Just a Little on the Leo Full Moon 14 February and the Inferior Conjunction of the 15th


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'Caught' by Luigi Monteverde 1888 {{PD}}

‘Caught’ by Luigi Monteverde 1888 {{PD}}

A little something on the Valentine’s Day Full Moon in Leo, and on the Inferior Conjunction of Sun and Mercury retrograde on the 15th, from ECLIPSE. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Full Moon in Leo 14 February 2014 at 3:53 PM Pacific time at 26 Leo 12

With the FM sextile the Mars-Vesta combo we can expect a conclusion of sorts in what I’m tempted to describe as ‘sacred action’. I suspect this is about coming to a decision as to how we are conducting ourselves, specifically in how we’re employing our energy, in some important situation, possibly in the home or with the mate. It may be a point when we acknowledge what we are or are not willing to do, or when we see that we have reached a point of dedication—we need to commit—and so make a significant statement to the Universe: ‘This is important to me’. It also applies to the setting of a personal agenda that expresses the Self (Leo FM)—we can expect that what we find ourselves committing to at this time will be a feature of our days for some time to come.

15 February brings the Inferior Conjunction of the Sun and retrograde Mercury. This is a point of inception, even insemination, if you will! Something new is planted, and coming just after the Full Moon, we may look at this point as an expression of the new start that naturally follows a finish like the one brought by the FM. Usually we have a bit of a gap, a winding down that allows dissipation of the culminating energy, in the period through to the New Moon—but this time that culmination requires a new start in order to be valid itself—in this case, without the new start that culmination would be a rest stop, rather than an end. That suggests that through to the New Moon we will be nurturing the new start, and part of how this will happen is with reviews, revivals, and other Merc retrograde mechanisms; it will be an Inferior Conjunction that sparks that needed Full Moon start (or re-start!) where the sacred action includes the kind of editing of the life course that is central to taking a successful new direction or making a successful new commitment.

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And skipping ahead to the Spring Equinox with Jude Cowell

24 Hours of Lunar Aspects 10-11 February 2014: How Much You Care


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'La Toilette' Eva Gonzales 1879 {{PD}}

‘La Toilette’ Eva Gonzales 1879 {{PD}}

1 PM PST of the 10th the Moon sextiles Pallas. Wisdom is ours, if we’ll just make the effort. 5 PM PST the Moon squares Uranus. Are we surprised by what seems to come out of the blue, or did we have a hint about this, if we look back on the actions of those involved? (Cardinal placements) 9 PM PST the Moon conjuncts Jupiter, trines Chiron, and opposes Pluto. Whatever happens, in our own minds it will be vastly exaggerated; that said, permanent hurt or healing may occur. Intention rooted in how much you care (Cancer Moon) will be everything, at this point.

5 AM PST of the 11th the Cancer Moon opposes Venus. This may bring a reassessment of feeling or of actual relationships themselves; we care but find our feelings hitting a figurative brick wall. Don’t make any decisions at this point–instead realize that you’re too sensitive right now to keep reasonable perspective. 7 AM PST the Moon squares Zeus. Ambitions kick into high gear, and we may feel that our emotional attachments are holding us back. This would be incorrect; what we’re feeling is the artificial or exaggerated nature of our wants, as we measure the truth of our emotions against anything that’s not real or reasonable in our goals. It can be unpleasant, but without losing our illusions we won’t be able to get where we want to go. 1 PM PST the Moon trines Juno and the two form a loose Grand Trine with Saturn. Empowerment takes material form; it shows either in circumstances or in who owns/ controls what, who has say over our surroundings. Take a good look around: what you get is a rare glimpse into who’s really running things, from the ground up.

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On the Olympic Games Winter 2014


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'The Skating Minister' Henry Raeburn c1790 {{PD}}

‘The Skating Minister’ Henry Raeburn c1790 {{PD}}

Here’s a little something I wrote a couple weeks ago (in ECLIPSE) speculating on how the Sochi Olympic games might pan out; considering the reports that are coming out of there this evening, I think it’s time to share.

As far as I can figure out, the games themselves actually begin on the 6th, with the very first events scheduled for 10 AM local time (Men’s Slopestyle Snowboarding and Women’s Freestyle Moguls, in case you’re wondering), and with the opening ceremonies scheduled for Friday evening, the 7th, probably for the convenience of much of the broadcast audience. I think using the advent of the first contest, rather than the opening ceremonies, makes good sense—recall the death of the luger at the Vancouver games in 2010, which occurred before the opening ceremony, suggesting that significant things can indeed happen prior to the ‘official’ beginning of the games. So we’ll look at this point in time, the beginning of the contests, against the inception chart for the modern version of the Olympic Games.

The first modern games were held beginning 6 April 1896, but the structure and international, committee-style governing body was created 23 June 1894 in Paris; we don’t have a time, but a noon chart seems to suit the proceedings, with the Sun and Zeus (ambition and desire) conjunct in Cancer (suggesting the ‘waxing and waning’ nature of the original, 4-years-between-games schedule) in the 10th, making for high public visibility and establishing these as games that carry status (there had been others in various places at various times post the ancient Greek games, but none had the international scope or prestige the original version of the current games almost immediately took on). We also note Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto conjunct in the 9th in Gemini=sports, glamor, and power communicated on an international level—and countries have been taking the Olympics very seriously since this inception, seeing wins as reflecting the nations themselves. Venus sits in the 8th in Taurus, trine Ceres and Vesta, suggesting the extent to which reverence for the Olympics has turned the games into cash machines for entire nations, never more so than in the past twenty years, when related production, infrastructure improvements, merchandising, and endorsements for athletes have skyrocketed, and the quest for new sports to award medals for goes on and on, sometimes to a ridiculous extent (BMX Cycling, Table Tennis, Curling—anyone?) And Saturn trines Jupiter, setting in stone, so to speak, the games for some time—and though there have been boycotts, delays, and a few cancellations, they always come back stronger than ever.

When we put the start of the upcoming winter games in Sochi in comparison to the Olympic inception chart, we see a Taurus Moon for the current events—there may be lots of reporting about accommodations and conditions for the athletes, food and comforts available to them—and this Moon opposes the original Uranus, with UR ruling the 5th and the Moon the 10th=sudden events, risky and surprising, that affect the status of the games as well as the nature of the ‘business’. Pluto (ruler of the original 2nd) of the current games sextiles the founding chart’s Uranus and quincunxes the original Neptune, ruler of the 6th=there are going to be some destructive surprises surrounding money, in the events themselves, and the sense of obligation for the host country. Current chart’s Jupiter forms a perfect Grand Trine in Water with current Chiron and founding Uranus=the public and/ or the athletes, injury, and those surprise elements again, creating an emotional maelstrom. And the current Saturn opposes the founding chart’s Venus, suppressing the one thing that has driven the games to ever bigger, but not necessarily better, displays and commercialism: money. Overall the impression is one of minor or major disasters of a stripe that cause chaos and suppression or denial of revenue—but does that equal terrorist activity?

When we look at the more disruptive influences, we see some activity (Pluto to some founding placements and opposed current Jupiter, aspects to current Chiron) that suggest destruction, particularly explosions or other surprising events, and injury to the public or to revenues (current Pluto in fact falls at the midpoint of founding Uranus and current Chiron). These same contacts, though, could imply minor disasters or unexpected events that are blown all out of proportion, and certainly, any kind of protests, for example those that may surround the participation of gay athletes (by the athletes themselves or other groups) could have a rage factor that can read in the chart as dangerous. But, with the games experiencing a Pallas return, the biggest impact may actually be from having to face what the committee has created in the present form of the Olympics; the wisdom or lack of it in current arrangements may be abundantly clear at this time. The chart interaction also suggests that the results may resonate most strongly in the economic area, and in a loss of sponsor and nation support (Saturn opp Venus, the latter ruler of 1st and 8th, the former ruler of the 4th of foundations). Current Vesta in a Grand Trine with founding Moon and Mercury say that the genuine beliefs and values of all the participants will be front and center, that emotional perspectives may prevail, and that all of it will be communicating exactly how everyone feels. Perhaps it will mirror the kind of terror that comes when we face ourselves, and the world we’ve created, whether the effects were intended or not.

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Just a Little Mercury Retrograde 6 February 2014: Upset or Ecstasy


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'The Sense of Sight' Annie Louisa Swynnerton 1895 {{PD}}

‘The Sense of Sight’ Annie Louisa Swynnerton 1895 {{PD}}

A little something from ECLIPSE:

Mercury Retrograde The Messenger retrograded on the 6th at 1:43 PM Pacific time at 3 Pisces 20, and during his backward trip re-enters Aquarius; in the Whole Sign chart, this means a definite change of Houses occurs, emphasizing the shift in atmosphere with a shift in area of expression, as well. Starting the Mercurial journey in Water suggests the first issues that surface will be emotional ones, likely seeming to intrude on the mind either from the larger Collective or from one’s own overactive imagination. At the point of turnaround Merc is in close aspect to nothing else (the conjunction to Neptune isn’t technically perfected, and so lacks oomph or relevancy, yet). This implies the possibility that we may enter the retrograde receiving emotional messages or info that we are completely unable to process mentally—and this suggests, upset or ecstasy, that we will be hard pressed to understand or communicate our feelings, leading to unavoidable frustration. Then Merc retreats to Aquarius, and the mind may suddenly unscramble the earlier emotional reactions, with the current danger that we will go too far toward intellectualizing—and so distance ourselves from feelings we really need to deal with. When Merc turns, just let the emotions happen—it’s normal for a Merc retro period to make understanding difficult, so don’t try—and when the mind is suddenly up and running again upon Merc’s entry into Aquarius (albeit with lots of short circuits, thanks to the retro!) you will (almost without any effort) get a handle on the preceding emotions—then the trick is to not talk yourself out of your feelings—which will be the most likely temptation as Merc moves backward through Aquarius

And from the Search Terms grab-bag:

“getting laid off in Mercury retrograde”

Since this term showed up before the actual start of the retro this afternoon, I’m wondering if this individual is anticipating bad news–and that means, you knew something, even if it was only through your spidey-sense, that told you it’s coming. The real focus, then, might need to be on what happened during Venus retrograde (21 December 2013-31 January 2014). Since this clearly affects the income, I think detective work on matters that manifested during the Venus turnaround is called for, as that will likely reveal the true issue. If you’re wondering if a layoff during Merc retro has particular consequences, the answer is yes; as an employer, making a hiring or firing decision during such a cycle means that you may be drawing conclusions from incomplete information, that you may not be assessing individuals correctly, and that you almost certainly will change your opinion of your choice after direction. For the person who receives such news, you can bet that you don’t know the real reasons behind it, and you may receive some satisfaction in the idea that your employer will probably regret moving on it at this time–though of course, you may never know that for sure. There is also the possibility that, if you did receive signals of a potential job loss before the retrograde, the actual commencement of the retro period may bring a change of mind, a re-consideration, that could nix previous decisions. So, don’t despair yet–and if it does come to pass, embrace the idea that something not so great is being removed from your life (albeit forcibly) to make room for something much better.

The Daily Word Image 6 February 2014: Consolation



'Still Life with Fruit' Constantin Daniel Stahi 1915 {{PD}}

‘Still Life with Fruit’ Constantin Daniel Stahi 1915 {{PD}}

Today’s image is a bowl of the most perfect pears you can imagine. Did you know that the ancient Greeks believed that the newly dead were offered pears, to console them and assuage their homesickness? Even when we believe that someone doesn’t need (or deserve) comfort or reassurance, we must understand that they do; each of us can offer comfort, even if only in the smallest way, to another. Be vigilant for that person to whom you can offer aid, understanding, or assistance–it’s almost a certainty that at first you may not see their need, or that you may resist–but judgment isn’t part of this–and know that there’s someone who is watching out for you, and who will offer you assistance, too.

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Just a Little AstroEssence 5 February 2014: An Opportunity to Heal


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'The Gift' Ángel Zárraga 1910 {{PD}}

‘The Gift’ Ángel Zárraga 1910 {{PD}}

5 February Empowerment efforts/ struggles take on major consequences and are very very real; ambition and destiny hang in the balance, and material circumstances are likely to offer obstacles rather than positive feedback or support. It may feel very dramatic, but it takes on these hues only to get your attention, to get you to take the opportunity to heal that you are offered now. Though our eyes are on the prize or what we want, our efforts need to address gathering the knowledge or traveling to the place that will allow us to re-align with spirit. We can offer spiritual sustenance to others, too, if we’re so inclined. (Perfecting today: Juno quincunxes Zeus, sesquiquadrates the NN, quincunxes Earth, Jupiter trines Chiron, Sun trines Zeus)

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Just a Little AstroEssence 4 January 2014: Willfulness Loses


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'Two Fighting Boys' Guilio del Torre 1927 {{PD}}

‘Two Fighting Boys’ Guilio del Torre 1927 {{PD}}

4 February Willfulness challenges good sense—let’s hope willfulness loses. If the ego suggests it, you can be sure it’s a poor idea; too, resist acting out of anger, as it will almost surely be unjustified. (Mars semi-square Pallas)

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Just a Little AstroEssence 3 February 2014: Mother Nature’s Dark Side


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'As Evening Falls' Anders Andersen-Lundby 1882 {{PD}}

‘As Evening Falls’ Anders Andersen-Lundby 1882 {{PD}}

3 February Oh winter/ summer, are you going to continue to be harsh? Ceres shows her dark side no matter which hemisphere you reside in, and it won’t be pretty (though she does dip back into Libra for spring and summer in the north, putting our attention on biology/ health of ourselves and our mates, and into appreciation of good weather—it’s likely to be a lovely spring). On top of this, we as individuals may be tempted to do things that are seriously unwise. Don’t let a contrary streak lead you to pneumonia—take your vitamins, get plenty of rest, and think safety first, as Mother Nature will be just a little bitchy, now and on and off through late October 2014 (Perfecting today: Ceres into Scorpio, Uranus quincunx Pallas)

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Just a Little Lunar Essence 2 February 2014: Attitude Adjustment


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'Tranquil Pond' Egelsee near Golling, Salzburg 1899 {{PD}}

‘Tranquil Pond’ Egelsee near Golling, Salzburg 1899 {{PD}}

8 AM PST of the 2nd the Pisces Moon trines Saturn, sextiles Sedna, and quincunxes Mars. Following the intuition, material delivered through a meditative or sleep state, or a ‘hunch’ in taking action can make for spot-on efforts that have real-world effectiveness and results. 4 PM PST the Moon quincunxes Vesta, requiring we adjust the emotional reactions arising from the home situation, interaction with the mate, and/ or in dealing with those causes and goals to which we dedicate our life energy. Failure to make the needed accommodations could mean that we address these Vestal issues through a distorted lens of illusion or misunderstanding–and that doesn’t make for positive results. 8 PM PST the Moon quincunxes Ceres. Now we must adjust attitudes to allow authorities, Mother Nature, or those with whom we negotiate to, if not have their way, then at least be allowed to exercise their prerogatives without having to deal with any projections we might try to impose–we’ll be allowing another the freedom of expression we would like to consistently enjoy ourselves–fair enough. Void begins at 8:48 PM PST; the Moon enters Aries at 8:55 PM PST.

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Comparison of Knox and Kercher Natal Charts from October 2013 ECLIPSE


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Knox-Kercher Natal ComparisonThis is a re-print of an article that appeared exclusively in ECLIPSE last October; it may be of interest to those following Knox’s case now.

The Crying Game: the Amanda Knox Re-Trial The phrase ‘murder will out’ has two meanings: in the first it implies that a murder will always become a public event, and the second is the more general idea that secret or hidden crimes will not remain secret forever. The phrase apparently appears in the English language as far back as the work of Chaucer, and it carries an old superstitious implication, as well: that if the murderer comes near the corpse of the murdered, the corpse will begin to bleed once again. How convenient if this were true! But alas, all we have is the court system, and all we can do is inspect, again and again if need be, the evidence.

The Amanda Knox murder re-trial is in the news once more; a new appeal. brought by the prosecution, began in Perugia, Italy, on 30 September. I thought it might be appropriate to look at the victim, Meredith Kercher, in relation to Knox, via the natal charts. Up to now I’d only looked at Amanda’s natal horoscope and transits at the time of the murder, hoping for some idea if she was really involved–now I think an examination of the relationship between the two women at an elemental level is in order, if only to shed some light on what kind of interaction may have laid the basis for the death of one, which so thoroughly affected the life of the other.

I’ve put Amanda’s chart on the inside as she has a reliable birth time and so angles (9 July 1987 2:47 AM PDT Seattle Washington USA), while we have no birth time for Meredith (28 December 1985 ntk Southwark United Kingdom). The first thing that grabs my attention is the way M’s Chiron is conjunct A’s Ascendant=this may have felt to A like M ‘played the wounded one’ in relation to A’s attempts to ‘meet the world’ (one of the functions of the Ascendant); M’s Chiron is also semi-square A’s Sun, this suggesting both an interaction that may have felt like a minor affront to A’s Soul and identity, as well as M feeling to A like someone who carried the continual threat of injury–and this threatened injury likely echoed injuries A herself saw as her own (both natal Chirons fall in A’s 1st). Strangely, sometimes when we encounter someone who carries the same wounds we do we feel almost offended, as if something that is ours has been overrun and claimed by an interloper (and this attitude likely shows an over-identification with the wound, so that we are possessive of it). M’s Pallas is conjunct A’s Vesta and opposed A’s Ceres, and sextile A’s Jupiter=this suggests M took an ‘I know better than you’ stance of superior wisdom (consciously or not), especially regarding both education and social matters, that violated A’s highest values; this may have felt to A like M took a disparaging view of the attitudes most important to A–and if A was running any kind of ‘social game’ (which I am convinced is an integral part of her personality), then this could’ve felt highly invasive, even as if M were challenging her ‘power’ as a woman at an elemental level.

Meredith’s Capricorn Sun lands exactly on Amanda’s Neptune (M sought solid, real-world contact at a Soul level, but found she received only A’s projections about herself and what she has to give the world–Neptune rules A’s 11th–so that M may have felt continually frustrated and/ or bamboozled!) Further, that places M’s Earth at the midpoint of A’s Venus-Mercury in Cancer (and these of course opposed M’s Sun)=M may have looked for A’s ‘message’ of warmth and caring to be reflected in material matters–and though M probably continued to seek that message with the Sun’s energy and through interaction, she may have felt perpetually mislead or that A came up short. And with M’s Moon undoubtedly in Cancer, she may have been open to that message and highly vulnerable to those prone to withhold those qualities, and so repeatedly disappointed.

This also places M’s Earth as part of A’s Water Grand Trine, consisting of A’s Pluto, Juno, and Merc-Venus, and also sites M’s Sun-Earth axis square A’s Nodes. The feeling for A may have been that M was trying to draw off A’s personal power by making material demands, and certainly, with the Nodes involved, M’s very presence may have felt life-altering to A–and with M’s Earth trine A’s Pluto, the desire to destroy M’s material circumstances, or to see them as an outlet for rage, could’ve been second nature to A.

Meredith’s Ceres, Vesta, and Jupiter all hook in to Amanda’s Sun-Earth axis, and all three challenge the personal power, material security, and the social role of the younger girl (Amanda)–not the easiest subjects to handle in personal relationship during the college years. M’s Mercury also aspects this axis, suggesting that what she thought of Amanda as a person she was quick to communicate–and with that Merc conjunct A’s Saturn, those communications may have felt extraordinarily judgmental, and perhaps spurred the natural desire on A’s part to suppress both M’s words and thoughts.

And a tidbit for past life proponents: Meredith’s Venus is quincunx Amanda’s Mars (and A’s Sun potentially conjuncts M’s Moon), suggesting a relationship (with M the female and A the male) where one or the other had to adjust or sacrifice in some way (the quincunx), in what was at least potentially a sexual relationship (or, also likely, a relationship where A, as the male, held all the power)–which may be its own ‘pre-echo’ (see a later article in this issue) of this current life, as sexual games have been cited as the circumstance leading into Meredith’s murder, and such a need to once again exert her power could’ve played on Amanda’s perceptions, leading her to such an extreme response. But, considering these two young women have opposing Venus placements, we may just be looking at an outright contest, female against female, which can certainly be just as serious.

With M’s Pluto-South Node-Mars conjunct A’s Pluto, sextile A’s Neptune and trine A’s Venus-Merc, Meredith may have had a strong urge to destroy Amanda, just as Amanda seemed to have natural urges to aggress against Meredith. On Meredith’s side, the feeling may have been that she wanted to knock Knox off the ‘image throne’ she spun around herself with the view of an older, wiser woman–and Amanda was having none of it, feeling her personal power threatened and her Neptunian image seen through. When I look at the contacts between the two charts, I see a contentious relationship where each side was aggressive in its own way, where Meredith felt what she saw as her superior knowledge and wisdom should be appreciated, and where Amanda not only resented the judgments but felt threatened by Meredith’s attempts to see through the Neptunian fog–and exposure is just about the worst thing you can do to someone like Knox.

Am I saying Meredith brought on her own murder? Absolutely not. What I am saying is that what happens between two people in some climactic moment doesn’t just spring from the ether fully formed–instead it lurches forward from the primordial interaction of two beings, and finds its origins in those energies that are irreconcilable to each other, that will clash, and clash, until they reach the release offered by separation, no matter how achieved



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