Just a Little AstroEssence 3 February 2014: Mother Nature’s Dark Side


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'As Evening Falls' Anders Andersen-Lundby 1882 {{PD}}

‘As Evening Falls’ Anders Andersen-Lundby 1882 {{PD}}

3 February Oh winter/ summer, are you going to continue to be harsh? Ceres shows her dark side no matter which hemisphere you reside in, and it won’t be pretty (though she does dip back into Libra for spring and summer in the north, putting our attention on biology/ health of ourselves and our mates, and into appreciation of good weather—it’s likely to be a lovely spring). On top of this, we as individuals may be tempted to do things that are seriously unwise. Don’t let a contrary streak lead you to pneumonia—take your vitamins, get plenty of rest, and think safety first, as Mother Nature will be just a little bitchy, now and on and off through late October 2014 (Perfecting today: Ceres into Scorpio, Uranus quincunx Pallas)

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Just a Little Lunar Essence 2 February 2014: Attitude Adjustment


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'Tranquil Pond' Egelsee near Golling, Salzburg 1899 {{PD}}

‘Tranquil Pond’ Egelsee near Golling, Salzburg 1899 {{PD}}

8 AM PST of the 2nd the Pisces Moon trines Saturn, sextiles Sedna, and quincunxes Mars. Following the intuition, material delivered through a meditative or sleep state, or a ‘hunch’ in taking action can make for spot-on efforts that have real-world effectiveness and results. 4 PM PST the Moon quincunxes Vesta, requiring we adjust the emotional reactions arising from the home situation, interaction with the mate, and/ or in dealing with those causes and goals to which we dedicate our life energy. Failure to make the needed accommodations could mean that we address these Vestal issues through a distorted lens of illusion or misunderstanding–and that doesn’t make for positive results. 8 PM PST the Moon quincunxes Ceres. Now we must adjust attitudes to allow authorities, Mother Nature, or those with whom we negotiate to, if not have their way, then at least be allowed to exercise their prerogatives without having to deal with any projections we might try to impose–we’ll be allowing another the freedom of expression we would like to consistently enjoy ourselves–fair enough. Void begins at 8:48 PM PST; the Moon enters Aries at 8:55 PM PST.

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Comparison of Knox and Kercher Natal Charts from October 2013 ECLIPSE


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Knox-Kercher Natal ComparisonThis is a re-print of an article that appeared exclusively in ECLIPSE last October; it may be of interest to those following Knox’s case now.

The Crying Game: the Amanda Knox Re-Trial The phrase ‘murder will out’ has two meanings: in the first it implies that a murder will always become a public event, and the second is the more general idea that secret or hidden crimes will not remain secret forever. The phrase apparently appears in the English language as far back as the work of Chaucer, and it carries an old superstitious implication, as well: that if the murderer comes near the corpse of the murdered, the corpse will begin to bleed once again. How convenient if this were true! But alas, all we have is the court system, and all we can do is inspect, again and again if need be, the evidence.

The Amanda Knox murder re-trial is in the news once more; a new appeal. brought by the prosecution, began in Perugia, Italy, on 30 September. I thought it might be appropriate to look at the victim, Meredith Kercher, in relation to Knox, via the natal charts. Up to now I’d only looked at Amanda’s natal horoscope and transits at the time of the murder, hoping for some idea if she was really involved–now I think an examination of the relationship between the two women at an elemental level is in order, if only to shed some light on what kind of interaction may have laid the basis for the death of one, which so thoroughly affected the life of the other.

I’ve put Amanda’s chart on the inside as she has a reliable birth time and so angles (9 July 1987 2:47 AM PDT Seattle Washington USA), while we have no birth time for Meredith (28 December 1985 ntk Southwark United Kingdom). The first thing that grabs my attention is the way M’s Chiron is conjunct A’s Ascendant=this may have felt to A like M ‘played the wounded one’ in relation to A’s attempts to ‘meet the world’ (one of the functions of the Ascendant); M’s Chiron is also semi-square A’s Sun, this suggesting both an interaction that may have felt like a minor affront to A’s Soul and identity, as well as M feeling to A like someone who carried the continual threat of injury–and this threatened injury likely echoed injuries A herself saw as her own (both natal Chirons fall in A’s 1st). Strangely, sometimes when we encounter someone who carries the same wounds we do we feel almost offended, as if something that is ours has been overrun and claimed by an interloper (and this attitude likely shows an over-identification with the wound, so that we are possessive of it). M’s Pallas is conjunct A’s Vesta and opposed A’s Ceres, and sextile A’s Jupiter=this suggests M took an ‘I know better than you’ stance of superior wisdom (consciously or not), especially regarding both education and social matters, that violated A’s highest values; this may have felt to A like M took a disparaging view of the attitudes most important to A–and if A was running any kind of ‘social game’ (which I am convinced is an integral part of her personality), then this could’ve felt highly invasive, even as if M were challenging her ‘power’ as a woman at an elemental level.

Meredith’s Capricorn Sun lands exactly on Amanda’s Neptune (M sought solid, real-world contact at a Soul level, but found she received only A’s projections about herself and what she has to give the world–Neptune rules A’s 11th–so that M may have felt continually frustrated and/ or bamboozled!) Further, that places M’s Earth at the midpoint of A’s Venus-Mercury in Cancer (and these of course opposed M’s Sun)=M may have looked for A’s ‘message’ of warmth and caring to be reflected in material matters–and though M probably continued to seek that message with the Sun’s energy and through interaction, she may have felt perpetually mislead or that A came up short. And with M’s Moon undoubtedly in Cancer, she may have been open to that message and highly vulnerable to those prone to withhold those qualities, and so repeatedly disappointed.

This also places M’s Earth as part of A’s Water Grand Trine, consisting of A’s Pluto, Juno, and Merc-Venus, and also sites M’s Sun-Earth axis square A’s Nodes. The feeling for A may have been that M was trying to draw off A’s personal power by making material demands, and certainly, with the Nodes involved, M’s very presence may have felt life-altering to A–and with M’s Earth trine A’s Pluto, the desire to destroy M’s material circumstances, or to see them as an outlet for rage, could’ve been second nature to A.

Meredith’s Ceres, Vesta, and Jupiter all hook in to Amanda’s Sun-Earth axis, and all three challenge the personal power, material security, and the social role of the younger girl (Amanda)–not the easiest subjects to handle in personal relationship during the college years. M’s Mercury also aspects this axis, suggesting that what she thought of Amanda as a person she was quick to communicate–and with that Merc conjunct A’s Saturn, those communications may have felt extraordinarily judgmental, and perhaps spurred the natural desire on A’s part to suppress both M’s words and thoughts.

And a tidbit for past life proponents: Meredith’s Venus is quincunx Amanda’s Mars (and A’s Sun potentially conjuncts M’s Moon), suggesting a relationship (with M the female and A the male) where one or the other had to adjust or sacrifice in some way (the quincunx), in what was at least potentially a sexual relationship (or, also likely, a relationship where A, as the male, held all the power)–which may be its own ‘pre-echo’ (see a later article in this issue) of this current life, as sexual games have been cited as the circumstance leading into Meredith’s murder, and such a need to once again exert her power could’ve played on Amanda’s perceptions, leading her to such an extreme response. But, considering these two young women have opposing Venus placements, we may just be looking at an outright contest, female against female, which can certainly be just as serious.

With M’s Pluto-South Node-Mars conjunct A’s Pluto, sextile A’s Neptune and trine A’s Venus-Merc, Meredith may have had a strong urge to destroy Amanda, just as Amanda seemed to have natural urges to aggress against Meredith. On Meredith’s side, the feeling may have been that she wanted to knock Knox off the ‘image throne’ she spun around herself with the view of an older, wiser woman–and Amanda was having none of it, feeling her personal power threatened and her Neptunian image seen through. When I look at the contacts between the two charts, I see a contentious relationship where each side was aggressive in its own way, where Meredith felt what she saw as her superior knowledge and wisdom should be appreciated, and where Amanda not only resented the judgments but felt threatened by Meredith’s attempts to see through the Neptunian fog–and exposure is just about the worst thing you can do to someone like Knox.

Am I saying Meredith brought on her own murder? Absolutely not. What I am saying is that what happens between two people in some climactic moment doesn’t just spring from the ether fully formed–instead it lurches forward from the primordial interaction of two beings, and finds its origins in those energies that are irreconcilable to each other, that will clash, and clash, until they reach the release offered by separation, no matter how achieved


Amanda Knox & the Italian Court Ruling


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I'm now using Whole Sign charts; previous analyses used Placidus. Got to the ECLIPSE chart page and scroll down for Knox and Meredith Kercher's charts together.

I’m now using Whole Sign charts; previous analyses used Placidus. Go to the ECLIPSE chart page and scroll down for Knox and Meredith Kercher’s charts together.

I did say I would look a little more at the case of Amanda Knox, who yesterday had her murder conviction upheld by an Italian court. The transits are set for 3 PM local time (Seattle), which is approximately when word came down that a decision had been rendered. To my understanding Knox gets an automatic appeal of this decision; only if she loses on the subsequent appeal would extradition be on the table.

On examining the natal chart and transits, we see a few striking things, the most telling of which to my mind is the conjunction of the transiting North Node to the natal Vertex, with only an 8 minute gap. That implies this entire process is unquestionably her fate, no matter what the final outcome; think of it as playing a role–we all have these scenarios–this is hers.

There’s a Water Grand Trine formed by t Jupiter, t Juno-Chiron, and Amanda’s natal Pallas. We see a broadcasting of hurt and its effect on empowerment, freedom (Jupiter) threatened–certainly one loses both freedom and empowerment when imprisoned–but the contact to Knox’s natal Pallas implies she knows the wisdom of what’s happening, or perhaps of this particular ruling. This may be nothing more than her recognition of that role indicated by the NN-Vertex contact, or it could be the expected result, from her point of view–or it could even be the unstated recognition of the appropriateness of the ruling, should she in fact be guilty. In any case, this is playing out on an emotional plane (the Water element)

The New Moon occurred in Amanda’s 9th; not surprising that a ruling in a foreign country opens a whole new chapter for her. t Zeus creates a T-square with the Sun-Earth axis=we’re seeing the results, material and spiritual, of the desire nature acting out–but does this say she’s guilty, and that the ruling is the result of her own choices, or that the desires of the Italian prosecution are bringing conflict to her Soul and Material Purposes? It could be either.

We also see a Mixed Element Grand Trine of t Ceres and Mercury, both at 29 degrees of their respective signs, in aspect to Amanda’s Chiron-Vesta conjunction in the 1st, and out-of-element to her natal Venus in the 2nd–in fact, the midpoint of her placements is the 29 degree point that fills in the Trine perfectly. ‘A stressful message from authorities, who are themselves under stress’ certainly describes the transiting energies; this impacts Knox’s sense of herself as a woman, her Self-worth picture, her relationships, and her finances, as well as a sense of herself as wounded that she may consider sacred (Chiron-Vesta). But, a GT carries an implication of energy balance, and this could suggest that the situation allows Knox to express those affected natal characteristics effectively and perhaps Self-righteously, as well. After all, the most effective defense against a charge of murder (the attitude that makes you most believable in your denial of responsibility) may be your own view of yourself as a victim whose status as such is sacred, not to be questioned.

t Mercury at 29 tense degrees of Aquarius also quincunxes natal Mars in Leo; Amanda’s ego may be frustrated by what’s being communicated–when the court’s speaking, she’s not in control of the message. t Neptune is within orb of her n Juno in the 10th, and t Mars is also sesquiquadrate=she may feel she’s under attack, and be confused about her reputation, about the impression she makes, about what may actually be empowering to her and what isn’t, and perhaps she may be prone at this time (while Neptune lingers) to partner with others who may raise her status but not truly serve her cause (a la Juno).

t Neptune also fills in a Grand Trine with Amanda’s natal Venus and Pluto=illusion, Truth, and beauty are evenly matched at this point. Since this Pluto and Venus both belong to Knox natally, it seems it will be the function of Neptune, strong in its own sign, to sort it out. Truth (and maybe rage) express through her values, her relationships to people and money, and her idea of herself as a woman, but Neptune’s presence may exaggerate the ‘mirror’ quality Knox has anyway, and make current opinions reflective of what each of us thinks we see. It also could imply that, until Neptune moves on, we may have no chance at getting to the truth.

t Sedna is apex to a Finger of God with base of n Ceres-Uranus-Moon in 7th (drawing a picture of someone who may believe that all the authority, privilege to act as one pleases, and emotional sensitivity belongs to others) sextile t Mars. The Finger takes that natal complex, combines it with aggression both given and received, and concludes that this will create both a primal result (speaking to the deepest held urges and qualities) and that these factors may obscure who’s really attacking whom.

My sense is that Knox is at a crucial point: she has many energies working in her favor right now, especially ones related to being able to create, if not precisely the image she wants to, then one that obscures the reality picture. This won’t last forever; the cover of Neptune and the ‘blind spot’ of Sedna will move on, and she will appear differently to onlookers–the question is, what will they see when the influences change?

More on Knox, Her Conviction Upheld


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Tarentine funerary relief of a woman and warrior standing near an altar. c315 BC Photo by Marie-Lan Nguyen (2011)  released under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Generic

Tarentine funerary relief of a woman and warrior standing near an altar. c315 BC Photo by Marie-Lan Nguyen (2011) released under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Generic

This is the full text of the article on Knox back at the time of her acquittal. Most of this was in a post here on the blog, though scroll down for the transit analysis, which only appeared in ECLIPSE. I still plan to look at these latest events, probably tomorrow or over the weekend, as the Italian court upheld her conviction on appeal and announced it today, the 30th.

Tried and acquitted for the 2007 murder of her British roommate, Meredith Kercher, while both were students in a study-abroad program in Perugia, Italy, American Amanda Knox found that the Italian justice system allows for the prosecution to appeal the verdict, a step unheard-of in the United States system without the surfacing of new evidence. A new trial will now go forward, though at present it does not appear that Knox will be required to attend, and if convicted, there will be an automatic appeal; only after a final conviction would Italy then move to extradite Knox, though her American lawyers have already sited our ‘Double Jeopardy’ rule (where an individual, once tried and acquitted, cannot again be tried for the same offense) as a reason not to hand her over. Of course, how sorry is Knox that her book is coming out in just about one month, concurrent with her first interview since her release? Not too, I’m thinking, as I assume her publishers were watching proceedings in the Italian Supreme Court, waiting for just such a sales-spurring ruling.

Do I sound cynical about this case? Yes, I am, largely because from the very beginning, I felt that one’s perception of Amanda Knox was based on just how willing an individual is to see what’s really in front of them. She’s the classic Rorschach test for each and every observer: for those who are co-dependent, who carry someone in their own life they want to see in a soft light (and so must see that in others who ‘fit the profile’), those who want to pretend darkness doesn’t exist, or those who genuinely don’t see the evil in others, because they don’t have it in themselves, these individuals seem to feel her trial is a travesty, that such an obvious innocent couldn’t have bound and slashed another young woman, slowly torturing her to death. For those who can accept that a book is not so easily summed up in its cover, there are dimensions to be seen in Knox, and possibilities, both for the night in question and for other choices and statements, to be examined–but we will look through the lens of the natal chart, for what it may tell us.

Amanda Knox (9 July 1987 2:47 AM Seattle Washington USA) has a natal chart that perfectly describes this mirror quality, this way in which others look into her physical being (and this is an important point–more in a minute), and see only what they are capable of believing. She has her Earth (the material state we must create in order to live our Soul–Sun–Purpose) in Capricorn conjunct Neptune in the 8th of other people’s resources=we think we are looking at hard realities, but we’re seeing an illusion that bounces back what’s within us. With this conjunction, it’s even easy to forgive the too-generous assessments of Knox’s character; these reviews are informed with an idealism (Neptune) imported by the observer. The key to seeing Knox clearly, though, isn’t found only in the ability to withhold one’s projections, it’s also found in the realization that the physical beingness (Earth) is providing the illusion (Neptune). We read her and think we ‘know’, but we are taking cues from the physicality that are deceptive, not necessarily deliberately, but certainly played upon by the canny Knox. The Italian and world tabloid press dubbed her ‘angel face’ and ‘foxy knoxy’ during her trial, a good illustration of the physical influence.

With Sedna obscuring things from the unconscious 12th, in generous trine to both Earth and Neptune, Knox may keep a lot riding on this combo: it may allow her to project the image she wants, without too much conscious thought, making the image seem all the more valid to onlookers, and hiding the life-death-life associations, and the play between roles and expectations, even from herself. And speaking of identity, the Cancer Sun in the 2nd quincunxes the 7th House Saturn in Sagittarius, uniting the 4th and the 8th and 9th, family/ feelings about deepest Self, other people and their resources, and foreign travel, among other things, suggesting that the Self is uneasy in situations that combine these, and/ or that the Self is uneasy in reality itself (Sun qnx Saturn). This little complex, and a lot more, was activated on the day of Meredith’s murder.

On the day of the murder, t Mars was moving quickly toward conjunction with Amanda’s Sun (aggression/ assertion characteristic of the Soul, given or received), t Saturn filled in a Grand Trine with n Neptune and Sedna (easy to have a lack of clarity, or outright delusions, about reality at this time), t Venus closely conjuncted Zeus (valuing the ambitions and desire state–jealousy possible! which was the contention of the prosecution), t Sun was just past conjunction to n Pluto, but that puts the t Earth conjunct Sedna (‘shining a light’ on darkness/ not seeing the physical repercussions of things), t Jupiter was at the natal Saturn-Moon midpoint (setting the Self free from emotional restrictions–plus natally that unites the matters of 8th and 9th–Capricorn–with matters of the 1st and 2nd–Cancer–implying the possibility of a ‘what’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine’ orientation), t Pluto exactly trines n Jupiter (only 2 minutes off–letting rage out, broadcasting darkness, big change, and study of death has come to associate Jupiter with it, so possibly, facing/ creating death could have been, relatively speaking, easy), t Chiron was just past conjunction to the MC (had there been some public humiliation or wounding beforehand?) t Uranus squared n Saturn (a lot of ‘wilding’ energy challenging the status quo behaviors long-term), and t Vesta conjuncted Neptune (illusions, delusions, ideals and fantasies are sacred, as are one’s idea of home and the mate). And that’s just what a cursory inspection shows.

Did Amanda Knox murder her roommate? Her frequently changed story in the early days of the investigation did not help her case; she blamed a lot of other people, at various points, with further court actions aplenty. I have a very strong opinion on the case–but so do many others, and all of us may be under that Neptunian spell, judging nothing but our own illusions.

With the New Moon, a New Take on Knox



Preparatory sketch for 'The Justice of Cambyses' Gerard David 1498 {{PD}}

Preparatory sketch for ‘The Justice of Cambyses’ Gerard David 1498 {{PD}}

Happy New Moon, everyone! Just as we see the conjunction of the Sun and Moon in Aquarius, and are on the verge of the Venus direction, we hear of the re-conviction of Amanda Knox in Italian court. Those two events suggest to me a new intellectual take on the case will dominate, as will a beauty/ Venusian values assessment shift in the way Knox is perceived. I plan on writing more on this later; Here’s what I said about it previously

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The Sabian for the New Moon 30 January 2014: A New Inspiration


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'Riding in a coach in Athens under a New Moon' Tivadar Kosztka Csontváry 1904 {{PD}}

‘Riding in a coach in Athens under a New Moon’ Tivadar Kosztka Csontváry 1904 {{PD}}

The New Moon occurs at 1:39 PM PST of the 30th at 10 Aquarius 55. The Sabian symbol for the New Moon is, ‘During A Silent Hour, A Man Receives A New Inspiration Which May Change His Life’ In this instance it’s as if the New Moon will actually seed us with this inspiration; if you can, stand under the moonlight for a few minutes, and embrace the strange, rushing silence of the night and the Cosmos. It’s time to see yourself as really and truly a part of the Universe, a vital part, without which the Universe just wouldn’t run right.

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Just a Little AstroEssence 27 January 2014: A Gentle Quagmire


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'The Peaks of Europe' Carlos de Haes 1876 {{PD}}

‘The Peaks of Europe’ Carlos de Haes 1876 {{PD}}

27 January Early afternoon Pacific time we enter Dark of the Moon territory; meditation and contemplation are always recommended for this period, and with the Moon moving through late Sag, Capricorn, and early Aquarius, quiet intellectual pursuits, acts or rituals of devotion, or modest, hands-on projects, preferably where you work alone, are also appropriate. Not all of us can tuck away until the New Moon, though, so we may find out in the world that ignoring what we know to be wise fosters real hurt, that those with power seem prone to casually use it, and that words for the present take on exaggerated importance—take care to say what you mean, and mean what you say. This DoM seems to be a gentle quagmire of poor decision making, should we wade in indiscriminately. Out and about, adopt a modest demeanor and a circumspect approach to all things, and you’ll reach the NM with no major scarring (Chiron opposed Pallas, Pluto sextile Juno, Mercury trine Vesta)

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ECLIPSE Weekend Mini-Sampler 25-26 January 2014: Just a Little Advice


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'The Friendly Gossips' Eugene de Blaas c1890 {{PD}}

‘The Friendly Gossips’ Eugene de Blaas c1890 {{PD}}

I’ll skip the ‘whys’ for today, the 25th, and just offer a few helpful hints: if you find yourself jealous of someone else’s status or position, stay away for now—proximity will only spark problems; whatever you do, don’t get into it with authorities—they will not respond well; and Self-talk may be unreasonably negative today—what’s on your mind hints at areas you need to give serious attention to, at some point when you’re on an even mental keel and can be as objective as possible (Perfecting today: Chiron conjunct Juno, Mercury square Saturn, Sedna)

Again, just the advice for the 26th: Hitting the books or making efforts on behalf of the group are probably the least risky ways to use our energy, and make any exhibition of skills low-key at this time—too much flash could draw attention (the unwanted kind) from higher-ups (Perfecting today: Pallas opposed Juno, Mercury semi-square Uranus)

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A Fracture in Reality: Saturn Opposed Sedna


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Fractals--Partial View of the Mandelbrot Set, Created by Wolfgang Beyer with the program Ultra Fractal 3, released under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Fractals–Partial View of the Mandelbrot Set, Created by Wolfgang Beyer with the program Ultra Fractal 3, released under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Saturn in Scorpio is currently opposed Sedna in Taurus, and by the 25th Mercury will cap off a neat little T-square with these two. Add to this Mars quincunx Sedna (also by the 25th), and we have an interesting recipe active over the coming week or so, worthy of note. This is what I wrote in the Daily (for ECLIPSE subscribers) for the Moon’s contact to Sedna, on the 23rd: 1 AM PST of the 23rd the Moon quincunxes Sedna, urging adjustment to the feelings when we might not be sure what’s driving the change! Either something we’re not consciously unaware of (but unconsciously noticing) is prompting modification, restraint, pull-back, or jumping in with both feet, or something from our own deepest nature, from a wordless well of just being, is trying to guide us. In either case, this is probably a good urge to follow; file it under ‘intuition is safe to listen to even when we don’t know why’.

This may begin the dynamic; the emotional perceptions prompt action that likely remains more or less a mystery in terms of what moves us. The ‘T’ makes communication either the outlet for the stand-off between Sedna and Saturn, or it becomes the resolution for the two, translating energies in a pair of signs that are more about perception and experience than they are prone to formulate things in words. Watch the natal Houses of your own chart ruled by Mercury for areas where the Sedna-Saturn opposition is likely to manifest. We may see the reality picture, or the establishment, rules, or structure of things (Saturn) troubled, even challenged, by primal forces–suddenly we’re taking life very very seriously–or we find problems when a ‘blind spot’ which hides some vital component remains unseen. Others will see the difficulty, and the solution, but we may not. This can work out in a variety of ways, but flexibility, a willingness to act and perhaps to defend what may need defending (Mars), as well as a willingness to recognize that sensation, intuition, and those strong, pre-verbal parts of ourselves need not always bend to the mind and those ‘civilizing’ influences to which we’ve become accustomed, will go a long way toward handling this opposition in the best way possible.

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