Born Today 30 May


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'Depths of the Woods' by Lillian Genth c1910 {{PD}}

‘Depths of the Woods’ by Lillian Genth c1910 {{PD}}

Happy Birthday, dear Gemini! This year on the emotional front things will be unpredictable, even for those of us in the business: the feeling nature in you could be a ‘dead zone’ where nothing grows, or a virtual adventure full of love and life–and maybe both. The reality is you may be too busy getting things done, doing and making your Will a part of the landscape, to be too concerned about your feelings; it helps, too, that you’ll be able to nail down a power position, or one of influence or permanence, you’ve had your eye on for a long time. The year promises you’ll learn more about yourself than you ever thought it was possible to know–make sure you enjoy it!

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Just a Little Lunar Essence 29 May 2014: Conserve Your Ammo


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Portrait of a Bashi-Bazouk, a mercenary of the Ottoman Empire by Jean-Léon Gérôme 1869 {{PD}}

Portrait of a Bashi-Bazouk, a mercenary of the Ottoman Empire by Jean-Léon Gérôme 1869 {{PD}}

2 AM PDT of the 29th the Gemini Moon sextiles Uranus and trines Zeus. Spontaneous discussion or thought on ambitions and desires is on the agenda. It’s a good time to network–you can get the support you need by showing your uniqueness–or if you’re on your own you’ll have good ideas and can ponder inventive moves to take you closer to your goals. 4 AM PDT the Moon trines Vesta. You are in harmony on the home front, with the mate, or with those causes to which you are dedicated. Use this flow to enhance the relationship. 6 AM PDT the Moon squares Chiron. We may shut down over hurt, or meet the challenge and pull Chirotic skills into the mix–your choice. 8 AM PDT the Moon trines Ceres and quincunxes Saturn. Who holds authority is up for discussion–and negotiations will necessitate some changes to the rules or boundaries currently in place. 11 AM PDT the Moon hits the midpoint of Juno-Jupiter. We see the emotional repercussions of serious power struggles–or we are emotionally caught in the middle of some sort of parental-feeling dispute. Ideas about who’s right may change with the wind–so stay neutral and out of it, if possible, and remember, it’s not really your fight. Unofficially, the Void begins at 11:45 AM PDT as it leaves the midpoint–officially it begins at 9:15 AM PDT as the Moon leaves quincunx with Saturn–but that’s only if you count the quincunx. Traditionalists begin the Void at 9:07 AM as the Moon leaves trine to Ceres–but that’s only if you use asteroids. If you want only strict Ptolemaic aspects and major bodies, we see the Void begin at 3 AM Pacific. The Moon enters Cancer at 7:14 AM PDT of the 30th. No matter where you start it, this is a very long Void. Generally, things go unexpectedly, and efforts begun at this time often as not come to nothing–so conserve your ammo, as they say, just for now.

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Born Today 29 May


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'Red Balloon' Paul Klee 1922 {{PD}}

‘Red Balloon’ Paul Klee 1922 {{PD}}

Dear Gemini, your birthday’s here, and a relationship, financial, or Love matter in your life is ‘brand new’–how will you treat it? Even if you’re not starting a new job or just now falling in love, you have the chance to behave as if it’s all brand new, with the ‘clean slate’ feeling that goes along with a new venture. That means you can make of the job, relationship, or opportunity whatever you want–and that means the potential for reward within the situation is renewed, too. Negatives for this coming year: imagination can too easily run away with you; positives include the ability to listen and speak with great sensitivity, and big chances for enhancing personal empowerment or gaining status–so enjoy it!

Featured Solar Return aspect: Uranus opposed Zeus-Vesta. Erratic or unreliable behavior can break ambition chances and damage the home life; originality in fulfilling ambitions and a willingness to put yourself as an individual at the service of the group can make for exceptional success. It’s all up to you.

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New Moon in Gemini 2014: ‘A New Self-Image’


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Get ready for a new You--'They Come' by Thomas Cooper Gotch pre-1931 {{PD}}

Get ready for a new You–‘They Come’ by Thomas Cooper Gotch pre-1931 {{PD}}

New Moon in Gemini occurs May 28th at 11:40 AM Pacific time at 7 Gemini 21: ‘The Birth of a New Self-Image’

A New Moon in Gemini is very much about a new way of thinking—in this case, with Mercury at 29 degrees and Neptune in the picture, it’s about a new way of seeing ourselves, of having a new Self-image, devoid of the interference of illusion, upon which we can base our thinking. Other than the NM’s square to Neptune, the only other contact is a trine to now direct though still stationary Mars. This promises confrontation that destroys illusions, changes our ideas about ourselves, and that primes us for a new course of action, with the stage for that action likely related to subjects of the House ruled by Aries in the natal chart. Recent events have set the stage for a fresh understanding of who we are, and a new way to think about ourselves in the world; this is very good, bringing a kind of thought-renewal that we are rarely able to apply so completely to our own identity—but this time we can.

The Sabian Symbol for this is, ‘Aroused Strikers Surround A Factory’. Of course we mean ‘upset’ people on strike, not the other kind *wink* But, this somewhat unfortunate choice of phrase brings up a good point: that passion is passion, whether it’s sexual, stoked by rage, or employed in service to creating a higher ideal in the world; it’s intense energy, first and foremost, and we can direct it anywhere we choose (in spite of the impression we give ourselves, that it is created by the object or cause, we really have the passion first, then find what we judge to be a suitable outlet).In this symbol we see passionate individuals mobilized to create change, specifically in (what we can assume) is the workplace; we can translate ‘workplace’ to mean ‘our world’, where we are productive, with the attitude of the strikers the one we must adopt: a willingness to put our passion into action, to call for change, with the New Moon channeling that change-energy straight to ourselves.

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Born Today 28 May


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'Moon Nymph' by Luis Ricardo Falero {{PD}}

‘Moon Nymph’ by Luis Ricardo Falero {{PD}}

Congratulations, dear Gemini, your birthday this year includes a New Moon, that most refreshing of events! And with transiting Neptune squaring the Sun-Earth axis, you can take on any image you want to. Just be aware that the persona you choose has to blend with your native mentality and complement the reality picture–with relationships, finances, or both strained this year and the mental faculties stretched to their limits (meaning the mind and its ability to cope may be under a wee amount of stress), dreaming Big or re-creating who you are does have some restrictions–but as long as you keep those in mind, it’s really your imagination that’s the limit.

Born Today 27 May


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'Dance at Bougival' Renoir c1883 {{PD}}

‘Dance at Bougival’ Renoir c1883 {{PD}}

Happy Birthday, Gemini–don’t look so glum! Yes, right now (and for some time to come) it may feel as if you’re caught between two irreconcilable forces in the material world, but the reality is those forces are expressions of the unseen: one represents your efforts at effectiveness and empowerment within your own life, and the other stands for your deepest instincts, what you know to be true at your core, and as well shows your ‘blind spot’, the thing you just haven’t been able to get a handle on. This year you work this out by learning to see (or learning to see more accurately) the direct correlation of a material thing for a psychic or emotional one–not easy, but very rewarding, as once you learn to decode you can translate fluently between the worlds of seen and unseen.

Featured Solar Return aspect: Venus conjunct the South Node and sextile Mercury. ‘Old’ relationships or financial situations may return in the Houses of the natal chart ruled by Mercury. Try to read the message as it applies to current relationships and finances, without doing the same dance all over again.

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Born Today 26 May


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Balance isn't just for Libras. 'Woman Holding a Balance' Johannes Vermeer c1664 {{PD}}

Balance isn’t just for Libras. ‘Woman Holding a Balance’ Johannes Vermeer c1664 {{PD}}

Dear Gemini, this coming Solar year it may seem like you’re staying the same and everyone else is changing–but that’s just a trick of perception. It’s really just that you’ll see things that way until you accept the relatively immense amount of power available to you now. You have some great ideas and can build something significant, if you embrace Self-discipline, as well as accept the previously mentioned potential to exercise power and really make a difference.

Featured Solar Return placement: the mutual reception of Pluto and Saturn. This offers you both power and balance–and if you have any natal placements in the mid-decan of Gemini (10 to 20 degrees) you have a natural channel through which to focus this potent combination.

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Born Today 25 May


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'Summer in the Fjord' Adelsteen Normann before 1918 {{PD}}

‘Summer in the Fjord’ Adelsteen Normann before 1918 {{PD}}

Dear Gemini, it’s time for you to dream big–but will you get up and get moving toward your goal, or get lost in illusion along the way? Lots of surprising and spontaneous things are likely to happen in your life this Solar year, and these events can easily distract you–the key to staying on track is not just to know what you want but to care deeply about it–if you do that there’s little that can take you off course. Hot areas for you this year: creativity and/ or romance, support from and motivations of others, and material stored in your unconscious–you can reach this buried knowledge through instinct, intuition, and through experiences in the material world that reflect the spiritual one.

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Born Today 24 May


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One way to be smokin' Jean Béraud 'La Lettre' 1908 {{PD}}

One way to be smokin’ Jean Béraud ‘La Lettre’ 1908 {{PD}}

Gemini, Happy Birthday, but I want to ask, how long can you keep this up? Maybe the entire Solar year, as it seems you’ve found a perfect balance among learning/ teaching, the social life, your values, your home and mate, efforts toward ambition fulfillment, group involvement, originality, and inventiveness–you’re smokin’! But (oh, there’s always a but!) all the energy you’ve got available may actually be fueled by rage, or an enormous desire to wreck the status quo, and if it is, it could snap back on you in destructive forms at any time. Just try to see yourself as an alchemist, a wizard, rather than a revolutionary aiming to wipe out what is (because that also wipes out things for others). As long as you keep intentions positive and remain emotionally open and sensitive to others, nothing will go wrong.

Featured Solar Return placement: Mercury in Gemini. In his own ‘home’, Mercury offers an agile mind and atunement to the mental sphere–but may also make one over-think or over-talk–and typically neither accomplishes what Merc in Gemini hopes it will–so remain mindful of the mental faculties–don’t let them run away with you!

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Born Today 23 May


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'Study of a Figure Outdoors: Woman with a Parasol, Looking Left' Claude Monet 1886 {{PD}}

‘Study of a Figure Outdoors: Woman with a Parasol, Looking Left’ Claude Monet 1886 {{PD}}

Happy Birthday, Gemini! Are you hoping to branch out, expand your world, make more money or learn a new skill? This is the time for it–in fact, whatever you care about and place your attention on will expand, though be prepared: it’s on the emotional front where you might experience the most stress, and where investing energy may be more frustrating than anything else. When it comes to the feeling nature, confusion may be the most prominent factor for a while–and that’s because you aren’t yet sure what you want. Keep your eyes on the horizon and put yourself first; however, be aware that communication flows easily in relationship, so take care with what you say–it will be heard!

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