palace’ Detail, by Giotto di Bondone {{PD}}

The New Moon occurs just a hair’s-breadth before the end of the day on the 28th, Pacific time (at 10 Pisces 39 at 11:59 PM PST). In Pisces the New Moon promises a new start for everyone, a Collective seed moment that carries all possibilities, and for the individual, it can spark a new dream, ideal, or delusion, with all the positives and negatives that those might entail.

This meeting of Sun and Moon happens widely conjunct Chiron, semi-sextile Uranus, trine Jupiter; the NM also makes a wide sesquiquadrate to Mars in Libra, which is stationed but still technically direct. These contacts infuse the creative spark or dream planted for each of us with the power of healing, an aspect of the radical or the surprising, the opportunity to expand in some way (probably in what we care about, with Jupiter in Cancer); the only discord comes from an over-exercise of ego, or perhaps from taking action based on a delusion (or perhaps based on one’s partner’s delusion, with Mars in Libra!) Look to the natal House where this NM falls for a sense of where a fresh creative development, inspiration, opportunity, chance, or mistake based on something misperceived or misunderstood might appear. If this NM makes contact to a natal body or point, consider that natal energy vital to what comes about, especially in terms of how and where (by the House the contacted body rules) the new beginning may show itself.

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The Daily Word Image from ECLIPSE 26 February 2014: Moonlight


'Moonlit Night on the Dnieper' Arkhip Kuindzhi 1882 {{PD}}

‘Moonlit Night on the Dnieper’ Arkhip Kuindzhi 1882 {{PD}}

Today’s image is someone driving on a desolate moonlit road, who is so distraught by the song on the radio they must pull over, put their head in their hands, and weep. If we can let sorrow flow through us, experiencing it but not making a permanent place for it in our hearts, we will be compassionate but also at peace; there will be no sadness lodged within to be suddenly broken loose by a song, or a memory, or the moonlight.

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Just a Little AstroEssence 25 February 2014: A Straightforward Recipe


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'Girl Chopping Onions' Gerrit Dou 1646 {{PD}}

‘Girl Chopping Onions’ Gerrit Dou 1646 {{PD}}

25 February rage comes from hurt, and transformation of what is comes from healing skills—a very straightforward recipe—but we’ll witness the clash of the individual against the social order, in many forms, and the thing we’ll need to know is that the individual, no matter what she says, will be feeling far from empowered. That can make for destructive and hurtful expressions that seem to come out of nowhere, but it can also foster the kind of permanent, healing change that brings the individual a sense of successful personal expansion of his world or of his reach. The only advice I can offer is to not accept your own internal sense of disempowerment, no matter how real it feels from the inside—it won’t be accurate, and may push you to do stupid things. (Pluto sextile Chiron, Jupiter square Uranus, Uranus contra-parallel Juno)

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Just a Little AstroEssence 24 February 2014: The Global Is Personal


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Note the costellation globe in the lower right corner 'The Great Vanity, Still-Life' Sebastian Stoskopff 1641 {{PD-Art}}

Note the constellation globe in the lower right corner ‘The Great Vanity, Still-Life’ Sebastian Stoskopff 1641 {{PD-Art}}

24 February that crisis in highest values, what we’re dedicated to, and home and family moves into the global consciousness and helps dictate our life direction. Of course this influences everyone differently, but it’s likely to center in partnerships, relationships, and/ or in the matters of the House where the meeting takes place (at 29 Libra, Vesta conjunct NN) We may be in this crisis state because we want to cement financial and love relationships in stone—we may be afraid of losing them, or worse, being forgotten ourselves—and we are in need of a serious ‘security fix’. Don’t be hard on yourself over this—though we may be tempted to ‘stiff upper lip’ it, we’d do well to indulge our need and attend to security needs—not by pestering others for promises, but by taking initiative and being responsible for ourselves. (Perfecting today: Vesta conjunct the NN, Venus sextile Saturn, trine Sedna)

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