Born Today 2 April


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Edgar Degas - 'Les Courses' 1904 {{PD}}

Edgar Degas – ‘Les Courses’ 1904 {{PD}}

Opportunity for you this coming Solar year, dear Aries, through to your next birthday, depends almost entirely on you taking action–and events are aided if you’re well-informed, cognizant of the social sphere, and ready to deal with bigger (and hopefully better) conditions, challenges, and arenas. Problems arise from a stressed or confused sense of your own inner wisdom, and from a lack of personal authority and/ or difficulties with authority figures, and taking a too-analytical approach to things may just add to the tension. However, you will see more than your share of really positive avenues that are yours for the taking, and, if you’ll only stay in motion, positive chance and the luck of the industrious will figure in significantly to your progress forward. Happy Birthday, Aries, and good luck!

Birthday Bonus Aspect: Fire Grand Trine involving Mercury, Juno, and Saturn=a quick mind/ wit, steady and clear perceptual faculties, and a sense of empowerment that reads as confidence and competence will highlight your year, Aries, and be instrumental in not only bringing you those promised opportunities, but in helping you make the most of them.


Born Today 1 April


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'Mukri bog in the October morning mist' by Amadvr Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Estonia

‘Mukri bog in the October morning mist’ by Amadvr Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Estonia

You may feel some dark matters trying to surface in the emotions this coming year, dear Aries; you may even feel that you are a troubled person, that the shadows you sense moving over your heart, darkening the corners of your mind, and bringing a sense of sadness or despair are harbingers of the direction you’re headed–but no, they are not. You are instead in the midst of developing an acutely perceptive intuition concerning the wounds of others–and in time you will grow a sense of exactly how to help them. This doesn’t mean you’ll actually go into a helping profession, but instead that your presence, and sometimes your actions and counsel, will inform others as to exactly how to handle their woundedness–and it’s up to you to make the example you set a positive one. This is epitomized by the birthday aspect of a Finger of God, base of Venus-Chiron, apex Zeus, which also opposes Uranus–that promises caring-healing in relationships will bring desires to reality and offer both a sense of uniqueness and a place within the group. Happy Birthday, Aries, and good luck!

Born Today 31 March


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Fortuitous meetings may be a part of your year, Aries. 'Meeting at the Golden Gate' by Filippo Lippi, First half of the 15th century {{PD}}

‘Meeting at the Goldern Gate’ by Filippo Lippi, First half of the 15th century {{PD}}

This coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, the past may live more strongly than the present for you, dear Aries; just be aware that in dealing with this, you are shaping your fate. Dark, hidden, ignored or denied issues need your attention, and your wisdom, practicality, and skills will be tested–not easy at all. However, you’ll enjoy a peculiar kind of material and interaction ‘luck’–just the right person or break comes along when you need it most–and once you are over some personal, emotional issues (involving identity, purpose, and/ or your ability to be Self-determining) you should have a very good year, one that brings new Self-awareness and awakens some long-dormant instincts. Happy Birthday, Aries, and good luck!

The Sabians for the Lunar Eclipse 4 April 2015


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'Entenhäuser' (Duck Houses) by August Haake c1914 {{PD}}

‘Entenhäuser’ (Duck Houses) by August Haake c1914 {{PD}}

The Full Moon begins at 5:05 AM Pacific time April 4th at 14 Libra 24, with the eclipse starting about half a minute later. The Sabian for the meeting of Earth and Moon is, ‘Circular Paths’. I’m anticipating that we’ll find ourselves some ‘place’ we’ve been before, but now with a whole different viewpoint and skill set. This has as many possible manifestations as there are people, but the common denominator will definitely be that we have seen, faced, or dealt with either the same or a very similar situation before—and we don’t get a ‘do over’ so much as a chance to, in some way, replace the vibe around our handling of the event, so that what we ‘write’ energetically into the Universal record is much more in accord with who we are now. It’s a re-ordering of the Karma surrounding the situation—and in effect, changes both the future and the past, from our vantage point in the now.

We look too at the Sun for a Full Moon/ Lunar event, and the Sabian is, ‘An Indian Weaving A Ceremonial Blanket’. This suggests that the causal event or energy is one involved in the individual preparation for a serious ritual. That could be anything, any effort at Self-improvement, any spiritual practice, any creative act that has at its center both Soul expression and Soul evolution. The intent is a pure one, and carries a kind of energy imprint into the world, and into the ordering of circumstances. It’s the shining of the personal Sun, making an impact through a Universal event.

Born Today 30 March


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Samuel Palmer 'The Lonely Tower' 1879 {{PD}}

Samuel Palmer ‘The Lonely Tower’ 1879 {{PD}}

Dear Aries, you are entering your new Solar year with your attention firmly on the past: what you’ve done, what you’ve thought, what you’ve said that brought you to this point. Usually we warn ourselves not to be too caught up with what was, but in your case this is precisely what you should do, as studying your past will be instrumental in shaping your future successfully. You will likely spend at least part of your year weighing the price of going your own way against ambition fulfillment; the price of being unique may be loneliness, or even that you must give up goals that require the cooperation of others–and you may feel that conformity and cooperation will bring success, but at the price of emphasizing your individuality. There’s no right balance, only the balance that’s right for you, so don’t be afraid to tailor your efforts to your own particular wants and needs. Both the action urge and communications will be under stress for you all year, but you should keep one thing in mind: change is necessary for you to garner your ultimate potentials in Love or Money–remind yourself of that every time you find it hard to make a decision or to move forward. Happy Birthday, Aries, and good luck!

Born Today 29 March


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You've got to sneak up on that creativity, Aries. Dirck Jacobsz c1530 {{PD}}

You’ve got to sneak up on that creativity, Aries. Dirck Jacobsz c1530 {{PD}}

Your creative energy is strong this coming year, dear Aries, but it may be tricky to access; you may have to sneak up on it, draw it out obliquely through acts that you may not at first classify as creative–these will break any kind of impasse that may have recently kept you from making the most of your creative urge. Your empowerment this year comes from your sensitivity, your willingness to recognize that life is a stream made up of changes, and that you must aim for a particular status that is most comfortable and nurturing for you, whether it impresses others or not. Acceptance of the world as it is will be fundamental to you making big leaps forward in how you see and present yourself to the world, and ‘wise action and choice’ is on the agenda–and that’s very good news. Happy Birthday, Aries, and good luck!

Born Today 28 March + Born on an Eclipse


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'A Casting from Life' Édouard Joseph Dantan 1890 {{PD}}

‘A Casting from Life’
Édouard Joseph Dantan 1890 {{PD}}

Your creative impulse has perhaps been forced to take a back seat for awhile–but not anymore, dear Aries. The creative urge within is building momentum, and you may find, consciously or not, that you are seeking a form into which to pour that spark, a way to translate the energy into a shape others can perceive–but at this point, creating may seem like a distraction. You are currently busy handling things, people, and events formed in the past, and the need to deal with these, to settle, eliminate, transform, or accept them once and for all is strong; what you may not realize is that the die is already cast in this area. You already know how you feel about, and what you want to do about, each particular thing–it only feels unresolved because you’ve been dragging your feet, slow to take action–but that hesitation should be over, at this time. Through to your next birthday, you can wrap up what was and no longer needs to be, and bring your creative goals into focus–all it takes is a willingness ‘to do’. Happy Birthday, Aries, and good luck!

If you’re looking for a little something about the effect of eclipses on people born close to them, please see here and scroll down the home page for more on the previous Solar eclipse and the upcoming Lunar one. Thanks!

The Final Verdict on Amanda Knox


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A different kind of Italian court. Andrea Mantegna - 'The Court of Gonzaga' c1470 {{PD}}

A different kind of Italian court. Andrea Mantegna – ‘The Court of Gonzaga’ c1470 {{PD}}

Yesterday the Italian high court reversed the conviction of Seattlite Amanda Knox in the death of her roommate Meredith Kercher. I took a brief look at the transits for the day of announcement, set to Seattle timed for early afternoon in Italy, and compared with Knox’s chart in Whole Sign. What I found isn’t terribly surprising, but it is interesting.

The Moon is passing through Cancer, so is in Knox’s 2nd House, running over her Venus, Mercury, and Sun=a sort of emotional verification of the identity, a validation of the communication style, and a feeling re-connect with the sense of herself as a woman, all of which she naturally sees as her assets. The natal Sun is caught up in a Cardinal Cross, with t Pluto conjunct Earth and the other arm consisting of t Zeus opposed t Uranus=ambitions and individuality/ uniqueness, and/ or a new group role, are ignited by transit, as are ambitions and a ‘new’ identity–and this won’t be entirely easily manifested, by any means (the stress of the Cross). Transiting Jupiter, though currently retro, will soon enough be heading toward trine with her natal Saturn=this unites the 7th and 8th Houses, and suggests opportunity will pour in; others will support her version of reality–with Uranus this also creates a Fire Grand Trine, emphasizing the sudden nature of the event (and perhaps surprising many–there were reports earlier in the week that the ex-boyfriend also charged had already had his passport confiscated and authorities were preparing to pick him up). Transiting Pallas is trine natal Jupiter=wisdom and knowledge, the facts (according to Knox, as this is her natal Jupiter), in harmony. Transiting Mars is conjunct natal Jupiter, uniting 7th and 11th=action by others that makes a dream come true. And transiting Saturn and t Juno fill in another Fire Grand Trine with the natal North Node and the t Sun, suggesting that Knox’s empowerment within the reality picture was the direction things were headed all along, and is now illuminated. Clearly, she got what she wanted–and I say, good for her.

There are a few other things here, though, one being that t Black Moon Lilith, t Pluto and her natal Earth, and t Venus all form an Earth Grand Trine=evidence of hidden matters, material ignored or denied, may be a source of profit, may drive further material action, or may serve to create new relationships or values. T Venus is also opposed her natal Pallas=possibly implying that trying to profit from this isn’t a wise thing. Transiting Mercury is also trine natal Black Moon Lilith, suggesting matters denied or ignored will be thought about/ communicated, possibly through rage or defiance, or through strong Self-assertion. Transiting Ceres squares natal Jupiter, implying a conflict between those in authority/ power and the facts as Knox sees them–this supports the possibility that Italy did not press things as they were reluctant to ask for extradition for someone so many Americans are defending. T Mercury also creates a Grand Cross with opposition to her natal Zeus and her Chiron-Vesta opp Ceres-Uranus-Moon=we’ve not heard the last of this, and are likely to be served a stew of ambition, a display of ‘sacred wounds’ (the concept of the Vestal united with the primal injury) that others dare not criticize, and the use of the unique situation and emotions to show personal power. Hmm. With t NN heading for a Grand Trine with both MC and ASC, and t Neptune trine her natal Mercury, it’s prime time for Knox to conjure the image she wants, to shape thinking and create the reputation and personality she wants others to see.

My husband made a remark that I think really sums it all up. What he said went something like this: If she’s not guilty of the murder, then justice has been served; and if she is, she will likely be like others who ‘got away with it’: inevitably, they go on to again run afoul of the law–so, if we as humans haven’t handled the situation adequately, we should know that the Universe eventually will.

Amanda Knox Natal Chart + transits for day of conviction reversal

Born Today 27 March


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'Spring in Gościeradzu' by Leon Wyczółkowski 1933 {{PD}}

‘Spring in Gościeradzu’ by Leon Wyczółkowski 1933 {{PD}}

Is impulse control the issue, dear Aries, and do you tell yourself that may be the only way to take full advantage of opportunities, to learn what you need to? Because you may be right: you care about what you’ll leave behind you, and it almost feels like you have to do everything now, or it just won’t happen–and in a sense, that’s true. You are in prime time to make significant changes to the structure and form of your life, changes that will lead directly to Love or Money–and you know it deep inside. So why hold back? Really, there’s no need to at all–just follow a few simple guidelines: always know the power balance in any situation–you can’t afford to overlook that for even a minute–keep priorities in mind, don’t neglect home and mate, and don’t violate your own highest values–that may bring things crashing down. Opportunities will be arriving for you in surprising ways and in surprising numbers–and if you follow the guidelines, you’ll be ready. Happy Birthday, Aries, and good luck!

Born Today 26 March


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Agate La Fontasse, Montredon-Labessonnie, Réalmont Tarn, Midi-Pyrénées, France Photo by Didier Descouens  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Agate La Fontasse, Montredon-Labessonnie, Réalmont Tarn, Midi-Pyrénées, France Photo by Didier Descouens Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

This coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, may involve you sorting through opportunities of the past in an attempt to understand just how they’ve created your current reality. Dear Aries, this won’t be easy, and in many instances may feel like you’re putting too much attention on what was to be truly healthy–but the need to draw a straight line from past choices to current situations is all in service to continuing that line into the future–and then changing your behavior, choices, and responses so that what you create is more like what you want. If you can figure out where you went wrong, and where you went right in the past, you will have spent your time well, and will be perfectly equipped to create a future that suits the creative and Self-expressive needs of the Soul. Happy Birthday, Aries, and good luck!