Just a Little Lunar Essence 20 April 2014: Vulnerable


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Still Life with Peonies by Edouard Manet c1865 {{PD}}

Still Life with Peonies by Edouard Manet c1865 {{PD}}

5 AM PDT of the 20th the Capricorn Moon sextiles Neptune; we imagine what we could build, with a little discipline. A highly productive influence out-of-proportion to the mild aspect itself. 5 PM PDT the Moon conjuncts Pluto, opposes Jupiter, and squares Uranus. Adding the Moon to this potent Cardinal T means that we’ll likely read the Plutonian reactions (rage, anger, destruction, transformation, or renaissance) as practical (Cap) measures to deal with the T tensions. That may be an accurate perception, and it may not–what will really count is whether we can muster the emotional restraint long enough to determine whether that Plutonian urge makes sense in the context of the situation we’re facing. By 6 PM PDT the Moon picks up the final arm of the Grand Cross with a square to Mars. Now we are faced with choices or action pertaining to the emotional situation just before; checking with others (Libra) may keep us out of trouble and our options in perspective. 9 PM PDT the Moon squares Zeus and sextiles Chiron-Venus. It doesn’t feel like what’s practical actually serves ambition fulfillment, but the reality is that we’re too quick to see ourselves as vulnerable to losing what’s dear if we pursue goals. With emotional reactions arising out of past hurt, we take a conservative approach, and then wonder why nothing’s happening. A better way might be to make sure that what we pursue builds on what came before; a step-by-step effort may not be speedy, but will reassure us enough to move forward at a steady pace.

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Just a Little AstroEssence + the Daily Word Image 19 April 2014: Wizard Wise


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You know there's got to be a catch if the place is enchanted. 'The Enchanted Garden of Messer Ansaldo' by MS Stillman 1889 {{PD}} Here's the background for the painting in case you're interested: http://sites.fas.harvard.edu/~chaucer/special/authors/boccaccio/boc-10-5.html

You know there’s got to be a catch if the place is enchanted. ‘The Enchanted Garden of Messer Ansaldo’ by MS Stillman 1889 {{PD}} Here’s the background for the painting in case you’re interested: http://sites.fas.harvard.edu/~chaucer/special/authors/boccaccio/boc-10-5.html

19 April There may be a kind of cognitive dissonance between our perceptions (especially the mentality with which we face things) and what we typically honor or consider sacred. Expediency may trump upholding values, at least at first glance, and we may find ourselves or others obscuring the facts out of a desire not to find out about or deal with anything unpleasant—and worse, even if we’re trying to make contact with the Truth, it may reside in our ‘blind spot’, and so be unfindable. The best course is a prudent one: respect your usual priorities, even if they don’t seem important right now, stick to the facts, speak with clarity and respect for all (especially if you don’t feel it!) and don’t allow yourself to get contentious with your ‘traditional’ adversaries, even if the complaint seems justified or harmless—you won’t gain any ground in the scuffle. (Neptune sesquiquadrate Vesta, Venus quincunx Mars, Mercury opposed Vesta, semi-square Neptune, and parallel Sedna, Sun moves into Taurus and Earth into Scorpio)

Today’s image is a man dressed as a magnificent wizard, his companion walking along in a t-shirt and jeans–but it’s the companion who holds all the magic. This one’s self-explanatory: don’t be fooled by outward appearances–don’t think you know just by looking, or by what someone tells you they are–they have to show it, too.

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Pluto Retrograde 14 April 2014


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'Nocturne in Blue and Silver' James McNeill Whistler c1870s {{PD}}

‘Nocturne in Blue and Silver’ James McNeill Whistler c1870s {{PD}}

Pluto retrogrades at 4:47 PM PDT, and may get lost so close to the Lunar eclipse. It’s not that this won’t have an effect–it will send out the psychic equivalent of infrasound–but that it will likely be attributed to the boogy man of the eclipse, which has become the catch-all Lunar basket for every menacing vibe around. The turnaround of Pluto happens below consciousness; we don’t notice it, until we notice it, typically as a shift in background, in tone, in luck–suddenly things aren’t going smoothly, secrets can’t be kept (or, conversely, something is submerged or ‘gotten away with’ which we can count on being revealed on direction), something hidden nags, something dark lingers at the edge of the light. It’s all very ominous–except it’s not; Pluto is just as much a part of the Universe as any other energy. When it’s direct we see the wisdom in taking out the trash, cleaning up the mess, in death and decay as part of the cycle, but on retrograde all we see is the trash, the mess, or the death and decay–we may be so riveted by this display that we forget it’s an integral part of making the whole thing work.

If the representative of the god of the Underworld turns around in hard aspect to any of your natal bodies or points, you may become especially aware of the darkness associated with those areas–or you may need to deal with your own or another’s power displays related to it. Pluto retrogrades for almost six months at a time; this time it goes direct on 22 September 2014 at 10 Capricorn 59. The sheer length of its apparent backward movement means we sooner or later accommodate the planet’s motion within the psyche; it soon feels like it’s ‘just the way things are’–and for nearly half a year, it is.

The Eclipses of April 2014


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'Cornstalks in the Moonlight' Theodor Kittelsen c1900 {{PD}}

‘Cornstalks in the Moonlight’ Theodor Kittelsen c1900 {{PD}}

The eclipse of 15 April falls at 25 Libra 15, and is a Full Moon (Lunar eclipse), conjunct transiting energies Ceres, North Node, and Vesta, opposed t Juno, quincunx t Sedna, sesquiquadrate t Venus, and sextile t Pallas. On its own the eclipse suggests a watershed point in partnership, cooperative efforts, artistic endeavors, and in regard to ‘the Other’, everything and everyone outside ourselves. A Full Moon brings an ending, but within this is found a new beginning; this particular culmination/ beginning is amplified by an eclipse, and married (so Libra!) to Nature/ Authority (Ceres), the future (NN), and to an impeccable level of dedication of life energy (Vesta)–it is, in effect, a relational seed point that carries a walloping life force–and this contradicts the kind of puny, Willful, egotistical sense of empowerment that may be found in negative manifestation of Juno in Aries (opposition), as well as causing adjustment to the unconscious (Sedna) and cooperation with what’s ultimately wise (Pallas). The Sabian for this eclipse is, ‘An Eagle And A Large White Dove Change Into Each Other’ This symbolism implies that the ‘other’ focus of Libra involves an actual transformation of one half of a pair into the other, and vice versa; what we are observing or are partnered with, then, becomes what we are.

The Solar eclipse occurs April 28-29 (depending on your location) at 8 Taurus 51, a New Moon that only sextiles Neptune; everything else is outside even a generous orb, with Mercury just days past Superior Conjunction (if this were moving toward the eclipse point I would consider counting it) and Mars, though moving retrograde, outside the orb for a quincunx. That lays it all on Neptune and the Sabian for this eclipse, ‘A Fully Decorated Christmas Tree’. The New Moon, eclipse or not, also indicates new starts; so, we’re looking at a new beginning that may be born of ideals, fantasy, or creative application (Neptune), and that could represent (the Christmas tree) a time of celebration, could usher in an ‘ideal’ period, or present the beginning of a personal creative initiative (birth) or renaissance (re-birth). We’re looking at a pair of factors (the Sabian and Neptune) that describe personal ideals–but particularly with the Sabian, we have to note that the celebration is based on our relationship to the unseen, on faith. It’s not related to any specific religion, but instead on our individual idea of a kind of ‘perfect moment’, the kind that memories are built on and that are striven for consistently in everyday life.

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Just a Little Lunar Essence 11 April 2014: Resisting Healing


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http://www.flickr.com/photos/samkharadze/4365125766/  by Mikheil Samkharadze (kesha) Released under  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic

http://www.flickr.com/photos/samkharadze/4365125766/ by Mikheil Samkharadze (kesha) Released under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic

3:30 PM PDT the Virgo Moon sextiles Jupiter, trines Pluto, and quincunxes Uranus. Transformation or destruction is easy, and we’re tempted to ‘do it big’. Take careful measure as to whether this is an original and essentially creative impulse, or one that arises from rebellion, erratic perceptions, or a wish to lose the Self in anarchy. 9 PM PDT the Moon opposes Chiron and semi-sextiles Zeus. We may resist healing out of the erroneous idea that it could spoil the impetus behind an ambition or desire (for instance, if we believe we must be in emotional pain to be an artist, we wouldn’t want to lose what we see as creative ‘fuel’). Part of the process of healing is realizing that pain does not make us a deeper, more sensitive, or more perceptive person, that in fact it does the opposite, narrowing our viewpoint and restricting our understanding. So, consider letting that pain go.

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Venus Conjunct Neptune: Imagine Empowerment


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'Dancing Fairies' August Malmström 1866 {{PD}}

‘Dancing Fairies’ August Malmström 1866 {{PD}}

The conjunction of Venus to Neptune perfects on the 11th in Pisces; this can be an almost magical-feeling combination, with the desire nature and relationship/ financial/ asset emphases of Venus melting temporarily into the inspired Neptune in Pisces, fueling imagination, fantasy, dreams, creativity, delusion, and attention to the spiritual. What we get is an opportunity to imagine our ideal, and to apply that ideal in relationships, in earning situations, to living our values, and to creating. We have enormous potential for getting what we want, or for creating favorable circumstances or positioning in terms of what we want–but we can’t do that by simply imagining it. No matter how powerful our want or dedicated our visualization, we need to take action; this is a physical world where we are hoping to manifest our dream, and the unseen responds much more quickly to our desires when we take a material step to make things happen. It’s like making a statement to the Universe, “I’m willing to use my energy to get what I want”; we move, and so heaven and earth move, too.

In this case, the conjunction of Venus and Neptune occurs semi-square Juno in Aries, which also happens on the same day to conjunct the Sun. We’re being handed the recipe right here: taking initiative, a leadership role, or taking action (Aries, Fire) as we aim directly at what we want–use the status or position you already have (Juno) to make it happen (and we all have influence somewhere–don’t pretend you don’t!) The Sun shines a bright spotlight on what we need to do at a personal level; at this time there’s no excuse for not knowing how to proceed to fulfill that dream.

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The Daily Word Image 8 April 2014: Share the Light



'Nymphs Bathing' by Antonio Muñoz Degrain no later than 1924 {{PD}}

‘Nymphs Bathing’ by Antonio Muñoz Degrain no later than 1924 {{PD}}

Today’s image is two nymphs in a forest clearing at night; they lean together, and one pours some burning oil from her vessel into the empty one the other carries–now both hold lights in the darkness. This image refers to the sharing of real knowledge–not what we think we know, but those things we are sure of; they illuminate our lives–and if we tell others, they get the benefit as well. Today you may be called on at some point to share knowledge that will profoundly help another–don’t hesitate, don’t be afraid.

Just a Little AstroEssence 7 April 2014: A Vow of Silence


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Reliquary by Lippo Vanni c1355 courtesy of the Walters Art Museum via Wikimedia Commons Photo released under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License and the GNU Free Documentation License.

Reliquary by Lippo Vanni c1355 courtesy of the Walters Art Museum via Wikimedia Commons Photo released under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License and the GNU Free Documentation License.

7 April contests of Will are on the agenda; we communicate aggressively, believing we’re just defending what’s ours, though we’re perceived as threatening the power and rights of others. Here’s the thing: being too focused on what’s sacred to us may make us too quick to see others who share our values or work toward a mutual cause as threatening, likely because they, too, are communicating aggressively and not knowing it. Today the air’s rife with a sense of what we might describe as worship, even holiness, but instead of prompting peace it’s making everyone assume that others are trying to take that feeling and what generates it away. A vow of silence and attempting to live our ideals in a real-world sense might help; so might listening without pre-formulating an answer as the other person speaks. Too, realizing that what we honor may not need defending can be a powerful mantra against overreaction. (Perfecting today: Vesta sextile Pallas, Mars opposed Juno, Mercury into Aries and contra-parallel Vesta)

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Just a Little AstroEssence 6 April 2014: Coping Mechanisms


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If you must join the race, make sure you have a good horse. 'Portrait of St. Galmier' by Emil Adam c1885 {{PD}}

If you must join the race, make sure you have a good horse. ‘Portrait of St. Galmier’ by Emil Adam c1885 {{PD}}

6 April we can see our ambitions and wants right-over-there, but we may have a hard time making any progress toward them as we’ll keep having to adjust our thinking or our communications so that they consistently serve the direction we want to be headed—and even a willingness to do this won’t save us from authorities who just don’t want to see us move forward. It’s an awkward set of aspects, because it can make everyone feel just a touch paranoid, as it seems others are out to get us, whether they really are or not. Coping mechanisms include long walks on the beach, watching sunset with a drink in hand, or reading a good book, in short anything that both relaxes us and removes us from participation in what once, many moons ago, was referred to as the ‘Rat Race’. (Perfecting today: Sun sesquiquadrate Zeus, Mercury quincunx the North Node and contra-parallel Ceres)

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Just a Little AstroEssence 5 April 2014: A Contrary Undercurrent


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'Girl Reading' Georgios Jakobides c1882 {{PD}}

‘Girl Reading’ Georgios Jakobides c1882 {{PD}}

5 April everything may be surface-sunny but have a contrary undercurrent that could make even the slightest hiccup contentious. Things will be fine as long as most of us can walk around getting our way, without someone snatching the rose-colored glasses from the bridge of our held-in-the-air nose. Yes, it might be that bad—and yes, the contentiousness will be shown by both sides of that equation. Communication suffers as everyone listens with the idea that they are in charge, and that it’s within their power to call the shots and ‘yay or nay’ what someone else is saying, deciding, or even thinking. Desires take on a materialistic or sensual note, which we have a good chance of fulfilling if we don’t get co-opted by those who are looking for a sparring partner. Everyone who manages not to be mixed up in this mess may get swept up in the atmosphere of creativity and dreams—and can get really useful information on how to make money, show love, or carve a future using only the imagination. (Mars contra-parallel Pallas, Venus into Pisces and parallel the North Node, Mercury quincunx Ceres and contra-parallel Juno, Earth conjunct and parallel Zeus)

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