Just a Little Lunar Essence 31 March 2014: Love and Rules


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These two certainly did not follow the rules. 'Abelard and his Pupil Heloise' EB Leighton 1882 {{PD}}

These two certainly did not follow the rules. ‘Abelard and his Pupil Heloise’ EB Leighton 1882 {{PD}}

8 AM PDT of the 31st the Aries Moon opposes retro Mars and quincunxes Saturn; what ensues may be an emotional tug-of-war over independence and leading the way–and yet motives are confused and people may end up contradicting themselves in the race to be first or to be in charge. The vibe ends up being disconcerting to those who think about who’s saying what; those lacking introspection sail through with nary a scratch. Anyone who wants to win will go the restrained and modest route. Noon Pacific time the Moon sextiles Venus. It’s a good time for an assignation, as long as you follow the rules (Venus in Aquarius). 2 PM PDT the Moon trines Pallas. Emotional wisdom is easily accessible and can guide choice and action at this time in a successful direction. 3 PM PDT the Moon opposes Vesta. We may feel distant from our highest values at this point; enacting emotional independence gives us the impression that we don’t have to put our priorities and obligations into the equation–it would be a mistake not to. 7 PM PDT the Moon conjuncts the South Node and opposes North Node-Ceres. We may take a trip down memory lane, or even actually fall back into old ways, and lose our mojo. Stay focused in the present, and clear about the influence we hold and the territory that is ours, for best results. Void begins at 7:21 PM PDT as the Moon begins to move out of opposition to Ceres; the Moon enters Taurus at 10:21 PM PDT.

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A Little Something on Saturn Transits


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Saturn would thoroughly approve. 'Sylvia Darning (a Sock)' Harold Gilman 1917 {{PD}}

Saturn would thoroughly approve. ‘Sylvia Darning (a Sock)’ Harold Gilman 1917 {{PD}}

Look at transits of Saturn as an opportunity to show how serious you are about accomplishment, progress, and dealing with the reality picture. It’s not glamorous, but it is a foundational energy for everything we do of consequence. Hard transits (sometimes the conjunction, square, opposition, quincunx, sesquiquadrate—that last is 135 degrees) typically begin with a challenge, something tough, unpleasant, an obstacle or a complete roadblock. We’re being asked to look at how we’ve failed to use, or have misused, Saturn energies; this is why they are appearing in external circumstances. Should the Saturn negative manifestation be an inner state (depression, hopelessness, ‘I can’t’) we’re actually facing the same circumstance, but have adopted the inner reaction attempting to convince ourselves that we’re handling it, that we’re responding. If there’s one thing Saturn requires, it’s concrete steps—and if we are telling ourselves that depression is a form of taking responsibility, we are in for one tough, probably ultra-long, transit experience.

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Just a Little AstroEssence 27 March 2014: The Doorway + The Daily Word Image


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Portrait of Marguerite van Mons by T Van Rysselberghe {{PD}}

Portrait of Marguerite van Mons by T Van Rysselberghe {{PD}}

27 March wisdom comes from Nature, our own inner nature or what we observe in the wild. Connecting with the nature/ wisdom message could be the doorway to healing empowerment situations, and to changing what needs to be changed, in particular our current way of taking in and processing information; it may be important to break down our old method of mental processing (which probably contains a lot of assumptions that are no longer valid) in order to construct something more suitable to how we think and how we communicate now; our example, once again, is in Nature, or found in consciously harmonizing our inner process with our current needs. (Perfecting today: Pallas parallel Ceres, Chiron contra-parallel and Pluto square Juno, Mercury sesquiquadrate the North Node and Vesta, and sextile Pluto)

Today’s image is a color: a blue slightly darker and richer than a peacock’s feather. Whenever you see it, you’ll know it’s a marker in time, a synchronous moment, or a flag telling you something important is happening, and so to pay attention.

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Just a Little Lunar Essence 26 March 2014: The Path


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'The Path Through the Irises' Claude Monet {{PD}}

‘The Path Through the Irises’ Claude Monet {{PD}}

10 AM PST the Aquarius Moon quincunxes Jupiter, perhaps tempting us to adjust what we think to what the social order prescribes. Can be a point when the group exerts a tremendous amount of influence on our thoughts and our behaviors (whether we rebel or accept their standards wholeheartedly); as long as we’re aware of this we can respond in a more measured way than we otherwise might. 11:30 AM PST the Moon sextiles Uranus-Juno. Emotions and intuitions aid expressions of uniqueness that lead to empowerment. 6 PM PST the Moon trines Zeus. We can intellectually see a clear path to ambition realization, but we need to remember that we have to back up ideas with action (and perhaps take on a partner, Zeus in Libra). Midnight the Moon conjuncts Venus. We can feel a perfect love or empathy based in intellectual understanding or group membership in common. This could offer a nice break from the natural tendency to critique, and if expressed could win us new friends.

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Just a Little on the Cardinal Grand Cross of April 2014


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'The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed With the Sun' William Blake {{PD}}

‘The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed With the Sun’ William Blake {{PD}}

This is an excerpt from the Grand Cross article in the current ECLIPSE:

The aspects don’t actually perfect all at once; in fact, I don’t think that’s possible, with Mars traveling in the opposite direction to the other three, and with Pluto-Uranus being exact on the 21st and Jupiter closest to them on the 20th. Mars is the hold out; every other body has to wait for him to create the Cross (a very Martian, ‘the world revolves around me!’ attitude!) though by the time he arrives, Jupiter is already poised to flee and Uranus and Pluto are parting So, the T-square is actually stronger prior to hooking up with Mars, and that implies that, depending on where in the personal chart each arm falls, we may already be in the midst of developments when the Martian energy arrives—and that suggests that things that have occurred have accumulated so that, with Mars in the picture, we are prompted to choose or act definitively on the concerned circumstances.

Something to consider in the personal chart is that two of the Cross factors will be below the horizon, and two above; this means that the above horizon elements are much more likely to involve others directly, to be ‘visible’ to onlookers, to involve contact with the world, institutions, businesses, or to involve one’s own job or vocation. The below horizon elements are much more likely to be processed at an internal level and to drive one’s own impulses and choices but not necessarily be obvious to others.

We can speak in general of what one of the energies above or below the horizon might mean, always keeping in mind that the particular House it rules in the natal chart, as well as its natal situation and any aspects it’s currently making to natal factors, can all figure in to meaning. For instance, Jupiter in Cancer above the horizon in the Whole Sign 10th=the broadcast or public ‘reveal’ of sensitivities, knowledge, beliefs, or the Jupiterian facet of the Cross/ T experience comes from others or is ‘out in the open’ in some way, definitely affecting the reputation or career; Pluto is then below the horizon in the 4th, suggesting that the change, upset, destruction, rage, or transformative facet happens on the inside or ‘close to home’ in some way, and may be a factor in what’s revealed, in this case coming either from the deepest Self or through the family relationship or actual living situation.

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The Daily Word Image 22 March 2014: A Camping Trip



'Camp Fire' by Winslow Homer 1880 {{PD}}

‘Camp Fire’ by Winslow Homer 1880 {{PD}}

Today’s image is each of us, sitting at a campfire as the sun comes up, cradling one of those enameled-tin cups of hot coffee between your cold hands. This suggests both a change of pace is in order (a ‘camping trip’ of one kind or another), and that an appreciation of the little things will really serve us well right now.

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Just a Little AstroEssence 21 March 2014: Higher Wisdom


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'Two Ladies Testing the Waters' Jacob Wagner 1891 {{PD}}

‘Two Ladies Testing the Waters’ Jacob Wagner 1891 {{PD}}

21 March what draws our attention may seem an unwise or impractical way to spend our time and energy, but it will really have the intelligence of our highest priorities and values behind it. Don’t fight what comes up—trust the wisdom of your Higher Self and the Universe—they’ve delivered exactly what you need to experience (Perfecting today: Sun contra-parallel Pallas, parallel Vesta)

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Just a Little Lunar Essence 20 March 2014 + the Daily Word Image


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'Nighthawks' Edward Hopper 1942 {{PD}}

‘Nighthawks’ Edward Hopper 1942 {{PD}}

2 AM PST of the 20th the Scorpio Moon sextiles Pluto and squares Venus. We may get perversely destructive or nosy in relationships, digging for no real reason, and inspiring rebellion in the process. Transforming the inclination to dig into a push to work out long-term or lingering conflicts may help break down mental relationship barriers and help us recognize the value of what we have. 4 AM PST the Moon trines Chiron, priming us for hurt or healing–a deliberate choice must be made. 8 PM PST the Moon conjuncts Saturn and opposes Sedna. We may side with authorities, the rules, with the secure way and the safety of boundaries, but we need to consider whether we do this because its where we feel at home, or if we do this out of fear. Use blind instinct (one way of positively using Sedna) to decide.

Today’s image is a diner on a rain-slick street, with people arriving in twos and threes to sit in its buttery light and drink coffee and stay dry. We tend to think of our membership in groups as it relates to our family, our professional group, or even our generation, but we have the chance to experience camaraderie, a brief communion built from shared experience, more often than we might realize. Over the next week or two, notice when you become part of these fleeting tableaux, and welcome the sense of warmth and connectedness it can offer, even if nothing unusual happens and you don’t speak with anyone.

Just a Little AstroEssence 19 March 2014: Kryptonite


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' Women Bathing' Gauguin 1885 {{PD}}

‘ Women Bathing’ Gauguin 1885 {{PD}}

19 March it’s like our own personal Kryptonite is floating around in the air, wiping us out, even when we try to follow the smart path, to stick to our strengths, to follow the rules, to avoid the wrath of authorities—and yet somehow we are letting our contrariness show around the edges, and others are responding as if we’re in full-out rebellion! The key to this is: quit trying to find a ‘safe’ avenue for power expression—there isn’t one, right now—every move looks like a threatening one to those who fear their power is built on bluster and the backs of others, rather than their own effort. Instead, abandon the material world, to whatever extent you are able, and enter either a spiritual one or one of fantasy and escape—in either case, you’ll find a climate more conducive to creative thinking and acceptance of individuality, and you can spend the time enriching your inner life, until the sh*t storm passes. (Perfecting today: Chiron contra-parallel Ceres, Sun contra-parallel Juno, Uranus sesquiquadrate Pallas, Sun quincunx and contra-parallel Vesta)

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The Daily Image 18 March 2014: Ask



Graffiti in Herzliya Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Graffiti in Herzliya Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Today’s image is a graffiti-covered wall with a single, rainbow-colored word on it: ‘Ask’. So, ask what you want to know, of someone else, of something else, of the Universe–you’ll get an answer–then it will be up to you to have the grace to accept it.

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