Born Today 1 August 2014


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'At the Moulin Rouge' Henri Evenepoel 1897 {{PD}}

‘At the Moulin Rouge’ Henri Evenepoel 1897 {{PD}}

This may be a very interesting Solar year for you, dear Leo, as through to your next birthday you may be dealing in equal measure with opportunities and those matters you’d rather ignore–and sometimes these will be one and the same. Interacting with others, and especially their level of cooperation, will take on added importance for you–you are working out a creative power arrangement that allows you the greatest productivity and latitude, and you’ll find sometimes that you’ll need the aid of others to make this happen. Pay special attention to this: emotions will be the key to everything this coming year–how you handle feelings will make or break your success at this time, so good luck, and Happy Birthday, Leo!

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Just a Little AstroEssence + the Daily Image 31 July 2014: Tick Tock


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Josef Neugebauer Stillleben mit einer Uhr ('Still Life with a Clock') 1873 {{PD}}

Josef Neugebauer Stillleben mit einer Uhr (‘Still Life with a Clock’) 1873 {{PD}}

Black Moon Lilith sextiles Zeus and both inconjunct Chiron in a Finger of God; there’s also a Grand Water Trine that hooks into the Finger through Chiron (the other points are Venus and Saturn), making for an interesting possible effect: by standing up for ourselves and facing what we might otherwise avoid, and at the same time pursuing goals, we may end up healing some long-held wounds–and this, in turn, creates a Love-filled, rewarding, or prosperous reality. That sounds good.

Today’s image is a clock, the glass-covered face of which is unreadable in the glaring sun. What happens to our consciousness, and our perceptions, when we throw away the clock? If you can, go for a day without reference to time; you’ll almost certainly tune in more closely to your body, to the environment, and to your own needs. This image could alternatively suggest for some that though one may need to know ‘what time it is’, there is an inability to determine just how ‘late’ it actually is–the only option may be to do the best one can, without reference to timetables, schedules, or deadlines.

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Born Today 31 July


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Francesco del Cossa - Allegory of April - Triumph of Venus (detail) {{PD}}

Francesco del Cossa – Allegory of April – Triumph of Venus (detail) {{PD}}

Dear Leo, this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, you may be in for experiences that reveal what’s been in your blind spot and that delivers some serious wisdom–and, as much as you’ll benefit from this, it might be a little bit stressful. Communications may be stressed, too, and material matters may force you to stand up for yourself and to face what you’d rather not–but what comes from this is a firm identity, true respect for yourself, and the discovery of just who in your world loves and supports you and who doesn’t, which should help you sort out where and with whom you want to spend your energy and your time. The best thing that comes from this period will be a growing sense of personal power and effectiveness, which will pave the way for you to bring dreams from their place in the imagination and into reality.

Born Today 30 July


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Dynamism of a Biker (1913) by Umberto Boccioni {{PD}}

Dynamism of a Biker (1913) by Umberto Boccioni {{PD}}

Dear Leo, it looks like you might find yourself involved with repeated emotional showdowns over wounding behaviors (yours or another’s) and the nature of reality, specifically how much of creativity, imagination, inspiration, and connection to the Cosmos is ‘real’? It will be an interesting time, when you’ll be assessing the costs and rewards of going after your ambitions and goals, taking big, bold action, and you may exhibit a definite willingness to experiment with the reality picture, trying to make it fit your own ideal more closely. Those are all good–just be wary of believing that strong words equal strength (both in the speaking of them and in the hearing of them–someone may try to intimidate or persuade they are more formidable than they are), and take special care that your actions and choices first do no harm. Otherwise, have a Happy Birthday, Leo, and a wonderful year!

Born Today 29 July


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Édouard Joseph Dantan 1880 {{PD}}

Édouard Joseph Dantan 1880 {{PD}}

Dear Leo, your creative energy is at a peak this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, and you can make the most of your imagination, your spiritual inclinations, and all matters of the House in the natal chart with Pisces on the cusp as well as any energies ruled by Neptune. That’s a powerful mandate that’s exciting but could also be confusing or overwhelming, as you try to activate all your inspirations at once; take things one at a time, and you could enjoy one of the most creative and productive years of your life. At some point you could be looking at a seminal moment in terms of forming your identity, and/ or living out your Life Purpose–and that means you need to be aware that what you do now will be more important to you than surface matters may indicate. You can be highly original this year, particularly if you give that creative energy material form–to make the most of all this, you’ll need to be open to dealing with at least a few things you’d rather not–but nothing truly good comes without a little struggle, does it? Happy Birthday, and good luck, Leo!

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Just a Little Lunar Essence + the Daily Image 28 July 2014


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Gerhard Munthe - At the Farm, Ulvin {{PD}}

Gerhard Munthe – At the Farm, Ulvin {{PD}}

2 PM PDT the Leo Moon sextiles Ceres. We get along well with those in authority, or are in touch with our own power and able to show it. Negotiations guided by intuition go well, too. 6 PM PDT the Moon sextiles Vesta; both are at 29 degrees. In spite of things in the home, with causes to which we’re dedicated, or interaction with the mate, running smoothly, we’re still tense and possibly snappish. This period may test our commitment to values and to our usual peace-loving attitude. Void begins at 7:14 PM Pacific time; the Moon enters Virgo at 8:37 PM PDT. 10:30 PM PDT the Moon sextiles Mars. It’s easy at this point to become aggressive and critical–but we can choose instead to put our attention on taking detail-oriented action.

Today’s image is a man who returns to a house where he lived many years ago, and finds the current occupants do not welcome him in. It’s important we recognize that no matter our memories, our surroundings change, and psychically and otherwise, we may no longer ‘fit’ in old places or old scenarios. Heraclitus reminds us, we can’t step into the same river twice: it is not the same river, and we are not the same person.

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Born Today 28 July


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'Dance' Alfons Mucha 1898 {{PD}}

‘Dance’ Alfons Mucha 1898 {{PD}}

Are you still basking in the glow of a recent, big success, dear Leo, or are you just getting ready to launch that big effort or project? In either case, optimism is at a peak, and during this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, you’ll need to make sure skills and what you visualize as your next goal are in accord; nothing will halt progress more quickly than having ambitions that aren’t supported by abilities. That shouldn’t be a problem for you, though, and you should have confidence in your ability to express talents, use assets or funds, and find the right relationships to make things happen. Be aware of two things that could stall forward momentum: know that money does not solve all problems, and that Love is in reality the biggest change-agent of all. Happy Birthday, Leo, and good luck!

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Born Today 27 July


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Anthony van Dyck - Daedalus and Icarus c1620 {{PD}}

Anthony van Dyck – Daedalus and Icarus c1620 {{PD}}

You may feel like things are taking off, dear Leo–and they are–but what you’ll face this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, will be a series of challenges concerning your creativity, your sources of inspiration, your spirituality, and your ability to sort fact from fiction, and your response to these will determine whether those take-offs lead to a successfully completed trip or a crash-and-burn situation. Working for you: your intense energy, your generosity, and your sensitivity, particularly acute at this time; working against you: a temporary but significant tendency toward a hair-trigger temper and taking premature action. It’s not exactly make or break for you this year, but it is a time when many important steps will be taken and vital situations put in place–good luck, Leo, and Happy Birthday!

Born Today 26 July


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'Bal du moulin de la Galette' Renoir 1876 {{PD}}

‘Bal du moulin de la Galette’ Renoir 1876 {{PD}}

You may be on pins and needles this coming Solar year, dear Leo, as so much big, new, and exciting is forming in your life–but timing will be what makes or breaks your efforts at expansion, at reaching out, and at making your world a more dynamic and rewarding place. It may be particularly difficult to know when to take action–but, inspiration and optimism will be plentiful, and will get you over any false starts or dead ends you may temporarily take. Home, mate, and values will not only be your bedrock, but will help you fulfill those goals and dreams–use values as your guide, heed the mate’s counsel, and use home as a refuge–plenty of rest will be extra important in this period, as you may tend to tire yourself out with big efforts and big plans. Good Luck, Leo, and Happy Birthday!

New Moon in Leo 26 July 2014: Bragging Rights


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Weak sauce or not, we'll all get a taste. Jean Béraud's 'The Drinkers' 1908 {{PD}}

Weak sauce or not, we’ll all get a taste. Jean Béraud’s ‘The Drinkers’ 1908 {{PD}}

New Moon in Leo occurs 26 July at 3 Leo 51 at 3:41 PM Pacific time. The Leo New Moon roars at us mid-afternoon Pacific time, and so in most of the Western hemisphere may go unnoticed in the daytime sky. This New Moon is conjunct Jupiter, and we can count a loose sesquiquadrate to Chiron—and with lenient orbs a square to Mars, brand new in Scorpio.

This suggests that what develops at the NM seems much more formidable, with tougher requirements for action and choice, and much more serious stakes, than it really is; it appears that this conflict or challenge will in actuality be ‘weak sauce’, as the phrase goes—with effects likely concentrated in the natal Houses holding the NM and t Mars. We may work ourselves up, or the social circle may make noises that suggest this is a bigger event than it is—but what happens, or what choices we must make or actions take, will be much less effective and/ or meaningful to our Path than we might think in the moment. Mars new in Scorpio could be more concerned with being taken seriously (even being considered ‘dangerous’ in some sense) than in getting into action, and a square to Sun-Jupiter only adds incentive to broadcast the Self and ‘shine’—no one reacts well to that kind of pressure, especially after the somewhat debilitating experience of the Saturn-Uranus direction changes.

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