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The title of this painting says it all. 'Icebergs and Wreck in Sunset' Frederic Edwin Church 1860 {{PD}}

The title of this painting says it all. ‘Icebergs and Wreck in Sunset’ Frederic Edwin Church 1860 {{PD}}

Though we’ve already discussed the Full Moon, that isn’t the only influence we’ll feel on the 21st. Whether we are more attuned to just one or two of these, pummeled by the Fist, or we are aware of all of them, there’s one thing today’s aspects have in common: they feel like a crisis. Those things we’ve been ashamed of, wished to ignore, or that have made us angry (and with which we haven’t dealt) in the past suddenly imply that there are secrets, depths, that may make the issues much worse than we ever thought; or maybe we feel that keeping to our values will wreck our empowerment options; or it could be we perceive a threat to home, mate, family, or to a cause dear to us (or dear to our Self-image, as something we use to define ourselves); or perhaps the social sphere, a lack of knowledge, or a failed or unreachable opportunity is jarring our concept of our own personal power, authority, and threatens to remove what we’ve ’til now seen as our territory.

And the level of aggression involved, the level of destruction threatened if we don’t comply by standing down in some energetic or psychic sense, is extraordinary–and though it will obviously have an external component, we must consider it may be in our own minds, or even more likely, a form of our own anger or aggression, bouncing back at us. We know this because of the way each aspect circles back around to something very personal: our values, our ego, our fear, our Self-image.

We are clever Beings; we know how to protect our viewpoint, justify our interests and our objectives, and for a few of us, at least, this is the origin of our sense of assault. For some this is an answer to our own failure to go forward when the way was clear–maybe we thought the ‘opening’ would last forever, maybe we were trying to do it ‘right’ and didn’t see that making the move, not our form, was most important–and just maybe we are unable at this time to see how truly responsible we are for our own situation. It’s much easier to say the reasons for where we are are ‘out there’, but the reality is, we got here by making choices (or by refusing to make choices)–and so ends another depressing (though it should be empowering, knowing it’s all in our own hands!) sermon on Self-responsibility–no wonder I’m not more popular!

There’s a Fist of God, apex Vesta, base of Zeus and Pluto, closely aligned the 21st that the Sun comes along and lights up the 22nd and 23rd. We juggle ambitions and desires, our very real need to feel powerful in our own world, and factors that may renew or destroy, and we find that what really matters are those things to which we’re dedicated–and then we must decide if we will honor those with our choices, or not. Real-world results, with real-world measures of our own power, authority, and reach, appear, but we need to be careful; what draws our attention may send us the false message that rebellion, Self-absorption, or chaos are positive responses, that they will empower. The true nature of the situation, though, is in the basics, what actually lies before us, with our best course of action one that finds ways for us to express our uniqueness and our spontaneity within those relationships and life structures we actually find sacred; that is, there’s no need for disruption or destruction, if we are clear on what we truly care about.

Artist unknown {{PD}}

Artist unknown {{PD}}

A note on the station direct of Mercury: it occurs AM of the 22nd PDT at 14 Taurus 20, and makes no aspects moving forward (other than receiving a quincunx from the Moon) for some time. This suggests forward motion makes for a sense of aloneness, a sense of ‘I’ve just awakened, now where is everyone?’ Don’t be surprised if in the first few days after direction communication seems more smoke signals and carrier pigeons than direct talk and clear terms–it all evens out, soon enough.

(Perfecting the 21st: Black Moon Lilith enters Scorpio, the Fist, Jupiter qnx Ceres, Mars opp Vesta, Vesta qnx Juno; the 22nd Merc stations direct, Uranus nov Vesta, Saturn trine Ceres, Sun contra-parallel Saturn and conjoins Vesta to become part of the Fist; the 23rd the Sun nov Uranus, Venus semi-sq Ceres )

Word images for–the 21st: a phone booth stands, still maintained and in service, in a deserted warehouse district. This implies that despite our sense of communications as difficult pre-direction of Merc, we should be reassured that some area we thought it was ‘no use’ trying to communicate in is still active, if not easily accessible.

–the 22nd: a girl sits under an oak, counting acorns. Isn’t that just like us, to be so fixated on new beginnings, and so readily taking for granted what is already grown, that we put our attention on the ‘might be-s’, rather than what is? Here we may be admonished not to put too much stock in the potential of an ‘acorn’ well before it’s shown itself to be anything but food for squirrels 🙂

Table set for a birthday party, probably 1940s Wales. Source of the file: http://www.llgc.org.uk/en/ CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication

Table set for a birthday party, probably 1940s Wales. Source of the file: http://www.llgc.org.uk/en/ CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication

–the 23rd: a table is set for a meal that never happens; everything collects dust. Where have you created the perfect ‘setting’ but failed to follow through and use it to its best advantage? This may take a little introspection, a little thought, as it’s not always obvious to us where we may have made all the preparations, except for the ones that will really ‘serve’ some purpose.

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