Sun Conjunct Saturn: It’s an Old Story


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Saturn asks us to do--and that takes form, shape, discipline. Adolph Menzel - 'Atelierwand' (Atelier Wall--wall in the Artist's studio) 1851 {{PD}}

Saturn asks us to do–and that takes form, shape, discipline. Adolph Menzel – ‘Atelierwand’ (Atelier Wall–wall in the Artist’s studio) 1851 {{PD}}

It’s the same old story: the Sun and Saturn meet, this time in Scorpio and opposed Earth-Sedna, and the hand-wringing begins–and who can blame us? Most people have a special kind of anxiety surrounding Saturn; they see him as the zodiacal meanie, a paternal figure who never got beyond finger-shaking admonitions and curfew impositions and grounding those who didn’t follow ‘the rules’. The thing is, though, that the more we resist Saturn, the more we refuse to exercise personal Self-discipline, the more that disowned energy pattern shows up externally, in the circumstances of our lives. We tend to pick and choose our disciplines, and we tend to think one form of discipline ‘makes up’ for other, looser areas of conduct. The highly-trained yoga instructor who doesn’t bother to pay her bills on time, the accountant who tracks every penny and always pays on time who throws down his trash wherever he happens to be, the Artist who executes highly disciplined work but who hasn’t seen a doctor or dentist in years–all are choosing a single area in which to show restraint (and you’ll notice, it’s an area in life they believe is important, and see as a statement of the spiritual and of identity) and treating with disdain other areas of life–and in their choices they may show disrespect for others, for themselves, or for both. They are acting out their beliefs, and are engaged in a very Saturnian thing: judging some areas as important, others as not–and then they are surprised when the Universe comes along and says, “Oh, look over here–you don’t have your shit together, and now it’s going to hurt/ cost you/ keep you from moving forward.’

Some people like to say: Saturn’s stopping me from the outside; there’s nothing I can do. Au contraire–the externals are merely reflecting, usually in highly concrete ‘language’, what it is you are denying within. Yes, to lack discipline is a form of denial; it’s a statement that tells the Cosmos you refuse to contain, form, shape, or organize a particular portion of your life. But what about those who are doing their best, who are not (as far as they are aware) ignoring any pocket of their life? When they suffer, we have another possibility: if they are not being honest with themselves, if they have arranged their energy usage in a manner that’s artificial in relation to their Beingness, they may find Saturn coming at them from all directions–and quite often, it is because their real-life behaviors don’t match their life philosophy, stated behaviors, and/ or their beliefs about themselves. The dissonance creates a negative vibrational space into which Saturn stuffs the ‘material’ of the deficit, the lack in your life; it’s as if Saturn fills it in, and keeps what’s missing out. If you are suffering a lack, the obvious (but often totally effective) thing to do is to take a thorough look at your own attitudes and behaviors surrounding the subject of that lack. If you long for freedom but train elephants for the circus, no matter how well you treat them, there comes a point when you need to acknowledge that these animals are not meant to be subjugated–they need freedom, too. If you long to be loved for who you are but are a coy game-player with others, how long before you see that, if they can’t see you as you are, they can’t love you? If you find you never have enough money, in what way are you stingy with others? And all these involve a spiritual component, a kind of Saturnian judgment that, when exercised out-of-balance by the individual, results in restriction.

Saturn is your friend. For these two days, it shines a bright light on what is, on your reality, and it shows you, through the material world, what needs to change within. That’s not harsh, that’s not mean, that’s life–and anyone determined to turn away from it is probably having a Saturnian crisis of their own.

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Born Today 14 November


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'Construction du Temple de Jérusalem' Jean Fouquet c1470 {{PD}}

‘Construction du Temple de Jérusalem’
Jean Fouquet c1470 {{PD}}

You’re aiming for solid results and constructive action this coming Solar year, dear Scorpio, through to your next birthday, but what you need to watch out for are the influences of those things you don’t know lurk within your own psyche. Instincts designed to keep you safe may cause you to be hesitant and over-protective, while issues that reside in the mental ‘blind spot’, visible to others but not to you, may exert a push or pull that can unexpectedly throw things into chaos. The solution may lie, not in excavating these areas (though certainly, that will eventually need to be done) but in keeping yourself focused on facts and the concrete, on what’s measurable and able to be physically handled; that way you don’t become distracted by odd feelings and unconscious sensations that could worm their way into projects and distort (or even halt) progress. Too, this year you have a gift for originality and Self-promotion (and a corresponding generosity)–let yourself shine! Happy Birthday, Scorpio, and good luck!

Born Today 13 November


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Don't get distracted, Scorpio, by old men offering grapes. Ángel Zárraga 'The Gift' 1910 {{PD}}

Don’t get distracted, Scorpio, by old men offering grapes. Ángel Zárraga ‘The Gift’
1910 {{PD}}

Expand your world, dear Scorpio–do it! do it now!–or at least, work on doing it during this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday–because it’s in making your world larger, in encompassing more varied experiences and points-of-view, in taking opportunities as they come, that you will find fresh success, prosperity, and an enriched sense of understanding that will serve you very well. It’s just that you have to take that first step, and it may be far too easy to become distracted with all the shiny, hollow praise that will be coming your way–no question, lots of positive reinforcement will appear, much of it designed to get something from you, or to move you out of the way, temporarily–but you’ve got to keep focus on what matters: accomplishment that sends your influence out into the world. Here’s the test you can apply, to know whether what you are doing is worthy: if it benefits you and others as well, it’s a good choice. Happy Birthday, Scorpio, and good luck!

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Born Today 12 November


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This year, find out what makes you tick, Scorpio. Briton Rivière 'Tick-Tack' 1881 {{PD}}

This year, find out what makes you tick, Scorpio. Briton Rivière ‘Tick-Tack’ 1881 {{PD}}

Though Self-realization and gaining opportunity seem to be your goals this coming Solar year, dear Scorpio, it behooves you to look below the surface at the desire for autonomy, respect, and the right to declare your territory that underlies all your ambitions. If you lack consciousness of these hidden factors, you may find yourself facing repeated power struggles, rebellion from your underlings or those you care for, and competition over something you feel by rights should be yours–and none of it, should you fail to explore your motivations, will make sense. In this case, the social sphere can be an excellent aid to discovering what is currently making you tick, both by commenting on and reflecting back to you your behavior; they offer knowledge (especially accumulated knowledge from those who’ve gone before), and will point you toward opportunity–but it’s up to you to make the most of it. Happy Birthday, Scorpio, and good luck!

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Born Today 11 November



Charles Courtney Curran, 1915 - 'Sunshine and Haze' {{PD}}

A little sunshine for your winter day, Northern hemisphere Scorpios: Charles Courtney Curran, 1915 – ‘Sunshine and Haze’ {{PD}}

Optimism may reach a bursting point this coming Solar year, dear Scorpio, through to your next birthday, especially regarding your own potential to ‘shine’ and to gain new depths of knowledge and understanding. Feelings and intuition will support you and your goals, and success seems inevitable–what could go wrong? The biggest danger is that you may lose sight of the highest values you hold, believing you can stray just a tad and it won’t really matter–oh, but it will! In fact, the key to taking your past and using all you’ve experienced to create a desirable future lies within those things you find sacred, that you honor, and in doing right by the home situation and the mate. Make sure you’re good in these areas, and then follow your enthusiasm–showing and pursuing what you care about is slated to bring you some exceptional opportunities. Happy Birthday, Scorpio, and good luck!

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Born Today 10 November


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'Lady writing a love letter' Artist Unknown c1750 {{PD}}

‘Lady writing a love letter’ Artist Unknown c1750 {{PD}}

Dear Scorpio: What were you thinking!? From now on, every move you make is crucial to determining your life Path. Every thought you think, thing you do, commitment you honor, and cause you support must be flawless, and you can’t make any mistakes, okay? Love you! Signed, the Universe

How did that little love note make you feel, Scorpio? Hopeless, buried under a mound of unreasonable judgments and super-human expectations–or maybe just like you’re willing to try but have already accepted that it’s no-win. The funny thing is, I changed the signature on that note: actually, it was written and signed by you, to you. Now do you see how hard you’re being on yourself? This coming year, through to your next birthday, you may have ridiculously high requirements for your own behavior and accomplishments–this birthday greeting is to tell you not to aim lower, but to be kinder, especially to yourself. Happy Birthday, Scorpio, and good luck!

Featured Solar Return aspect: Mars conjunct Pluto, both quincunx Juno=temper, destructive urges, ego, and energy levels must all be modified in order to serve empowerment goals. Modesty plus limitless energy will take you a long way this year.

Just a Little AstroEssence + the Daily Word Image 13 November 2014: All Is Revealed


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Thomas Fearnley - 'Grindel Forest Glacier' 1837 {{PD}}

Thomas Fearnley – ‘Grindel Forest Glacier’ 1837 {{PD}}

13 November Today is the day when all is revealed—all in terms of our own power, influence, reach, and impact on others both personally and in the social sphere, at least. If we aren’t happy with our power situation we can make some smart moves to improve it; too, we’ll see the benefits of clearing out what’s outmoded or no longer precious to us, to make room for the new. (Pallas parallel Juno, Venus semi-square Pluto, Sun-Earth axis in T-square with Jupiter)

Today’s image is a glacier, melting just a little in the bright sunshine. What in your life seems to be moving at, as they say, a glacial pace? Know that no matter how nonexistent change in this area seems to be, the situation is on its way to ‘becoming fluid’. Change may still be a long way off, but it is coming.

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Born Today 9 November


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Fritz Petzholdt - 'Étude de roches' c1833 {{PD}}

Fritz Petzholdt – ‘Étude de roches’ c1833 {{PD}}

Dear Scorpio, over the coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, it appears you might find yourself (even repeatedly) stuck between what’s wise or smart, and a hard place–specifically, a restriction, obligation, fear, or rule that makes it very difficult to do anything other than the wise thing–thus effectively removing what may feel like a large number of options and choices for you. Though you know that’s not the way it should be (and indeed, you should remind yourself it won’t be like that forever), you will need to adhere very closely to your highest values and ideals, and to deal honorably with both home circumstances and with the mate–because you’ll be setting up your own support system, not to mention the vibe, that will carry you into the future. Remain optimistic–once you work the kinks out, the rewards could multiply exponentially. Happy Birthday, Scorpio, and good luck!

Born Today 8 November


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'Young Samurai and Female Attendants Practicing Archery' (Half of a Diptych) by Utagawa Toyokuni I c1800 {{PD}}

‘Young Samurai and Female Attendants Practicing Archery’ (Half of a Diptych) by Utagawa Toyokuni I c1800 {{PD}}

You’re shooting all your arrows in the direction of ambition fulfillment this year, through to your next birthday, dear Scorpio–but is that the best thing to do? Yes, yes it is, just as long as you do a few important things: Be Yourself–I know in a way that’s impossible not to do, it’s just that the more true you are to your own (possibly freaky) uniqueness, the more quickly and easily (and satisfyingly) success will come to you; learn to work with the group–not subordinate to it and not lording over it, but in a relationship where both sides get what they truly need from the arrangement; use your Highest Values and priorities as guidelines for what is and isn’t acceptable–even if it seems like you can quickly deviate from these with no harm done, you shouldn’t, as the damage will be irreparable; and finally, approach events and interactions with a truly open mind, and be willing to take a more objective view when you’re faced with something that makes you uncomfortable–fallible instincts might keep you in the comfort zone and so cause you to miss perfectly viable opportunities. Happy Birthday, Scorpio, and good luck!

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Born Today 7 November


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You won't have to water ambitions down, if you'll just wait a little. Juan Gris  'Glass and Water Bottle' 1917 {{PD}}

You won’t have to water ambitions down, if you’ll just wait a little. Juan Gris
‘Glass and Water Bottle’ 1917 {{PD}}

You seem to be weighing and measuring your ambitions, dear Scorpio, and trying to decide whether the material environment will support you making your dream happen right now. Though it doesn’t seem like the likely thing, compromise is the idea that will get you where you want to go–not as in watering-down your dream in order to get some traction, but as in taking a considered approach that keeps values and already-established priorities in a position of honor. Do that and and before you know it both significant resources and external aid (in the form of knowledge or possibly social trends or organizations) will arrive and give your goals the needed fuel. Until then, enjoy your year, and take advantage of your current ability to discern the unspoken and ignored undercurrents in communication; you are especially good at reading between the lines, and can learn a lot as a consequence. Happy Birthday, Scorpio, and good luck!

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